Addiction and ADHD

Do you know which lauded Olympic Gold medalist and champion has ADHD?

If you guessed swimmer Michael Phelps, you’d be correct. He has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder … and he’s the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympic Games.

Here’s what Phelps had to say about...

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Until recently, the popular conception of autism didn’t include addiction.

Why not? First and foremost, individuals with autism tend to be more socially isolated, so people assumed that they wouldn’t succumb to peer pressure to try drugs.

As author and self-advocate Maia Szalavitz wrote in her...


Addiction and Person-Centered Therapy

Have you ever had the experience of feeling demeaned and diminished … as though you weren’t worth very much?

Have you ever had your thoughts, feelings, and ideas dismissed by another person? Ever had your concerns negated with narrowing of the eyes or a wave...

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and Shame

“Shame is a soul-eating emotion.” So said Carl Jung, one of the most influential voices in modern psychology and psychiatry. Those are strong words, but justifiably so.

While shame is a near-universal human emotion - experienced by everyone but sociopaths - it also does tremendous...


Addiction and Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

Want to know the truth about how to change your life in six words? Here you go: “What you believe determines your experience.”

That’s one of my favorite principles of Spiritual Psychology, because it sums up the power of our beliefs to influence every aspect of your life.

You’ve seen this truth play out, haven’t you? To give just one example, consider how your attitude toward the world shapes your daily life.

When you’re able to believe that the universe has your back, you have a...

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