Addiction Intervention: A Healing Tool for the Whole Family

Individuals struggling with addiction need a great deal of support. The families that struggle alongside them do as well. They are exposed to immense pain, grief and heartache. Loved ones of people with addiction may suffer a degree of caregiver fatigue and stress that has brought them to the end of their rope. Here are some common experiences:


Why Families Are Still the Front Line of Defense in Opioid Addiction

In recent weeks the government has taken positive actions to combat the opioid epidemic. The President announced steps to prevent opioid addiction and also to appropriately treat the million Americans who already have opiate addiction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new opioid prescribing guidelines based on studies showing opioid painkillers work best for relieving cancer-related pain and acute pain during the first few days after an...

Mental Health

3 Therapies to Heal Your Wounded Inner Child

Childhood trauma has lasting effects that can impact us throughout adulthood and can even be transferred to our children. Exposure to various forms of abuse, violence, loss or neglect early in life has been linked to higher risks for addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health conditions.

Treatment for trauma and related disorders sometimes includes getting in touch with your “wounded inner child.” Simply put, your wounded inner child...


More Than Just Talk: How Psychotherapy Can Help Rewire the Brain

The human brain is constantly changing. Our gray matter is responsive to music, mayhem and medicine, adapting with exposure to these and other stimuli, including psychotherapy. Science has shown that many forms of psychotherapy, whether used in conjunction with medications or without, can actually cause physiological changes in the brain that result in better treatment outcomes for people with trauma, addiction and other mental health disorders.

Through functional neuroimaging scans, researchers involved in...


9 Things We Must Do Now to Stop the Opioid Epidemic

Over the past few years, media reports have sounded the alarm that an opioid epidemic is sweeping the country, killing thousands of our citizens. And now new research findings reveal that the problem may be even more widespread than we had thought.

In 2015 it was reported that 33,000 people died from an opioid overdose — a historic high. However, researchers now tell us that number should have been even higher, as it is likely that thousands...


Profile of a Drug Overdose Victim

When you think of a drug overdose victim, chances are you think of someone inexperienced with drug use who takes more than they can handle, or a person who unknowingly takes a purer strain of drug than they’re used to. Those assumptions, however, aren’t reflected in current statistics. So what is an accurate profile of a drug overdose victim?

WHO: Statistics show that the people most at risk of drug overdose are people you wouldn’t...


Glimpses of Hope in a Year of Troubling Addiction News

Are We Finally Getting Serious About Our Deadly Drug Trends?

Is there anyone left in our nation who can say they personally know no one touched by problem drug or alcohol use?

Judging by a flurry of studies released in 2016, including the first-ever report on alcohol, drugs and health by the Surgeon General, the answer is a resounding no. The new data makes clear that more and more Americans are using drugs and alcohol in ways...