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Life Hack: 15 Ways to Repurpose an Old Yoga Mat

My old yoga mat has downed its last dog, I'm afraid, and I'm in the market for a new one.

However, my yoga mat and I have been through so many good (and bad, and grueling, and kiss-my-ass!) times together that I'm not ready to let her go just yet -- completely, that is.

I'm Terrified of Yoga Inversions (& Other Random Confessions)

Thus, I've done some research on how to repurpose yoga mats. Reusing old yoga mats both helps you cut back on your environmental impact and get a few helpful tools around the home.

I mean, win/win, right? :)

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7 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved in Your Community

I spent last Saturday at a local music and arts festival – and when I say “local,” I mean LOCAL. Organizers held the venue in my city’s park, all food vendors were from “mom-and-pop shops” around town (no national chains), artists from around the area displayed their jewelry, paintings, clothing, and other merchandise, and all musicians were from within the tri-state area. I had a great time shopping, eating, and listening to great tunes with family and friends, and I’m grateful for everyone who worked so hard to put together the festival.

I’m a firm believer that getting involved in your community is beneficial for both your mind and your body. There’s a sense of connection, solidarity, and strength that comes from organizing or participating in an event within your own neck of the woods.

With that being said, below are seven ways you can get involved in your own community.

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice not only is the first day of summer, but it’s also the longest day of the year. After the Summer Solstice, the days start to get "shorter" (i.e. the amount of daylight we have starts to dwindle little by little).

This year, the Summer Solstice falls on this day, Saturday, June 21, 2014, which is extremely convenient for those of us who want to celebrate!

I’ll be attending another 108 Sun Salutations event like I did back during the Spring Equinox, only, this year we’ll be outside at my city’s gorgeous park – weather permitting – so we can really salute the sun accompanied by live music and refreshments.

I can’t wait!

However, not everyone can get to a Sun Salutation event – or is even interested in yoga – so I thought it’d be nice to come up with some other fun, healthy ways you can ring in the summer months!

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Top 10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Active Couples

AH! Valentine's Day is just a few days away!

For those of you into Valentine's Day with no idea what to do, I know that strikes panic in your hearts (pun intended).

(Not mine, though; the beau and I already ROCKED OUT to Kings of Leon last weekend. Seriously, who wants roses when you can dance around to "Sex On Fire"? Not this chick.)

Don't worry, though, I've come up with 10 healthy and active Valentine's Day ideas perfect for all you couples, almost-couples, and we're-just-friends-right-now-leave-us-alone folks.

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Walking Meditation: Mindfulness On the Move

I took my first meditation walk a few weeks ago. I've since done some research about walking meditation, and wow--there's a ton of information out there!

My meditation walk was hosted by a licensed counselor who often offers group seminars and private sessions on mindfulness, so I feel confident I learned--definitely not everything--but a good solid foundation for planning my own mindfulness walks.

So, for simplicity's sake--and to add to the wealth of information already available--I'll focus on my own meditation walk.

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Your Treadmill SUCKS! 7 Reasons You Should Get Outside

My city has an absolutely fantastic park, and there's a long track that extends from it along the edge of the town. It's a gorgeous, tree-lined path perfect for everything from walking your dog to riding a bike to running.

Now that the temperatures are calming down a little here on the east coast (I've been waking up to 70-degree temperatures instead of 90), I'm moving some of my workouts outside again and, if you haven't already guessed, that means hitting this track every morning.

Don't get me wrong: I'm no stranger to treadmill walking and I know there are lots of great treadmill workouts out there. I also know that for some, treadmills are the only option for walking, jogging, or running.

However, for me, when it comes to walking on a treadmill vs. outside walking (or running!), I'm going to choose outside workouts every time.

Here's why.

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Summer’s Almost Over: What’s On Your Must-Do List?

I spent the majority of this past weekend on a boat, and let me tell you, after spending weeks focusing mostly on work (read: sitting in front of a computer), both my body and mind welcomed the bright sun, warm temperatures and refreshing water.

On the way home last night, my friends and I faced the harsh reality that we probably have only a few weeks of comfortable outdoor weather left.

One friend was especially sad about it (he thrives during the warm, sunny months, spending every free moment he can boating, swimming, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities that are more enjoyable in the spring and summer months) and started making a list of all the things he wants to do before we start waking up to frost.

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