This or my bright red pickup truck, I'm easily recognized ...

I talk about my ADHD “on the street” – just not on the street I live on. The street I live on is on the edge of a rural subdivision, the houses are not very close together. There really is very little street activity, no real community. We don’t hang on the corner, there’s no store, church, supermarket.

No opportunity to talk, let alone talk about ADHD.

Downtown is a different story. There are places I am known in the downtown core of the city on whose outskirts I dwell. And I do talk about ADHD there.

Cafés, restaurants, the library, any place where I meet with friends or interact with people, you can find me there talking the talk.

Meanwhile, back on my own street

It would be a mistake to think that they don’t know back in my own neighborhood. My lawn wants cutting, my plants want water. I have a small boat under construction in my garden shed. It’s half completed and has been in that state for four years now.

When I leave my house to do anything around the yard I go back in to the house three to 30 times. I go back to get things I should have had with me, things I will need to accomplish what I set out to do. I’ll go back in three times if I’m focused, 30 times if I’m not because I’ll come back out 27 times having forgotten what I went in for.

Oh well

The same is true when I drive out of my driveway. I drive down the street … and return to get my wallet, sunglasses, appointment information, destination directions, shopping list, the part I was going to replace …

On one occasion I had to go back home to try to remember where I had been going (I’m much better now, thanks for asking).

How could I keep it a secret?

My neighbors know, they see me turn around in their driveways regularly.

I’ve often dreamed of being rich. As I see it, one of the big benefits would be to own a fleet of vehicles and drive a different one every day. That way the people in my immediate vicinity wouldn’t recognize me by my car.

Then again, if they do recognize me, maybe someday they’ll ask about my use of their driveway. That will give me the opportunity to once again talk about ADHD – this time in my neighborhood.

Good idea!

So, if I’m going to use this as an ice breaker, that takes care of that awful burden of trying to amass riches so as to facilitate the ownership of a fleet of vehicles. At my age that would be a hard task to complete, especially with ADHD thwarting my efforts at every turn. Whew.