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Archives for April, 2012


Is ADHD Self Talk All Talk?

“Isn’t that a beautiful sky?” I said to myself last night as I backed into my west-facing driveway.

I turned off the engine and as I undid my seat belt and opened the door I realized I’d spoken out loud. Well, it was a beautiful sky.

I’m doing that more and more these days, talking out loud when I’m alone. I had done it less when I started taking...
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ADHD Stereotypes

I abhor prejudice. To decide that someone is unacceptable on some level because of a perceived difference is intolerable to me. I cannot believe that a person is better, or worse for that matter, because of a difference in skin color, faith or religion, political affiliation ... the list goes on.

Stereotyping, while a milder form of prejudice, is still a form of prejudice....
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The ADHD Gift/Curse … Again?

Some say ADHD is a gift. Some say it’s a curse. We’ve had this discussion before. Many say it’s a gift with serious issues, and others say it’s a curse with some bright spots.
I say ... Enough!
I’ve weighed in on this issue before and my final judgment was that ADHD is a set of symptoms, problems really, that cause complications in my life.

These complications...
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ADHD, It’s About Time!

“I remember that movie,” my boss said, “how did it start? I missed the beginning of it ... ”

I looked at her, she looked at me, and we laughed.
How did I get here?
It’s been an unusual progression. My marriage afforded me with an executive function, my wife’s. This meant that I always had things to do. After her passing, I was left at loose ends,...
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Positive Thinking ADHD Style

It's easy for us to be down. Part of the diagnosis for ADHD stipulates that there must be evidence that one's symptoms cause persistent negative interference with regards to school, work, and social interaction throughout one's life.

We all know about persistent negative interference, right?

A comment by “Anonymous” last week reminded me how easy it is for us to...
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ADHD Answering Machine Blues

When I call someone, I'm not expecting an answering machine. And I often get an answering machine (Yes, I'm aware that most answering machines are actually answering services, I'm old, until last year I still had a rotary dial phone).
Kelly – speechless??
So what happens when my call is answered by a machine or answering service? I usually hang up. Why? Well, I've given this some thought. I dial the phone...
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