What's on your bucket list?

A few days ago a new friend took me by surprise when she asked “So, what’s on your bucket list?”

I have one, of course. Actually I have two. One that is easily accomplished, and one that will require more effort to complete.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about that encounter, and what is meant by the term “bucket list.” And I’ve realized I have a third bucket list. I have an ADHD bucket list, things I want to accomplish either because of my ADHD, or in spite of it.

These are a few of my favorite things …

Something that might have been on that list would be to attempt to maintain a long term relationship with one person. I think my 27 year marriage counts there, cross that one off. Another item that is on the list is to have my income tax filing up to date for at least five years in a row … I’ll be sure to let all of you know if that ever happens.

In considering the whole bucket list question and examining it under my ADHD lens, I’ve begun to think I need to have a few things on the list that would be easy to cross off. They need to be things that aren’t my usual fare. And when I say easy, I don’t mean not challenging, I mean things that I can just go ahead and do.

This shouldn’t be this hard

It’s funny how my mind can be blocked when I put it to a task that it normally does all by itself. If I were trying to concentrate on my laundry or doing the dishes, making out a grocery list or writing a blog post, my mind would be presenting all manner of distracting options for me to do.

Okay, it’s not quite as bad as all that, but it does seem to be more of a challenge than I expected it to be. I’m going to try to step just outside my own comfort zone. I walk between five and eight kilometres a day (that would be three to five miles to many of you). The stimulation of exercise has documented benefits for those of us with ADHD and I make use of those benefits. So to step just a little outside of my normal routine, I think I’m going to set aside a day to walk 25 kilometres (about 15 miles).

I’m not a professional, feel free to try this at home

I've plotted my course

I’ve plotted a course, and calculated the time it should take me. I made sure the trail leads past my favorite café, so I’ve added an hour to my time, a half hour stop each way. Coffee is also a good stimulant whose effects are well documented, though I do drink a tad too much of the stuff.

Now all I have to do is wait for a day when I can make this walk without freezing to death enroute. If it’s too cold, I might as well stay home and work on my income tax return, who knows, this might be the first of five or more years, right?

So this is it, my ADHD is now ADDing (pun intended) to my bucket list. I wonder, should I report this addition to my questioner? Probably not. After all, it’s not quite as spectacular as having coffee on the Champs-Élysées, though much easier to accomplish.