Welcome To Kelly’s Island

I'm home!

Do you remember Gilligan's Island? That was a fun show, eh?

I was always amazed that they had a man there who could pretty much make an xray machine in a coconut but he couldn't patch a six inch hole in a wooden boat that looked to me to be above the water line.

But let's leave that to one side for now.

The thing I want to address is...


What Kind Of Half Baked Scheme Is This?

Well begun is ... half baked?

All my life I've heard statements like the title of this post. From parents, from teachers, from everyone.

And it has forced me to do things differently.

Other people work in the open. I often work in secret, keeping my successes and failures to myself until I have a completed project.

And even then, I keep some of those completions to myself. I mean, once the stimulation of...


Stimulation, First Responders, and Pandemics

Keep calm and ... oh wait, we are

On Friday I wrote "Having ADHD means constantly coping with the myriad little issues that make up our disorder. We compensate for one thing and three more things pop up in our lives."

I was talking about how those of us with ADHD seem to be less agitated, less "freaked out" over the COVID-19 virus pandemic than the neuro-typical population is.

And in fact, a discussion...


Feeling Nothing?

I can't help not feeling ....

I've been reading posts on social media over the last couple of weeks, and people seem to be unsure and unsteady. This COVID-19 thing has gotten them into a space where they are having trouble figuring out what to do.

One of the most hilarious reactions I've noted is people rushing out to buy toilet paper. And they're buying months worth.

If the new economy is going...


So, You Want To Make Me Cry

Musical messages from the inner me

I've written a few songs in my life. One was actually recorded by a folk group called Our Shotgun Wedding. I'm kind of proud of that.

I like my style of song writing too. Even though some of my music is darker, think heart break, not death and mayhem, it is usually mostly positively driven.

But in reviewing some of the lyrics I've written, I have recently discovered...


We Shall Lead Them

We can do this!

You know what? I think it may be time.

I think it's time that we stepped up and did the right thing.

I think it's time that we took over the world.

Why? Because we're used to being looked at strangely and regarded as odd.
Look, we're supposed to all be distancing ourselves from others. COVID-19 is real, and it's here.

And although the things we're supposed to do to battle it...



What is this going to mean for us?

The jury is out deliberating on what COVID-19 means to the ADHD community. Well, okay, there's no jury that I know of, but what I'm hearing in our community is very little.

There are some sensible things happening around the world, and some ludicrous things as well.

There will be some far reaching implications and changes that occur in our world because of this, some will be...


A Bad Habit To Break

What drives your habits?

Is it possible that ADHD is a collection of bad habits?

I mean, habits that have a negative impact on our lives and are hard to break, like, really hard to break.

But if that were true we'd have broken some and gotten somewhat better, been able to move on to conquering others.

But every habit I've ever broken has left me needing to stay on top of myself to...


Always Doing Happy Deeds

(May contain other acronyms)

ADHD is the single most recognized moniker for our disorder, but the words don't really represent any one single person with this disorder.

For one thing, we none of us have a deficit of attention, our deficit is in control of our attention.

For another, hyperactivity is not a required symptom, it is only required of those with the primarily hyperactive type of ADHD, and they still have issues with...



Let's go!

On Wednesday I ended my post with the words, "... I forgive me for this mess, and that forgiveness is on the table and on offer for as long as I keep working to make this life better."

And I have been working on this making life better thing.

And though it isn't always easy, it is easier than not working on it.
How so?
One needs to...