AM or FM

Dialing in the differences

Radio waves are broadcast in two different ways, FM, frequency modulation, or AM, amplitude modulation.

I won't bother to explain the difference between the two, if at one time I had even a tenuous grasp of what this meant, even then I was in no position to be able to educate anyone about it.

Also, those of you who know the difference, good for you. It has nothing to do...


The Empathic Obligation

Obligatory burden

Having the ability to be empathetic is not the domain of people with ADHD.

It is, however, something that seems more common among us.

And it is something that, like many paradoxical aspects of ADHD, both serves us well and causes great trouble in our lives.

Being empathic is both a blessing and a burden, it can be used as a tool, and it can devastate our day to day lives.
When we...



Hmmm, laundry or bikes???

I've been putting this off for too long. (Yeah, you see what I did there.)

Procrastination is fear elevated to an art form, but it isn't fear every time.

Procrastination is also logic twisted by the ADHD mind so that it seems to be working for you, but it is actually working against you. It seems to be a sensible choice, when it is actually the misuse of our...


The Time Factor

Moving right along ...

It is a given that those of us with ADHD have what are referred to in a non technical way as "poor time management skills."

There is no technical term for this, or at least not one I've heard.

It all has to do with too many of the differences that define an ADHD brain in relation to the neuro-typical brain.

Somehow, when it comes to time ... we fail.
First, we...


Carrot Cultivars

Different carrots?

I'm pretty sure that neuro-typicals motivate themselves to get things done by just thinking how great it will be to be done.

Yesterday we talked about how dangling a carrot in front of someone with ADHD is not going to make them work better or smarter or even ... at all?

We, when presented with a carrot that is just out of reach, will likely just lie down and dream about carrots.


Stick, Carrot, Fail!

I like carrots ...

Have you ever heard the line, "Finish up your (fill in name of excruciatingly painfully boring task here) and you can (insert name of wildly exciting activity here)."

Maybe it was tried on you when you were young? Maybe people are still doing that to you now?

Yeah, you see the problem already from the way I worded the example above, right?
I can't even ...
Does this approach actually work with neuro-typical...


New ADHD Super Power

Focusing on super powers

Hey folks, I have a little story to tell you.

It's not a parable, not a fable, and it doesn't really have a message to it.

But there is a message that comes after it, along with another little story that's kind of about the first story.

Is this getting confusing?
I'll try to clear it up ...
Lat's take this one piece at a time, so I don't get lost, 'kay?

Yesterday my partner...


To Do Today

.... and, GO!

If you have ADHD, you have lists.

No. Nope. It's not up for debate.

I mean, I don't make lists any more, well, not like I used to. Every now and then I'll have an overwhelming amount of things I need to get done in a day and I'll grab an empty envelope and a pen and soon there's a list in my pocket ...

... with a bunch of other...

Adult ADHD

When I Was Your Age …

... ten miles to school, up hill both ways ...

Listen you youngsters you, when I was your age we didn't have any such thing as ADHD.

We had Minimal Brain Dysfunction, but it was almost never diagnosed.

And even if it was, nobody did anything about it.

There were no accommodations, no medications, and very little tolerance.
Here's a little problem ...
The people who are in positions of authority tend to be older. They've worked...


Dear Kelly: Relationship Advice For The ADHD Love Lorn

Help for the empty heart?

I do not write a relationship column. But I think I could.

Not just any old relationship though, I'd tell you what's what with your ADHD relationships.

How hard could it be?

I mean, I have ADHD, and I've been in love. In fact, though it's no one's business, I'm in love right now.
Yes, Me! I've been in love and I've been married and I've had relationships for the past...