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Archives for July, 2015

Mental Health

4 Things to Look for in a Trauma Therapist

To heal from trauma means finally dealing with the source of the trauma, whether it’s childhood abuse or neglect, combat experiences, or a natural disaster or a violent assault. How can this be done, however, when trauma provokes such negative and overwhelming feelings - feelings that most try hard to keep safely buried?

Therapy can be a vital step, helping the person feel safe enough to revisit their...
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Mental Health

5 Ways to Stop Accentuating the Negative

Where we humans are concerned, the bad gets more attention than the good.

Studies confirm it:

We feel criticism more than compliments.
We have a better memory for tragedy than triumph.
We give more weight to potential losses than potential gains.
We pay more attention to angry faces than happy ones.
We have more richly descriptive vocabulary for negative experiences than positive ones.

Researchers call it negativity bias, and it...
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