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Lying by Omission

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

angry coupleI had a nightmare about my situation with Frank.  He and I were together and I kept asking, “Who is Amy?”  He would change the topic immediately.  I woke up so frustrated that I immediately wrote to him and said, “You need to tell me who Amy is.  Please don’t ignore me anymore.”

Here’s what he said. “Amy and I were married. She has moved back to New York.  We were together for 9 years.”

Seriously!!!  I wanted to scream.   Not about the fact that he had been married before, but over the fact that he lied to me.  When I asked him why it had taken four times of me asking over a period of one month for him to reply he initially said that he was too busy and tired every evening that he didn’t have the energy to write me about it.  When pressed about the lie he said, “Being divorced is not something I am proud of. I didn’t mention it, because I don’t want people to hold it against me. I don’t bring it up as a part of conversation, but I do talk about it if I am asked about it.”

Tolerance is Key to a Relationship

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

tolerance in relationshipsI would like to take this opportunity to react to a comment that reader Sam left on my recent blog, “When Men Act Like Teenage Girls.”

In the post I was commenting on how Frank, my new boyfriend, was acting eager about our relationship (like young girls are stereotyped as doing) by moving in his razor and toothbrush after a couple of sleepovers, as well as talking about weddings and “married names.” 


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