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My_AvatarChristine Stapleton has worked for The Palm Beach Post since 1986. She distinguished herself as the paper’s court reporter for 12 years, covering notable trials such as the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, Florida’s landmark case against the tobacco industry, Tom and Nicole’s adoptions and Roxanne Pulitzer’s dalliances.

Christine was among the lead reporters in the paper’s coverage of the November 2000 election and helped write two award-winning projects on migrant farm workers and pesticides. Her blog, Addiction on my Mind won Mental Health America’s top media award in both 2008 and 2010. Best of 2015

She is a senior fellow of the Knight Foundation and has appeared on The Deborah Norville Show, Inside Edition and City Confidential.

Her new blog, Addiction Matters, draws upon her 17-years of sobriety and coverage of corruption in the drug treatment industry in south Florida.

A collection of her columns and blogs, Hoping for a happy ending: A journalist’s story of depression, bipolar and alcoholism is available at www.Amazon.com, www.Barnes&Noble.com and www.AuthorHouse.com.

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