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How ADHD Feels

feeling in color ...

You want to know how ADHD feels? Well, it feels normal for me, but that's because it's the only thing I've ever known.

And to be able to tell you how it feels different from being a neuro-typical person (NT) would require me to have experienced that.

But, you're in luck, because I do have a few answers to the question, "How does it feel to have ADHD?"
How does that work?
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Okay, ADHD, I Tried!

It took a while to figure out ...

Okay, already. I tried.

First, for nearly fifty years, I tried to be normal. I thought I was normal. Okay, I thought I was on the outer edge of normal, but still in the circle.

I tried to interact with others normally, but of course, as soon as I got thinking it was going well I'd let my guard down and impulsively mention something unmentionable and...
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But What About Me?

... so many things

I hear this a lot, "... with guidance and counseling ..." and it's starting to give me a complex.

And today, I found it repeated almost verbatim in the Wikipedia.

Lets have a little read, shall we?
"Adult ADHD is typically marked by inattentiveness, difficulty getting work done, procrastination and organizational problems. Specifically, adults with ADHD present with persistent difficulties in following directions, remembering...
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Asperger’s ADHD Conundrum

... and a half

Asperger syndrome can involve impairments to executive function.

ADHD does involve impairments to executive function.

However, Asperger syndrome also includes problems in socializing, repetitive behavior and limited and focused interests, and issues with sensory processing, such as hypersensitivity.
What about ADHD?
People with ADHD often have these problems to varying degrees, not unlike the way we manifest our symptoms. We most assuredly have problems socializing. We say and do inappropriate things. We know...
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ADHD – The Reality

Find your place ...

Here's a question that really bothers me. Is ADHD really real?

And the reason it bothers me is that the answer, from someone with ADHD, is often, "I think so ... maybe?"

And the reason for that is simple.
The reality is ...
The reality is that we, the people with ADHD, only know one reality. Our lives may not be normal in the grand scheme of humanity, but if normal means "that...
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Adult ADHD

ADHD – What’s Wrong With Me

Time to step back for a moment ...

It has occurred to me that I need a refresher course in what ADHD actually is.

I've been looking at it lately through the microscope of analysis and I've lost the big picture.

And the big picture is that ADHD has three main manifestations, comprised of two major symptoms individually and in combination.

And these three main manifestations of these two symptoms occur to an extent that...
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The ADHD Way I Talk

It's easy to be cool ....

If you're a regular reader of my blog, or even an irregular reader who has only glanced at a couple of posts, you might notice that I write reasonably well.

And additionally, you might realize that I don't usually say inappropriate things, unless I'm actually going for calculated shock value.

The reason for this is that I am a writer.
No, wait ...
I don't mean that being a writer negates...
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No Time For ADHD

My time ...

I've known I have ADHD for over nine years now.

And that puts me in an interesting category. When people my age-ish were young, there was a very good chance that you could make your way through school and all its scrutiny without being diagnosed with ADHD.

There was a good long stretch of time, you see, between ADHD being defined and current standards of diagnosis being put in place.

In fact, there...
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Going Forward With ADHD


I'm a member of several online communities that are populated with people who have ADHD. These places are great for hanging out in.

They allow us to be ourselves, to relax. We are surrounded, when there, by people who are quick to point out inappropriateness, and even quicker to forgive it.

And these communities continue to grow. One of them, a Facebook group that's been around for a few years now, seemed to be...
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