Whatever is right!

Whatever is right!

In Monday’s post I mentioned that it felt like I still had all the time in the world. I have no intention of getting into a discussion about life after death or reincarnation here.

My belief is that I can’t make something true just by sermonizing. And without proof, I’m unwilling to attempt to mislead anyone out of fear that this would be the one time someone might believe me.

But in the middle of this life, in the middle of this year and this month and this week and this day … I still feel like I have all the time I need.

No end in sight

I’m not the sterling specimen of health I was in my teen years, but I’m still going strong and I have more stamina and strength then some men 20 years younger. True, my neck creeks a bit and my right arm suffers from a numbness and tingling if I look up for too long (seems to be some issues with neck mechanics going on) but I don’t let that stop me.

My health, however fascinating, isn’t the topic of this blog, the topic is time. More specifically, the topic is my lack of time perception and what that means to my life.

I hope I have time to explain this …

My poor time management and perception skills are the root of my inability to schedule adequate time for projects or know whether I should even consider certain projects at all. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that my inability to keep track of what I’m doing, that is my ability to be distracted, also affects that.

Struggles with time in the short term seem to plague my daily life. But in the long term, there is an upside.

I’m anxious to explain this

I have anxiety issues. I worry about things, lots of things. Hey, I even worry about whether I’m worrying to much, that can’t be healthy.

But, I don’t worry about whether my time is running short. I sometimes wonder if I’m becoming an old goat, but it seems I’m more in danger of being given Dick Clark’s title of the “Worlds Oldest Teenager.”

Self fulfilling prophecy or fallacy?

And if anxiety is the thing that keeps me from accomplishment, then the lack thereof is likely to have a positive effect on the results of my efforts. I may yet become a medical doctor … or a pearl diver, or a member of the research and development team in the New Color department at Crayola. I may do all three. I may do three other things instead. I may do 30 other things instead or as well as. Or I may finally figure out a way to never lose my car keys again and make a fortune marketing it to my people. Who knows.

All I know for sure is, I have all the time in the world … but right now I gotta go, I’m late for a meeting.