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Archives for March, 2014

Addictive Drugs

The Top 3 Designer Drugs You Need to Know About Before Your Child Tries Them

Teenagers are natural experimenters, but there are some drugs that put them at grave risk even if they try them just once. Although grisly media reports of psychotic episodes and gruesome acts of violence have made it difficult to differentiate horror from hysteria, in the case of “designer drugs” much of the hype is worth heeding.

What Are ‘Designer’ Drugs?

Chemists are...
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7 Honest Reasons Why Addicts Lie

Addicts tell lies more often than they tell the truth. “I’m not hurting anyone.” “I can stop any time.” Deception becomes so second nature, addicts will lie even when it’s just as easy to tell the truth. Many don’t even realize they’re fibbing or that other people see through the façade. Living a double life is exhausting, so why do addicts lie?

#1 To Preserve Their...
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