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Archives for December, 2011


ADHD Leftovers, Pass The Good Wishes

This post is a kind of “week after Christmas” meal of the things that are left over in tin foil covered bowls and on plastic wrapped plates. Many of these bits could be full posts, but I’m feeling like having fried leftovers today.
What’s in this bowl?
I’m in a unique situation. I’ve put myself out there in the virtual world of the internet as an ADHDer. I’ve obsessed, professed and confessed in public. I’ve shared,...
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With ADHD, You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I always called it “being numb.” I reach a point where stress and confusion accumulate to a level that leaves me unable to function, unable to think in a straight line.

Okay, I can’t think in a straight line much of the time, I do well to skip around two or three concurrent trains of thought ... with my meds.
This year was going to be different!
Okay, this year couldn’t help but be different. Christmas,...
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My Christmas Present to You

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

I know I haven’t been very festive in my posts this December. I’ve tried, but as many of you know, I’ve had my reasons for not being cheerful. I'm not normally a Scrooge.

I can’t promise any improvement in the near future either, but I do promise I’ll try. That’s not my present to you, that’s just what I’m going to have to do to make my life...
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ADHD Dating Website Profiles or How I Met Your Mother

I know, I’ve been dwelling a lot on relationships this month, a hazard of my personal situation. Loss makes you feel alone.

I also know I should be talking about the holidays and the stress they bring as a special gift for those of us with ADHD. But this post isn’t as far off the mark as you might think.
♪♫“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas, without the one you love ...”♫♪♫
For those of us who are spending...
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My ADHD Stress This Holiday Season

I seem to be suffering from the most debilitating episode of anxiety. In the last two months I’ve been awakened three times in the night with excruciating chest pains. I swear it feels like I’m suffering cardiac failure, but no.

The holidays seem to be playing a roll here. I’m feeling the loss of my wife this month rather acutely. I’m not trying to...
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An ADHD Letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

Last year, in my previous blog, I wrote to you and said:
“And I think, if you’re willing to consider my request, that I have the perfect Christmas gift to ask you for. It would be a very useful thing for me, but it’s not just for me. It would help others across the country, across the continent and around the world. It would help...
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