Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Home is where the heart is

I know I haven’t been very festive in my posts this December. I’ve tried, but as many of you know, I’ve had my reasons for not being cheerful. I’m not normally a Scrooge.

I can’t promise any improvement in the near future either, but I do promise I’ll try. That’s not my present to you, that’s just what I’m going to have to do to make my life better. And I appreciate all the comments and emails you’ve been offering, I’m accepting them as my presents from you all.

And my gift to you isn’t my admiration of you, but you should all know that I do admire you, all of you. From the most depressed among you to the most optimistic, from the least organized to the most ordered, I feel I’m blessed to have found so many friends here.

Still not the gift

I have a message for you, also, but that isn’t my gift to you either. The message is this: You have only one life to live, and you’re in it right now. Make of it the best life you can. Use your strengths always, and use your weaknesses as guidelines of what to work on.

Your life may be filled with distractions that cause you to be annoyed with yourself. It may be peopled by those who would tell you that you are inappropriate, irresponsible and chronically late. It may be that those around you are constantly telling you that you are not living up to your potential, or it may be that you’re hearing that message delivered by your own inner voice. It doesn’t matter. You are it. You are the only one you can be. Be you!

Getting close to the gift, this must be the wrapping

This weekend, stop, breath, look around you. Take the time you need to consider that message above.

And consider this; I need you. I can’t afford any more loss in my life at this time.

I don’t care if you believe you are unimportant to everyone else, know that you are important to me. You are me. I am you. We are not identical, but we know what it’s like to be us. We know it’s hard, but we know we’re good. I know that you have value, and deep down inside, you know you have value too.

My gift is a request and the request is this:

So this weekend, whether like me, you are missing someone you’ve lost, or whether you are surrounded by loved ones, promise me you’ll do one thing for you. I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if it’s going to church with your grandparents or going to the bar with your college friends or going for a walk alone in the woods. Do it for you, and do it for me.

I need to know you’ll be all right during this most stressful few days of the year. I need to believe that you will be good to yourselves. I need to feel that we are stronger with the knowledge we’ve gained over this last year.

Happy Holidays, everyone

It’s not much of a gift, but it’s what I have to give, a simple wish that each of you will actively seek a little more happiness than you might have had. And a hope that you will find it.

And I’ll try to do the same. If I can do that, I think you’ve got a chance too.