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Glimpses of Hope in a Year of Troubling Addiction News

Are We Finally Getting Serious About Our Deadly Drug Trends?

Is there anyone left in our nation who can say they personally know no one touched by problem drug or alcohol use?

Judging by a flurry of studies released in 2016, including the first-ever report on alcohol, drugs and health by the Surgeon General, the answer is a resounding no. The new data makes clear that more and more Americans are using drugs and alcohol in ways...
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Addiction Research

Could Rewriting Memories Help Prevent Relapse?

Long before I began working in residential addiction treatment programs, I spent much of my career in hospitals and community-based treatment settings. In working with disadvantaged populations in community treatment programs, it became clear to me that only limited improvement can be achieved with medication alone.

There are many changes in people’s brains and behaviors that must take place for them to lead fulfilling lives.

Despite a growing body of neuroscientific research, we have...
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