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Archives for June, 2012

Public Policy

Addiction Treatment Falls Woefully Short – Can’t We Do Better?

Millions of people know what it’s like to lose everything to addiction. Millions more know what it’s like to live with a parent or family member who abuses drugs or alcohol. What too many don’t know is how to get better.

In spite of a large body of research showing that addiction is a chronic disease, only one in 10 addicts receives any form of treatment – often, treatment that falls woefully short...
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The 5 Most Controversial Addiction Treatments

More people are addicted to drugs now than any time in our nation’s history. Addiction has become public enemy number one, and the search is on for new treatments. Surgeries, pills, vaccines – we’re willing to try anything if it means putting an end to the suffering. But has science gone too far?

Here are five of the most controversial addiction treatments that beg the question, “Is this the best we...
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From Rigid to Resilient: Bouncing Back From Stress In Recovery

Resilience is a hallmark of good mental health. It is particularly important for recovering addicts who have learned how to survive but in negative ways – for example, by dissociating from childhood trauma or using drugs and alcohol to escape emotional pain.

An essential part of recovery is learning new tools that build resilience, which guards against the return of old, automatic behaviors that so often leads to relapse.
What Is Resilience?
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An Addict’s Guilt: When It Helps And When It Hurts In Recovery

The concept of an addict’s guilt may seem foreign and contradictory to a loved one. During active addiction, people lie, lose their jobs and bankrupt themselves or their families seemingly without a second thought (though they often do feel guilt but then use more drugs to bury those feelings).

When an addict gets sober, the guilt hits hard.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Guilt

Guilt arises when a person feels that they have violated their morals or...
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6 Skill Sets Every Child Needs to Guard Against Addiction

Addicts aren’t the only ones who are haunted by the shame of addiction. Parents are often plagued with worry: “If only I had been a better parent, maybe none of this would’ve happened.”

Addiction is not parents’ fault (about half the risk is genetic), but you can influence the course of your child’s life by helping them develop the skills that protect against addiction.

#1 Coping Skills

One of the most important goals in treating addiction...
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5 Reasons Your Teen Might Start Using Drugs – And How To Stop Them

Ever feel like keeping your teen safe is a full-time job? That’s because it can be. Teenagers are programmed for risk-taking, according to research from Temple University. While the parts of the brain that control emotion and social interaction are highly active during adolescence, the behavior-regulation center doesn’t fully mature until around age 25.

This helps explain why the answers to timeless parental questions like, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you,...
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