So I’ve decided to share some parts of several of my favorite comments made here at Man of DistrAction.

I’ve been talking about my ADHD for ten months now, and I’m not tired of talking yet. Lets face it, it’s not looking like I’m going to quiet down anytime soon. People have been trying to shut me up for years. And then Psych Central made the mistake of asking me what I think …

But fair is fair, and in their infinite wisdom Psych Central also made room on each post for readers to comment.

Recent changes made to the blog software means the comment area has moved. It doesn’t show up on the post’s main page but on a separate page.

This means that if you are reading a post but don’t have time or can’t be bothered to click on the comments link, you don’t get to see the comments.

Not fair

So I’ve decided to share some parts of several of my favorite comments made here at Man of DistrAction. Some of these comments are supportive, some are not, some tell me things I’m grateful to find out … but all of them make me think.

Here we go.

Rebelwolf commented on ADHD Education And Community: Both Are Important “[…] Like you, I feel it is important that other ADHDers don’t feel alone but I also feel it important they be allowed to embrace their ADHD. […]”

Henry Metzler told me this on When The Going Gets Tough, The ADHDer Gets Distracted, “It makes me upset to read post like this because I am clinicaly diagnosed with ADHD and this post is far from accurate. There are too many people diagnosing themselves with ADHD. ADHD is a malfunction in the brain, an ADHD patients brain cannot cut off its production of serotonin. In your post I saw no trace of ADHD all I saw was procrastination […]”

Oh well, can’t win them all. On that same post I got this comment from MotherMarcuson: “Kinda spooky. I think we must be related.”

Now Cj had a note for me that was part of her comment on ADHD Over And Over And Over And … had some very powerful positive energy to share, She said “I refuse to be a victim of add and my many other issues, i don’t fight battles that are not winnable…wasting perfectly good energy allowing add and the other issue’s to own me.”

Terry had something to say as well, something that I think resonates with what I’m trying to do with my blog. “This is all too familiar to me, too. I have spent my entire life feeling like a complete failure because I can’t follow through on anything I start. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone, that it’s the curse of this horrible, horrible disability and that we all deal with it as best we can. In my case, that’s typically not too well. Onward and upward…”

So, it seems that people want, and maybe need a little support, but it also seems to me that some people are feeling the need to meet their challenges head on. Good.

Keep on looking for the sunny side, I’ll keep looking, and writing, I promise.

p.s. To the person who commented using a vulgarism as their name and suggested that I didn’t believe ADHD existed, perhaps you’d like to read the post you commented on, then leave a comment with a real email address in less abusive language. I’d be happy to approve it. K.