Credo: I will be in the moment as often as I am able. I will pay attention to my work. I will be aware. I will take care of my self, and my kami so that I can do what needs to be done.

Taylor McKinlay


Taylor McKinlays Blog

I’m not a man of religion, but I am a man of faith. And while I have trouble defining my faith in so many words, I can say that it’s what keeps me going.

Some of you may know that I used to write sometimes using the name Taylor McKinlay. I maybe got away with a little more using that name, but it wasn’t because I could hide from my name.

And then I was diagnosed

I was able to take a strong stand because I had found my voice. True, I was writing under a different name to separate my editorial writing from my professional freelance journalism, and that was the original impetus for the second persona, but I never pretended to be two different people. You can easily find reference to my real name on Taylor’s blog.

Here’s honesty …

Taylor McKinlay was a name that I came by honestly. Taylor and McKinlay are both old family names on my mothers side. They were, in fact, the surnames of her parents, my grandparents. I chose them because the name that is on my birth certificate is my father’s parent’s surnames. If I could be one, why couldn’t I be the other?

At one time I wondered if I was a little more liberated while writing under the name Taylor McKinlay, and in reading some of the posts on that blog I’ve come to the conclusion that I was.

Outspoken ADHDer, who’d a thunk it?

Taylor has ADHD as surely as I do, and he was every bit as determined to share what he knew about that. He was not the kind to sit idly by while people belittled ADHD diagnoses as “in your head” or “the education system’s excuse to drug problem children.”

I’m not that kind of guy … either!

Taylor may be a little more risqué with his turn of phrase, but when it comes down to it, he is me. We share a common determination to inform and educate. I applaud Taylor’s efforts in this respect, that’s a clever way of patting my own back.

Pride goeth before testifying

I reserve the right to be proud of my name whether I call myself Taylor McKinlay or Kelly Babcock. I am one in the same. It is my self that I am proud of. My name is no less a label than “ADHD” is.

And when something needs saying, I will say it. When it needs to be said strongly I will be firm and steady. And I will stand up for, and protect my rights, our rights, with every tool at my disposal. That means my thoughts, my words, my voice.

Credo redux: I will look after my self in order that I may do what is needed to bring success to my life and the lives of those around me, those for whom I have grown to care .

Taylor McKinlay/Kelly Babcock