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Tech Wins For Xmas

They're right there ...

It's this easy. I walk in the door, and I hang my keys on the key rack. Every time. Without fail.

.... until the day that I don't. That doesn't mean that I won't hang them up the next day, or even later today, it just means that this time, I didn't.

And it's highly likely that I didn't because I was in a hurry and had something else...
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Succeeding Well

... maybe

Over six years ago I started writing this blog. I've written three posts a week since the beginning. I've never published less than that, and I don't intend to change that any time soon.

I'm not burning out, oddly enough, and I've gotten over the feeling that I'm saying the same things in different ways. You see, like all good fables or lessons or stories with morals, different versions of each...
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Calm Waters


To the casual observer, it may look like "calm waters" is the last phrase you'd use to describe someone with ADHD.

But I want to tell you what that phrase means to me. And remember, everything is relative.

To me, calm waters aren't the placid, flat mirror of no problems and no obligations.

To me, that would be beyond calm, that would be boring.
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I Don’t Need Help

Seriously ... maybe.

Well, that's patently false. I need all the help I can get.

I mean, I'm going to take on more than any human could do.

And although I'm a super human, it's because I've got an open ended list of things to get done that it looks like I'm capable of so much.

Is this confusing?

It's like this, there are people who have lists of ten or twenty things...
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Logic Loop Error

It's simple, really ...

I'm not sure if I've told you all this before, but at one time I was actually a computer programmer.

I learned a lot when I went to college to become a computer programmer, and one of those things was that there are two "M's" in programmer.

But I also learned some pretty neat stuff about instructions and how they need to be explicit in order for errors not to occur.

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In A Swirl! It’s About Comfort

Looks painful, right?

Have you ever put three or more ingredients together in a bowl and watched as the mixing begins?

There's a point at which any given part of the contents looks like all the other parts, and yet each area is unique and different, swirled together yet still in separate streaks, no two points alike, yet all are familiar looking in the mess of it.

And that's kind of what I gravitate towards,...
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Eye See

An interesting view point ...

I'm beginning to believe that if you have ADHD, you have vision trouble.

And yes, I'm talking about an inability to see visible light as clearly or as accurately as others do, not an inability to understand things ...

Although that's also an issue, am I right? But another day for that, eh?

This is about our eye sight.

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Who are you?

Good question, eh?

It's Friday, and I'm busy. Nothing new in that, right?

It's actually Black Friday though and, although I live in Canada and in a part of the country where crazy lineups at Walmart before they open are twelve people, I'm not impervious to the distraction this day brings.

I am, after all, the Man of Distraction! (You need to turn the echo and reverb on on your computer or phone when you...
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