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Archives for August, 2014


5 Truths About the Addict in Your Life

Most families have been touched by addiction. Many have been forever altered by it. And though most people are affected by it, few understand it. This is because addiction is not a logical disease. The selfishness, the repeated mistakes despite devastating consequences - none of it makes sense, not even to the person living it.

The recurring tumult - ER runs, bail requests, evictions...
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5 Must-Have Conversations for Back-To-School Season

This is the time of year when shopping for school clothes and the latest electronics and accessories is foremost in your child’s mind. But, for parents, back-to-school season brings up more pressing concerns that should find their way into conversation, whether casually at the mall, in the car or watching TV or in a more formal family discussion around the dinner table.

#1 Alcohol Is Off-Limits

The old adage is true: education...
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Addictive Drugs

Three Unlikely Groups Hit Hard by the Prescription Drug Epidemic

The face of drug addiction has changed dramatically in the past decade. Gone are the days when the “typical” drug addict was a junkie shooting heroin on the street. The widespread abuse of prescription drugs, which are easily accessible and presumed “safe,” has meant that addiction is plaguing some unexpected populations. Three unsuspecting groups have been hit particularly hard:

#1 Seniors

A new generation of addicts is making...
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