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Getting Through a Sick Day – ADHD Style

I need rest and relaxation ... just as soon as I can focus on that!

Wednesday afternoon I came home feeling a little under the weather. My lungs felt like they had steel wool in them and my eyes were kind of itchy. I have a bit of lung damage though, and it’s winter, there isn’t enough moisture in the indoor air, my eyes always feel a little itchy in the winter.

I was probably fine. I hit the couch with a good book and drank tea for the evening.

I woke up on Thursday feeling much better, ’til I coughed. The steel wool was gone. It had been replaced by a handful of rusty nails.

No problem, I just wouldn’t cough. I headed out the door and climbed into my truck.

It wouldn’t start …

♪♪♫Went out and hoped in my old Ford – Hit the engine but she ain’t turnin’♫♪♫

Suddenly I was in a Springsteen song. Okay, my house wasn’t cold and my truck is a Dodge, but, spooky. I walked to my appointment. I had been leaving early enough to stop for coffee so I had the time. And then I walked home.

I felt much better by the time I made it home. Of course we know that exercise makes us more focused. Endorphins, gotta love ’em. I made myself a garlic, saffron, asparagus frittata and hit the couch to watch a movie. By the time the movie had ended I was not doing good. Head aching, eyes watering, lungs gathering up the rusty nails and binding then in bundles using barbed wire. This was looking like it was going to get ugly.

I never planned on this …

I can usually tell when I’m going to be under the weather for a while, and this was starting to feel like the long haul. I’ve been told I’m not a good patient, but now I was in a situation where I was my own patient. Alone.

And worse still, I had no transportation. If I needed anything I was going to have to send for it. I shivered and wished for the billionth time that I could send for a case of rum (there are pirates in my family tree, what can I say?).

Then it hit me. I was going to use this malaise, this time I was being given. I would hold up in my house, I would read and I would write. I would listen to music I’ve been wanting to hear and I would do some of the research I’ve been putting off. I would watch the movies I’ve been wanting to see. I would do some website updates I’d been promising to do. I would be so organized that people would be wondering why I was writing a blog on ADHD.

A blog on what?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, ADHD. Well not to worry, I do have ADHD and the truth is, so far today, I’ve spent more time wandering around distractedly than I’ve spent getting organized.

I did take my Concerta®, but I don’t think it stayed took when my breakfast and my stomach decided on irreconcilable differences as their reason for the annulment.

And the writing? Well, I’m late getting this out, but it’s out. And now I’m too weak to lift my laptop off my legs. I think I might have to delete a whole bunch of files just so I’ll be able to pick it up (fevered delirium?).

If you’re coming to visit me, I suggest you just leave the rum by the door, bang real loud and run. I can’t guarantee you’ll be safe from whatever bug I have. And I don’t know what kind of mood I’ll be in if you stay around to meet me at the door, since none of you would actually bring me rum (sounds like pouring gasoline on a fire, doesn’t it).

On the plus side, I should be able to get Mondays post written … by Monday … I hope.

Getting Through a Sick Day – ADHD Style

Kelly Babcock

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