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Archives for September, 2015


3 Ways to Tackle Addiction Before It Starts

Think your life hasn’t been touched by addiction? Think again. We are all affected, both in terms of missing out on the lost potential of those struggling with drugs or alcohol and in dealing with the wreckage left behind.

About a third of hospital costs are linked to addiction and substance use, for example, according to statistics from The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia...
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Mental Health

What Schools Really Need to Teach: Mental Health

September is Suicide Prevention Month. It’s also the month when most students head back to school for a new year of challenges. That makes this a fitting time to ask: Are we teaching our kids what they really need to know?

For all our worry about things such as Common Core, standardized tests and class sizes, a bigger concern should be how resilient our students are. How able...
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