Some times life gets way to busy ...

You can’t beat a summer weekend for fun. And I’ve had three great ones in a row. The first one I don’t remember at all. See, I told you it was great.

Oh, wait, I remember that I took my friend to the farmer’s market and we bought trout. I remember that because we barbecued it on cedar planks that we soaked in water. That was new for us, but we’ll remember it, it was very good.

What I do remember about that weekend is that it was very busy. And so was the next one, the weekend before last.

How busy?

On that weekend, my friend took me to her parents’ place for dinner. That was fun. We brought desert: homemade peach pie. I sliced the peaches and tried to otherwise stay out of the way. And I also remember meeting that same friend at a café that weekend. I was happy to do this, there’s something about a café that is very relaxing no matter how busy it is. We met, and I sat there with her, both of us writing. She’s a fellow writer. That too, was fun.

When we weren’t writing we talked. Talking turned to planning. We planned the rest of that weekend into a busy time.

And again?

This weekend that just passed didn’t have a chance. My friend had been helping with a drama camp and Friday night she had invited me to the performance that the students had worked on. But of course the weekend didn’t stop there.

Saturday found us at the market again buying more peaches and on Saturday night we had been honored by an invitation from her parents. This time it was to a large gathering of their friends and family for a wonderful dinner and jovial camaraderie. I’m jovial. I like camaraderie. I like my friends parents. This was really a no-brainer; of course we went.

The next day was the Family Reunion of which I wrote on Monday. Saturday’s market peaches were the offering in the form of no less than two exquisite pies. This time I mixed the crumb topping for them, and tried to otherwise stay out of the way.

But I’m leaving things out

In the last three weekends I’ve written five blog posts, taken probably 250 photographs, answered 40 emails, numerous texts and messages, and returned a few phone calls. I’ve also torn out parts of my basement ceiling to cut out twenty-five feet of plugged drain pipe and replace it (the pipe, not the ceiling). I replaced two boards on my own deck and jacked up one of its sinking corners.

I also shopped for bedding plants. I know, it’s late in the season … what do you want? I have ADHD, remember? Oh yeah, you have it too, sorry, forgot. But what was really great is that I also planted them instead of letting them die in the flat as I often do.

So what’s the deal?

I’ve done a lot of things in the last three weekends and yet there are things I’ve been wanting to do that are still undone. I have no intention of suggesting that I shouldn’t have done any of the things described here in. But I feel burned out. I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m thinking that next weekend is going to be a laid back one.

I didn’t say unplanned!

My friend is wanting to go visit a friend of hers. That’s a couple of hours drive away and I’ve offered to take her. A casual road trip with no rigid schedule. Other than that, we may go see musician friends of ours who are performing on Friday night. We may catch a movie or go to the beach or barbecue fish or just go out for dinner. And I’m not going to beat myself up over the things I didn’t get done. I’m not procrastinating, I’m planning a break.

See you all on Monday

What’s that? I still have to write a post for Friday? Oh … right … I guess I was overdoing my declaration of freedom.