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Snooping + A Bad Memory = Paranoia

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

relationship paranoiaIn my defense I wasn’t really snooping … I was “Googling” and as everyone knows it’s open season for anything on the internet, so why wouldn’t I search for my boyfriend’s name on the web? He’s in Afghanistan and I only get emails once a week if I’m lucky.  My rationale is I am trying to get to know him better, so what better way to get to know someone than to Google them?

I know that I searched the web for his name before I went on a first date with him. In the 21st century, the person that tells you that they haven’t Googled a date/perspective date is a liar.  The first time I just found references to his plumbing business and some National Guard articles with his name.  I’m sure his Facebook page came up on the list of search returns, I don’t know why I never clicked on it.

Caught Between a Solider and a Hard Place

Monday, May 9th, 2011

embracing loveAs I mentioned earlier, Frank “The Plumber” is a Major in the National Guard, and the first time I met him last December (he came to fix my leaky faucet) he mentioned that was being deployed to Afghanistan soon.  As much as I resisted, built a wall, pushed him away, he wormed his way into my heart and became a fixture in my life during the weeks prior to his departure.

Talk about cruel irony … he left on Valentine’s Day.  Talk about taking my heart and stomping on it!  Thanks “Uncle Sam,” you really know how to romance a girl.

I told Frank that I wasn’t going to put my life on hold for an entire year while he was overseas, that I was going to live my life and see what came to pass.  If I was free when he returned in a year, we’d pick up the relationship from there.  So off he went.  You may remember that this is the second time in my life that I’ve sent a lover off to a war zone.  I had been burned once and wasn’t about to get burned a second time.


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