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Archives for February, 2017

12 step

Rehab for Workaholics

A few days ago, I visited a drug and alcohol inpatient rehab facility where I am working as a consultant. I spent the day going through some of the meetings and groups that the patients experience and interviewing the staff who provide exemplary and compassionate care for them. I had arisen pre-sunrise, driven 90 minutes to get there, down the Pennsylvania Turnpike during rush hour. I switched the radio back and forth between lively music...
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A Checkup From the Neck Up

As I am writing this article, my neck is wrapped in a warm compress, leaning against a hot pink airplane pillow.  For the past few weeks, I have utilized all manner of medical and holistic interventions to heal a neck and shoulder injury that ranged from massage and chiropractic to Icy Hot and Tylenol. It is, I sense, a combination of stress, carrying the weight of the world on my...
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