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We Are All Us

In the aftermath of the most divisive election in the memory of our country, many are still feeling the ripples in the pond. Referral rates to mental health counseling and reports of suicidal ideation have soared. The phones at suicide hotlines have been ringing off the hook since the day after the results were tallied.

According to John Draper, project director of the the round-the-clock National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a support line founded in 2005 for people considering suicide or who are in emotional distress,...

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Stretching Your Comfort Zones

"Every time you step out of your comfort are creating a new comfort zone!"- Jeff Faldalen

A comfort zone is the place in which you feel a sense of familiarity and safety, somewhere you have been before, possibly countless times. It might be a physical location, such as your bedroom or a grove of trees in a nearby forest. It could also be a state of mind. It requires little change and almost no risk....

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Haters Gonna Hate and Huggers Gonna Hug

Do you know who Kid President is?  If not, I strongly urge you to get to know this young whiz man/wise man. I found his videos a few years ago and was taken by his innocence and ageless wisdom. He spoke of people getting along, across all culturally created barriers and being inclusive. Boy, do we need that now.  He continues to encourages unity with the words, "Don't be in a party. Be a party." Now, at 12 years old, Robby Novak; the host of...

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Doubling Down On Love

I was searching for a way to express the next evolutionary stage as we face the outcome of the election. As I mentioned in previous articles on the topic, one prior and the other post,  this campaign period and the aftermath has carried with it, more contention and vitriol than I have ever witnessed since I first pulled the lever in 1980. Some were delighted with the outcome, while others were devastated. I...

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Healing the Rift

This morning, the world as we have known it has changed. Regardless on which side of the political fence you stand, nothing will be the same. The electoral college (bolstered by popular vote) ushered in a man who they believe represents their values. For those who made a different electoral choice, the prospect of four years of his leadership, is terrifying.

A week prior to the election, I wrote an article called How Can You Cope...

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How Can You Cope With Election Stress?

The seeds for this article began to germinate a few months ago, but I was reluctant to politicize this column. It was when a client informed me today that he was experiencing sometimes overwhelming anxiety and deep depression over the election, that I knew it was an important therapeutic issue to address.

In a recent article that ran on the  National Public Radio (NPR), website, Lynn Bufka, PhD, American Psychological Associations associate executive director for practice research...


What Would You Do?

I'm not an avid television viewer these days, after decades of binge watching various series. On the occasion that I do tune in, one of the shows that taps on my social conscience is called What Would You Do? Host John Quinones is the behind the scenes host of this popular series that touches on all manner of human interactions. Those that have remained with me over the years include a girl on the street who appears drunk and is given even more alcohol...


You’re Beautiful

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office at the outpatient counseling center where I see clients, who range in age from adolescent to adult, when I began to notice a pattern.

Two were young women who are high school students. Both were there to learn skills...