A meeting of all the normal people in the world

A meeting of all the normal people in the world

Yeah, I know, I look forward to your comments. I’m supposed to say that ADHD is insidious, a burden, the bane of my existence. And it is. I admit it. But I look around at the rest of the world and I see the options available. And I thank heaven that, if I have to have a mental health disorder, I have this one.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could actually be normal, I think I’d like to give that a shot, but I suspect I’d be bored with that pretty quickly. And I refuse to sacrifice my creative bent for that normalcy. But it would be interesting to be the most unique individual in all of history, the one person who actually was normal.

What I suspect I would end up being is one of the masses of humanity that suffers the most horrid mental health condition of all. The condition that more people suffer from than any other, the one for which there is no cure, the one whose existence is doubted more than all other disorders combined.

You guessed it

Yes, I’m talking about DON, Delusions Of Normalcy. Delusions Of Normalcy … the worst mental health disorder of them all. Are you aware that there are people out there, supposedly happy people, who actually believe they are normal?

The elephant in the room

There is no known test for DON. It has only one criteria for diagnosis, you must think you’re normal. There is no known cure though most people, on being diagnosed with other disorders, spontaneously recover from DON.

DON can make you very opinionated

Prior to diagnosis of another disorder, or the realization that you are in fact unique, you will wander around believing that everyone should be like you. You will judge others using yourself as a benchmark. You may even be unbearable in your opinions but not realize it.

Treatment options are few

There are no maintenance medications available, nor are there any behaviour modification models yet established.

And many have no clue they have Delusions of Normalcy. The good news is that sufferers almost always have many comorbid conditions and, as was noted above, diagnosis of one or more of these usually cures the delusions.

The good news is …

If you believe you suffer from Delusions of Normalcy, there is wonderful news, the first and only step to recovery is admitting that you have this problem.

But then again, if you are suffering from DON … what are you doing reading an ADHD blog?

There are a lot of disorders out there. If you’re shopping for one, you should have no trouble at all finding one that appeals.