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Archives for March, 2015


Is Sleep for Losers?

You snooze, you lose. It’s a saying that’s too often interpreted literally. We see the day as much too short and the competition as much too fierce to allow for the indulgence of a full night’s sleep.

But that’s the problem: Sleep is not an indulgence. It’s essential to our physical and mental health, and it’s crucial for performing our best. Even so, it’s easy to buy into the mindset that the true...
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Alcohol Abuse

The Not-So-Funny Side of YouTube Drinking Videos

If a person knew nothing about alcohol and turned to YouTube for enlightenment, this is what they’d likely come away with: Drinking is something young and attractive people do, it has little long-term downside beyond a hangover, and it’s hilarious.

That’s the conclusion of a University of Pittsburgh study that examined how alcohol is portrayed on the 70 most popular YouTube videos that depict intoxication. These...
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