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Hungry Anyone?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

shutterstock_44069140Not that hungry, eh?? Good, You’ve eaten already!:)

The starving and malnourished and famished aren’t too picky, you know. (They cannot afford to be.)

“A 200-page report, released at a news conference at the U.N. agency’s Rome headquarters, says 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diets with insects, which are high in protein and minerals, and have environmental benefits.”

“Insects are “extremely efficient” in converting feed into edible meat, the agency said.  On average, they can convert 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of feed into 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of insect mass. In comparison, cattle require 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of feed to produce a kilo of meat.”

Most insects are likely to produce fewer environmentally harmful greenhouse gases, and also feed on human and food waste, compost and animal slurry, with the products being used for agricultural feed, the agency said.”

“Insect farming is “one of the many ways to address food and feed security,” the food agency said.

“Insects are everywhere and they reproduce quickly,” the agency said, adding they leave a “low environmental footprint.” They provide high-quality protein and nutrients when compared with meat and fish and are “particularly important as a food supplement for undernourished children,” it said. {Tough enough getting kids to eat veggies, not sure IF kids in the States would go for some ants?…unless chocolate covered, eh?:)}

“Insects can also be rich in copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, and are a source of fiber. ~UN says: why not eat more insects? by Frances D’Emilio {Interesting question for contemplation, eh?}

THANK YOU for sharing Your food!:)

Hunger is multi-form…tummy rumbling, mind worrying, heart aching…physical/spiritual, mental/emotional. SADLY, many are susceptible to mental health issues because they don’t have enough physical food to subsist. :(

and the masses here in the States and World-wide SUFFER mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically cause of it!:(

Seriously, IF YOU cannot trust/look to today’s so-called leaders/rulers to provide enough food for everyone…WHY?? look to them to solve other (complicated) problems (i.e. world peace)?!…{1 way i pursue peace is by remaining politically …

Boyle, Sagan: Scientific & Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 5.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

shutterstock_83267182Shut up!-Part 5, really??…YEP!-lol:) For current context check out: Boyle, Sagan: Scientific & Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency: Part 1 Tweeting Bird: Say What? aka Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 2 Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3 Boyle, Sagan: Scientific & Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency: Part 4

Warning: IF your individual digestive needs (as in brain/mind/perception/scientific/spiritual food digestive needs) do not require any green leafy vegetables or you are averse to eating/sampling any food that is different (i.e. hot or spicy, gooey or sour and not necessarily sweet and texturally what you are comfortably accustomed to regularly consuming or If You have any brain/mind allergies)…PLEASE, don’t read on!:)

IF you eat only what you like: Read at your own risk, okay? OKAY-lol:) Are you an advertuous mind-food sampler/eater?? Curiosity can be deadly…but, you’re not a, i’m sure you’ll be fine! -lol:)

Ah, this post intro reminds me of when my kids were babies and feeding them different veggies to sample for the first time…you know, the song singing, the whirling of the spoon up and down and all around, trying to get them to open up and eat: You’re not gonna spit this post back at me…are YOU?!-lol:)


From: joanie

To: my blog Readers:
i care about Your Wellness or i wouldn’t write! :)
i’m telling ya, this post series covers a variety of  ingredients/topic(s) of science and spirituality…compassion calls for vegetable soup; Yummy. My last post on this topic series: Boyle, Sagan: Scientific & Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency: Part 4 spot lighted Sagan….this one will focus on Boyle. …

Peace at the Beach!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

jumpingcrpdAll work and no-play makes any partner, care-giver, friend, family…
dull!:( Wellness must include some play-time, too. Recreation in just the right amount is just what the doctor ordered.

Ahh, peace at the beach!:) Spontaneity is refreshing…sometimes. Do you enjoy nature? Do you spend enough time outdoors?! It will do you some good!

i’m an “awake accepter”…of the importance of daily exercise! Just like variety is good for a healthy, nutritious diet. Same with exercise…mixing it up keeps it fun, fresh and good for you, too. Of course, check with your doctor first before you start any new regimen. Just like i eat more than once a day…staying active, exercising in measured amounts throughout the day works well for me (usually). Having 4 hyper kids to keep up with and major housework helps. (For context of term “awake accepter” see my last post: Go to the…Source!  Hubby decided to do some kayaking Saturday…too cold and windy for me to swim…there’s always reading, chasing the kids, birds, taking photos and writings in the sand…

 Think, Read Books 66

Think, Read Books-66…how many books make your favorites list?…i would start w/66.

 love sand writing 2

windy day -

Windy/Cool day…  L-P & Daddy Pier

 Son on pier…Hubby under pier.

birds and pier

The birds were so beautiful and the beach too…too bad my photos uploaded too dark…gotta get Hubby to adjust them.


 …i tend to…work, work, work, work, work…and work some more. Do i escape through work?? or do i just try hard to live up to my responsibilities/word as care-giver, wife, mother, friend, fragile-life-member of global-family? Escapism…comes in many forms…it could be a religion.

Seriously, writing this post forces me to sit and relax my body while …

Go to the…Source!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

measurecrpdA thinking, intelligent person (namely You!:) realizes “source” is important for accuracy!

If information, knowledge and wisdom = power…does “just any” knowledge or “just any” information = Truth?! (We all have all kinds of internet-information at our fingertips…is it all reliable?!) How do you “measure” accuracy? All of us…want a “measure” of power/control over our life…accurate knowledge/truth can take us where we want to go.

Map truth! Patiently stitch it together!:)

“Accurate” information, knowledge = Truth. Accurate Knowledge is “highly” valuable! Accurate knowledge could be life-saving or life-sustaining. Don’t you want to sustain or save your life? If you value life, your life or any life–shouldn’t you value truth??

Of Course!:)

People from all walks of life turn to all sorts of stuff/people/books/places for greater insight, knowledge, wisdom to perhaps, elevate their quality of living or quantity/longevity of living. As a compassionate, flexible-investigator (see my 2 last posts for context: Love, Flowers & Chocolates & Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3) wherever or to whomever you turn for information/knowledge…is your source reliable??

It’s smart to check source reliability…something i’m always working on myself. Do you value authenticity? Do you value reliability? (i do!:) Sadly, we live in a world where some like/need power (over others) and resort to playing mind games and/or lies…and attempt to mess with our mind (or think they are messing with our mind).

Please, think, decide for yourself and use your gift: your mind to make wise choices leading to more compassionate living!:)
Are you a believer/accepter…of just any information coming at you? (i’m NOT a “blind” believer…/ i try to be an “awake” accepter “after” i thoroughly investigate the information/source for myself to ascertain accuracy and authenticity.

i encourage you to keep investigating the knowledge you possess as to accuracy and authenticity….keep an

o-p-e-n-a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e/mindset by adding to your Wisdom/Truth bank account. Where do you go for wisdom?…Where do you go for help?…when things get tough?
The Buddha …

Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Listen! It’s beautiful! Don’t You want to hear? Share?…You care…enough to know.Large Group of Happy People standing together. Royalty Free Stock Photo

Do You tolerate people with a different point of view?! (Well, as long as i “remain” right or come off “correct!”-lol…some “may” feel deep down!:)

F~l~e~x~i~b~i~l~i~t~y is a sign of physical health as well as emotional, mental…i’ll throw in spiritual health, too. Our range of muscle motion is indicative of our wellness. When it comes to your compassion, what is your personal range of motion?! Are you flexible? or ridgid? Can you bend and stretch a little or are you too stiff?…stiff in your thinking and actions?!

Can you o-p-e-n-y-o-u-r-m-i-n-d and s   t   r   e   t   c   h further by “trying” to “understand” others and their beliefs? Whether you’re into science or spirituality or not…many among our global-family of beatiful-breathing-fragile-life…are! Just because something doesn’t matter to you or me doesn’t mean it isn’t important to someone somewhere!:) What matters to you? Don’t you appreciate when others take your feelings/thoughts into consideration…like you matter!:)

“As far as scholars have discovered, there has never existed any people, anywhere, at any time, who were not in some sense religious.” ~The New England Britannica

“To study different religions need not imply infidelity to one’s own faith, but rather it may be enlarged by seeing how other people have sought for reality and have been enriched by their search.”~World Religions–From Ancient History to the Present.”

For me, i may not personally (adhere to) “believe” in your particular religion/belief system, but i RESPECT your right of choice. I may not totally agree with your take on reality, but i RESPECT it’s your take and you have the right to reality! We all make choices. We live with the results of those choices. Will i exhibit compassion toward my Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life by trying to understand/comprehend you better and “your reality” in which you choose to live…SURE!..i will!:) My personal quest for truth behoves me. My personal quest to live love/compassion/truth behoves me. What behoves You?!

“If I as a geologist were called upon to …

Mmm, mmm GOOD–a Cup of Comfort Soup!

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Hungry? Of course! We all are. Some are learning to cope with excruciating hunger pangs! Some are sadly in a state of starvation; self-inflicted or other.

Are you experiencing a famine? I’m not talking just hunger for sustenance for the body (though that is critical to life, too). This is hunger for the soul, the mind, the heart. This is hunger for answers to deeper questions like Why?? Why are we here?? Why do we die?? Why do good people suffer?? Why are people so mean to each other?? Why do people scheme instead of honest communication?? Why can’t we all get along?? Why care about anybody but yourself?? Why do my efforts to help seem in vain?? Why war?? Why peace??

Why ask why?

Okay big deal, so we’re hungry and we’re thirsty, too! Those (ordinary) base needs must be filled. However, in order to be happy, i believe our Top (extraordinary) Need is a “spiritual” hunger that must be satisfied.

Yet, as caregivers and Partners in Wellness, we are constantly flooded/bombarded/force-fed information! We are drowning in info. It’s a Tsunami coming at us from all directions, all sources. i.e. the internet, the media, etc.

Is your head above water?! Are you staying afloat or being consumed/saturated or washed away, swallowed up?!

So how is it we can be force-fed/chugging/drowning/flooded by information for our mind, heart, soul and yet be in a continuous state of dehydration and/or polydipsia?! Are you compulsively drinking? Are you parched? Do you have an unquenchable thirst?

What do you process?? What do you swallow?? What do you swim (believe) as the flood waters engulf your ideas, beliefs, “comfort” zone of living/learning? Do you protect your “cherished” possessions (i.e. perceptions, preconceived-ideas, beliefs, traditions, knowledge) or do you run to higher ground? Do you attempt to paddle along with the popular/current/information flow of the day? What do you do to keep from drowning? Do you swim against the current? Will someone throw us a life-jacket?

Sovereignty Soup: A World Kitchen

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Pea soupSovereignty Soup..somebody’s cookin’ and serving it up! Do you like soup? Chicken or Italian wedding soup or vegetable soup or soup du jour? How about stone soup? Soup a comfort food. You don’t have to be homeless to enjoy a slurp.

Some are homeless in the sense of not belonging…not fitting in–lacking “home” or feeling “less”/inadequate…lacking a place to lay their head or retreat in times of trouble. Please know, you’re not homeless when you read my blog–you’re welcome here! i will always share some soup–“comfort” food!:)

Some are homeless by choice…they choose the freedom of travel, gypsy-like, temporary-resident existence. May be, that’s a key to their survival, being free to pick up and leave at their choosing/when they need to…a nomadic life-style of neutrality.

Back to Soup! Everybody has their favorite/partial soup (religious soup, science soup, academic soup, political soup, fiction soup, opinion soup, soul soup, sovereignty soup) Which soup do you eat?? which soup is the most nutritious?? most beneficial for your over-all health: short-term/long?! Which soup will prolong your precious life?? Which soup gives you peace of mind?!

I know you’re hungry, but PLEASE choose your soup carefully!:) Will you let your hunger control you?! In case you didn’t know: you don’t have to eat ANY soup. One can choose not to eat from the choices forced upon one! i.e. Today, some may feel forced to choose their political soup. It’s either this soup or that soup…2 choices of soup: is that really the only choices you have?–i don’t think so! Especially, if you’re not sure of all the ingredients and you have serious allergies i.e. life or death ones.

Don’t forget, there are outstanding “historical” figures…men who have had great influence on the lives of millions (whether you personally believe/agree with them or not, that’s not the point) who had chosen to fast (from time to time) for what they considered important reasons:

“You wish to know what the marks of a man are who wants to realize Truth which is God,” he wrote. “He must reduce himself to zero and …


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