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Profile of a Drug Overdose Victim

When you think of a drug overdose victim, chances are you think of someone inexperienced with drug use who takes more than they can handle, or a person who unknowingly takes a purer strain of drug than they’re used to. Those assumptions, however, aren’t reflected in current statistics. So what is an accurate profile of a drug overdose victim?

WHO: Statistics show that the people most at risk of drug overdose are people you...
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Spotting & Responding to Severe, Potentially Violent Mental Illness

The Questions We’re Asking in the Orlando Aftermath…

In the wake of extreme violence in Orlando, FL, along with numerous other relatively recent mass shootings, one wonders if someone should have intervened with these troubled individuals before the violence occurred. But who is that someone, how would that person have known that intervention was needed, and what if anything could that person have done to help the troubled individual and potentially prevent tragedy?

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Mental Health

4 Things to Look for in a Trauma Therapist

To heal from trauma means finally dealing with the source of the trauma, whether it’s childhood abuse or neglect, combat experiences, or a natural disaster or a violent assault. How can this be done, however, when trauma provokes such negative and overwhelming feelings - feelings that most try hard to keep safely buried?

Therapy can be a vital step, helping the person feel safe enough to revisit their...
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Dispelling Myths About Naltrexone: Is It Right for You?

Naltrexone has been around for decades as a treatment for those struggling with opioid or alcohol dependence, first in pill form and now as a once-a-month injection marketed under the name Vivitrol.

Despite its long-term presence on the scene, confusion about naltrexone’s efficacy and appropriateness abound. Here’s a look at a few myths surrounding this increasingly popular addiction medication to help you...
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Obamacare’s First Act: Why I’m Optimistic

The dust has begun to settle ever so slightly on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known popularly as Obamacare, giving us a glimpse at what might be and what has already begun to change in terms of helping some of the most vulnerable among us - people struggling with addictions and mental illness.

As someone who works directly with this population, I am optimistic. It’s still early in the process, but...
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What Does Drug Rehab Accreditation Really Mean?

When you’re searching for a drug rehab, one of the first recommendations you’ll hear is to find a program that is accredited. What does it mean for a program to be accredited? And does accreditation ensure quality treatment?

In lieu of or in addition to getting licensed by the state, some addiction treatment programs choose to get accredited by a third party. In the , drug rehab centers are most...
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A Doctor’s Most Dreaded Patient: The Addict

It is an unfortunate reality that most doctors don’t like treating addiction, and they don’t like addicts. They’ll treat the consequences of the disease but they won’t always confront the underlying issues, discuss treatment options or provide referrals to an addiction specialist or even a self-help support group like AA. What’s behind this institutional bias against addicts?

A Health Care System in Denial

Denial keeps addicts stuck in their disease. It’s...
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