One More Dichotomy

Pick one or the other ...

Every time I think of another oddity in my ADHD life, and realize that it is the opposite of what should be happening, I get a little chill.

Some years ago I called ADHD the disorder of dichotomies or something like that, the obvious reason was that we were capable of focus but not of focusing on what we needed to focus...


Mission Not Impossible

Mission accomplished!

Yesterday I told you about a little travel problem I managed to cause for myself.

I left home after having recorded my radio show that's due to be aired while I'm away.

I detailed some of the troubles I had with this trip, not many because I'm pretty good at traveling anymore.

As the title implied, I am Well Traveled!
Practice practice practice
So yesterday's blog detailed how well I...


Well Traveled

Always do your work before you travel ...

I am a seasoned traveler. I've been around.

It's true that I haven't left my country very often, I can count the number of times I've been outside the borders of Canada on one hand and give you two fingers worth of change.

But Canada is a big country, and I have traveled thousands of miles without leaving her behind.

And I've done that this week.


Am I wrong?

... am I?

I've made some observations through the course of my life. And for the most part they seem to hold true.

I've made these observations from watching people. I have ADHD, and watching other people is a constant source of entertainment ... and confusion for me.

And I'm going to share one with you.
These are my observations.

They may be wrong, but they're mine, and as such, I am entitled to them.


What It Takes To Slow Me Down

Not recommended ...

I'm told I move fast. I know I don't get much accomplished.

That's another one of those paradox things that ADHD is rife with.

The dichotomy disorder is what I like to call it. Stimulants help me slow down and focus. I can hyper-focus on things or I can be unable to focus on things and both those things are symptoms. I remember things from my childhood and almost into my...


Simple Is Complicated, Complicated Is Good

We all have someplace to get to ...

When I have something that needs doing, I want it done.

That's the thing that many NTs don't understand. It doesn't get put off because I want it not done. It doesn't get put off because I don't care.

It gets put off because it ... it's boring. It's insanely, mind numbingly boring.

It's really just that simple.
And yet ...
It's complicated. Yes, I know.

Forms to...


Funny stuff

Well, we know that's not true!

There are so many problems that come with having ADHD.

And quite frankly, there are damned few benefits.

There are, it is true, ways of looking at this disorder that allow us to maximize our differences and those maximizations do benefit us, but there are really and truly very few pure benefits to having ADHD.
Yes ...
Okay, it's true that there is hyper-focus, but it is...


Empathy Is Hard on Me

It's not easy to be this empathetic ...

In so many of today's discussions on mental health, empathy comes up repeatedly as what is needed in this world to make a place of comfort for those with mental health issues.

And that empathy, when fostered and cultivated, does a wonderful job of making the world a better place for people with mental health challenges to participate in.

And that is all great. Empathy is...


Have You Ever Wondered?

Can you do this?

If you have ADHD, one thing you may have experienced is having to reread something, possibly multiple times, in order to get the gist of the thing.

Now, on the surface of it, that would seem like you're dull, unable to grasp concepts that others have no problem with.

But there's the invisible and insidious ADHD to consider here yet.

Yes, to the outside observer it would appear that we...