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Can’t Afford a Real Vacation? Take A Mental Health Break!

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Puerto del CuraI need a vacation, but can’t afford one! Do you feel the same way?! Not being able to afford to do something doesn’t always include not having enough money for that dream location. Sometimes, we just can’t afford the time, energy, or mental, physical, spiritual, emotional exhaustion/cost vacations take!

Caregivers and partners with lots of responsibilities, and the others depending on them, may not be able to pick up and travel so easily. Anyone suffering from any debilitating illness – Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Diabetes, you name it – probably would love to get away from the effects of their illnesses – a vacation of sorts – but can’t so easily either!

What can we do?! We all need a break! A healthy, positive, good-for-us escape. Do you feel like you need a vacation?
Before planning any endeavor, it’s important to count the cost. What will this new endeavor or vacation cost me and my family / partner in time, energy, money, etc.? Do you have enough to spend? I’m not talking money. Will you have enough love, patience, forgiveness, endurance and energy to see this thing through to completion?


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