The gift of ADHD

The gift of ADHD

Some say ADHD is a gift. Some say it’s a curse. We’ve had this discussion before. Many say it’s a gift with serious issues, and others say it’s a curse with some bright spots.

I say … Enough!

I’ve weighed in on this issue before and my final judgment was that ADHD is a set of symptoms, problems really, that cause complications in my life.

These complications have had definite negative effects. But they also cause me to think differently, and that allows me to see things from a different angle, in a different light.

Up side, down side …

Sometimes this skewed vision allows me to solve puzzles that others struggle with. Sometimes it leaves me looking like an ass. Sometimes I’m too self involved to be able to tell you which situation I’m in at the moment.

Deal or no deal, whine or no whine?

Whine or deal ordeal

Whine or deal?

I’ve also written about the deal or whine part of ADHD. When things get rough, when symptoms become larger than life, we each have to choose whether we’re going to deal with them, or whine about them.

I’ve noticed that I deal when the going gets rough. But today I realized that I whine when the going isn’t rough at all. Well actually, I don’t whine so much as preach. I preach the gospel of ADHD. I tell anyone who will listen that I have ADHD. And after I tell them, I wait for their response so that I can pounce on them.

Everybody is an expert

I wait to hear which misconception they will trot out to educate me with (everyone seems to be an expert and yet most people only repeat stale, old statements they’ve heard third hand, spoken with such certainty that you’d think they themselves were deep in researching the very root of the problem).

So? Gift or curse? Whine or deal?

And today I had a realization … ADHD is both a gift and a curse, sometimes more of one than the other, sometimes more of the other than the one. And I can whine; and I can deal. Depending on my mood and the situation I can follow one with the other in rapid succession …

People, people, people …

But the truth is – I am a human being. Yes, I have ADHD, but I am not “ADHD.” This insidious disorder consumes hours of our lives. Yet I’m happy to continue to study it and report back on anything I might find.

I’m also glad that an ADHD virtual community seems to have grown up around the river of information that flows freely through Psych Central from all the bloggers here, especially Zoë’s blog and, I like to think, mine.

I realized, though, that I’m not ADHD, not a specimen to be labelled. I’m a person with ADHD, a person. And I need to remember this in order to keep my goals in sight.

On a need to know basis, and you need to know!

I need to tell others too. I need to tell you, you are people. You have ADHD, and you are living with it every day. That ADHD makes you stronger, perhaps. It makes many of you scattered and busy and sensitive. It may make you fun and funny and creative. But the thing that is being left out is … “person.” If it makes you those things, it makes you a scattered, strong, busy, fun, funny, sensitive and creative … person.

Today, my friends, if we remember nothing else, let’s remember we are people – okay, people? Okay.