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Why Not Me?

I heard a  story today about a bold move made by pop icon Taylor Swift. She was performing in Nashville and learned that Mick Jagger was also in town. She texted him and invited the rock legend to join her on stage. What occurred is now music history, as the two belted out I Can't Get No Satisfaction.

Even though Ms. Swift has topped the charts for years, Sir Mick has the name and fame...


Savoring the Sweetness of Life

Food is designed to nourish and sustain us; adding fuel to the fire that animates our bodies and allows us to move through the world. It has come to take on additional meaning, including an expression of love and nurturing. We cook for those we love. We eat with those we love. Sometimes, food is a substitute for love. That's where it can take a dysfunctional turn.

In my life, it did. Seven weeks ago, I engaged in...



"For anyone who has ever felt broken:
Wholeness is the goal, but wholeness does not mean perfection, it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of your life. So, every day, exercise your heart by taking in life’s little pains and joys — that kind of exercise will make your heart supple, the way a runner makes a muscle supple, so that when it breaks, (and it surely will,) it will break not into a fragment grenade,...


A Heart Tugging Relationship With the Holidays

Right before Thanksgiving a local radio station plays their rotating round of Christmas songs (nothing for Hanukkah, Winter Solstice or Kwanzaa, mind you, since it is a commercial station) and I cringe. Not because I don't love the dazzle of decorations, the warmth of gathering with family and friends, the lyrics of love for God, or the delight of remembering the theme of all of the winter holidays, which is about calling in the light.

It is, in...


Are You Only Lonely?

Loneliness is an insidious plague of the human condition. A foundational factor in depression, suicidality, violence and addiction, it may as well be categorized as a disease. A study presents evidence that loneliness can contribute to immune dysfunction and chronic health conditions. One link is the oft mentioned fight or flight response that gets kicked into high gear when isolation occurs. The body believes it is under attack and acts accordingly, resisting further onslaught and armoring...


Fast Food Communication

Once upon a time, people sent handwritten letters, thank you notes and greeting cards as a practice. For those reading this who are under 20, you might be scratching your head, thinking, "Huh?  What is she talking about?" Many even made phone calls to keep in touch with friends and family. The sound of someone's voice (no pun intended) speaks volumes about what they want you to know. Facetiming and Skype are technological advances that would have been...


Compersion As Part of A Poly Lifestyle

Compersion is a word not found in the mainstream vernacular. You will come across it in the urban dictionary as it describes a feeling of joy and pleasure in that of a partner, even in the face of him or her being emotionally and/or sexually intimate with someone else.

It is a concept in the relationship paradigm of polyamory; the definition of which is a mash-up of Greek (many) and Latin (loves).

According to the Polyamory Society,...


Am I My Mother?

Have you ever seen the meme that says "Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out."? I had always viewed that as a glorious thing since I adored my mother and we had a close relationship. She was my role model for so many things, including an enduring marriage of nearly 52 years that ended when my father died at 84. She joined him 2 1/2 years later. She was the rock of the...


Truth Telling In Relationships

"Assumptions are the termites of relationship."- Henry Winkler

Communication is central to a thriving relationship. Subversiveness and shame are plagues. They prevent us from getting closer, despite our best intentions. When we make assumptions about the way someone may be feeling or thinking, we are often at odds with reality. When we act on those assumptions, we may live to regret it.

Telling the truth may bring with it, heart-thumping, palm sweating trepidation. On the other side of...


Dealing With Our Own Stuff

My friends are often stand-ins for the Muse as they suggest writing prompts. A conversation with one such inspirational soul offered wisdom too good to pass up. We were speaking about a long term relationship he had been in which recently ended. It brought with it understandable pain, sadness and the detritus left behind when that happens. What occurred to me after the fact was that he was leaning against a parking meter as we were saying goodbye...