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Addiction Under 30 explores the topic of addiction in young adults from the perspectives of science and experience. What we know about addiction’s effects in the brains, bodies and hearts of people below 30 is evolving at an astounding pace. And as our knowledge of addiction and all the other factors of personality, mental health, environment and trauma that so often accompany addiction grows, so too does our ability to treat this disease. We used to imagine addiction as one thing: dependence on a substance. But now we know it’s so much more. I hope you’ll join me as we explore what it means to be addicted and the process by which addicted young adults can become well.

Eric-SchmidtEric Schmidt has worked in the behavioral health and substance abuse field for the past 20 years. He served primarily in key executive level positions for community-based behavioral health care/substance abuse treatment organizations.

Eric boasts both a Masters of Science in Social Work and a Masters of Business Administration. Besides his business and administrative success, Eric, as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, personally provides a variety of clinical services, such as individual, group, and family treatment, diagnostic assessments, and psychosocial assessments utilizing a range of techniques and theoretical designs. Further, Eric is adjunct faculty for the University of Utah School of Social Work, where he teaches a variety of clinical and professional development courses. He has utilized marketing, sales, and management skills to dramatically amplify revenues and operations for many of the agencies for which he has worked. He is excited to be at the helm of New Roads Treatment Centers.

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