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Archives for July, 2013


Addiction Swap: Substance Abuse and Workaholism

A lot of people still have a fairly simplistic view of addiction: go to rehab, maybe battle with a relapse or two and then go on with life as usual. But this disease is cunning and persistent. Even those who successfully eliminate drugs and alcohol from their lives may find themselves trying to diet away the 30 pounds they gained during rehab or losing days of their lives to online shopping or...
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Addicts and Wolves: An Unlikely Pair

Based on media portrayals and folklore, we’re led to believe that people and wolves are arch enemies that compete for food and resources. Science has a different story to tell – one not only of coexistence but even cooperation.

Today, wild spaces are dwindling and wolf populations have been slow to rebound from near extinction, but people continue to benefit from interactions with these smart, sensitive creatures. For most of us, our beloved...
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