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Partners Practicing Peace: Learning War No More

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

shutterstock_123406648All of us would be SAFE and feel safer IF we could all learn to get along. Simple to say, difficult to practice, eh?!;)

As Partners (in a broader sense) aka caretakers of our beautiful planet earth and all the breathing-fragile-life upon it, can we learn war no more?!

THANKS for reading this blog. Your choice of reading tells me: You probably value wellness and/or partnerships. Or You have nothing better to read -lol:) Please read on: You will find something of value to takeaway.

A timely and thought-provoking Psych Central post by Dr. John Grohol: Military, Media Quick to Report Fort Hood Shooter’s Mental Health Status  helps us all acknowledge that sadly the suffering aka the Mentally Ill are still being stigmatized…and considered as possibly ? the sole perpetrators of mass shootings.

What is this educational platform aka “the media” teaching the general public about those who are sick and in need of help?!

Are we being taught to discriminate? Are we being taught to hate? Are we being taught to wage war against the so-called “enemy” …is the media defining the enemy as the mentally ill?!

How can all of us: the so-called healthy and the so-called ill think “well” of each other IF we are being taught to think negatively of one another? Are we being taught to pursue peace by focusing on positives?

How can we practice peace? How can we think “positively” of one another? What are the wellness benefits of practicing peace and/or finding peace?

For 1: We will all live longer.

For 2: We will elevate our quality of life, relationships and partnerships.

For 3: We will be better/feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and yes, spiritually!

We are multi-dimensional beings and wellness is multi-dimensional being-ness!
Questions for Consideration:
How have I been conditioned to think?

How have I been conditioned to act?



Has my personal “education” taught me compassion and self-control?

Have I learned self-discipline (e.g., exercising self-restraint over emotions both positive/negative before harming myself or fellow-breathing-fragile-life)?

Do I act in ways that endanger or hurt myself or others?

What has …

Trapped by Trajectory

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Trapped by time, trajectory and limited math…No numbers is a triangular prison (or protection)!

(yeah, you do need protection: be positive)

Trapped by time, tidal (wave) directory and limiting words. No letters is ? a triangular prison…(to some? or sum? Unsolvable by me!)

A prison with no equal sides and no equal angles and no easy escape…(waiting for a 180 that will “probably” NEVER appear: a waste of time? Sure.)

(Remember, you don’t care about appearances joanie) That’s a good thing.


yet not boiled hard.


The rash is raw. (awww, too bad)

OUCH times 3

For free??


Is gangrene? (ever)

Amputating my mind…

By brain fryin’

and tryin’ to forget

Aka trusting forgiveness…(and the infinite wisdom!)
EVAPORATE already!!
just an oops



p.s…cript that cannot be written nor understood with no beginning (yet the ending already exists)

it’s dark baby

it’s dark

don’t worry, don’t cry

it’s nighttime during daytime…(nighttime: a daily occurrence, right?)

at least stars twinkle…hope!

but You,


don’t see

any stars

do ya???

And WHY is that?!…your eyes? (blind)

Your ears (deaf)??


Oh, you only like jazz?!

For healthy mind/body image: read below:

The eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need you,” or again, the head cannot say to the feet, “I do not need you.” On the contrary, the members of the body that seem to be weaker are necessary, and the parts of the body that we think to be less honorable we surround with greater honor, so our unseemly parts are treated with greater modesty, whereas our attractive parts do not need anything. Nevertheless, God has so composed the body, giving greater honor to the part that had a lack, so that there should be no division in the body, but its members should have mutual concern for one another. If one member suffers, all the other members suffer with it; of if a member is glorified all the other members rejoice with it.

For healthy mutual concern for bfl: breathing-fragile-life/partners/friends/family: rejoice together and suffer together = compassion/empathy/fellow-feeling!:)

I just…don’t know!

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

I just…don’t know!

but…that’s OKAY!

I won’t act, move…I’ll just STAY…


Today..in my mind.

Other thoughts and worries will fill the space…the space I don’t know


I won’t forget YOU


“You” know.

Trust is

my MUST.


how can I understand


and will.

It’s not an either/or



NOW and then and

why? not?

Don’t look! behind

look ahead





thinking and moving…

another day

another shuffle, eh?

learn it/do it!!!


Kick what??

You know!…

representin’…i need the “g”… OH YEAH!!:)

(and/or/maybe? coffee/caffeine for this migraine)

Interesting “new” (perhaps?) passage(s) for meditation(s): THINK about it:

“For he says to the snow ‘Fall to the earth.’ and to the downpour of rain, ‘Pour down mightily.’ God puts a stop to all human activity (puts a seal on the hand of every human) So that every mortal man will know His work. The wild animals go into their dens and remain in their lairs. The storm wind blows from its chamber, And the cold comes from the north winds. By the breath of God, the ice is produced, and the broad waters are frozen solid. Whether it is for punishment (or “of the productive land of the earth”) or for the sake of the land or for loyal love, he causes it to happen. Listen to this, Job; Stop and consider carefully the wonderful works of God. Do you know how God controls (commands) the clouds And how he causes the lightning to flash from his cloud? Do you know how the clouds float? These are the wonderful works of the One perfect in Knowledge. Why does your clothing become hot When the earth is still because of the south wind? Can you, with him, spread out (or beat out) the skies As solid as a metal mirror? Tell us what we should say to him; We cannot answer because we are in the dark. Should he be told that I want to speak? Or has anyone said something that should be communicated to him? They cannot even see the light, (That is, of the sun) Though it is bright in the sky, Until a wind passes by and clears away the clouds. Out of the north comes golden splendor God’s majesty is awe-inspiring. Understanding …

176 Reasons for Happiness

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

shutterstock_105605423It’s 10:10 a.m. on the 23rd of January, 2014. (Coordinates of time.) Coordinating is a feat. Coordinating minds and hearts to the same beat, same space or on the same page to the same note/thought/time = Compassion Coordination.

Agape Agility? The ability to let agape love govern thought(s), choice(s), action(s).

Agape accomplishes (pure) Justice.

Here is 1 description of the Greek term Agape Love and Phileo Love:

“The definition of agápe, as given in Strong’s concordance, contrasts it with the verb philéo, which is affection as for friends. Then it says that philéo is “chiefly of the heart,” but agápe chiefly “of the head,” and defines agápe as, “the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty and propriety.” “So it is love based on principle, involving primarily the mind, not one’s emotions. It may or may not include affection and fondness. It is not unfeeling and cold. Yet it is not ruled by feeling or sentiment, but is guided or governed by principle.”

I also understand it to mean: a person does good (well) to the object of his love because it is the right (correct) and (well) good (unselfish) thing to do. (For further context please read: A Leader’s Language: Are You Fluent?)

Unity boils down to education. Reminds of a rhyme: a verse of ancient song: “Look! How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in Unity.” (song/Psalm 133:1) I enJOY this ancient songbook.

Song(s) and music has a distinct way of uniting minds, hearts and voices. Who doesn’t love a love song??

(In particular, one written, dedicated or played personally for You!:) 

IF the whole world read and sang these ancient-wise-agape-love-songs-Psalms…would we hear global unity?!?

Would we see a world-wide Brotherhood of Breathing-Fragile-Life singing (aka living) together in PEACEFUL HARMONY?! :) 
Agape Music Education
Did You know? [This songbook (Psalms) found in the ancient writings of the] Bible is considered by some millions as a love letter from a (heavenly) Father to …

Less is Strength

Friday, January 17th, 2014

shutterstock_92746561Less is strength. More is weakness.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers typing this text?!

Oh, wouldn’t you like to know. (insert wink now)

Let me think. How to explain in less than…words.

Well, words are all I have to work with for now.

Well, words are all You have to read with for now.

(Hey, we all gotta work with what we got…an obvious truth.) My mind may need more words to find understanding/clarity/explanation/peace. Your mind may need less words. It’s all about vocabulary. Differing minds needing differing vocabulary. United minds use United vocabulary. 

Don’t be fooled, I’m into simplicity.

Rabbit Fence.

WHAT???!!!! are you talking about girl aka being (unnamed mind) behind the boney fingers that just typed “rabbit fence.”

Yes, I love rabbits and Yes, my neighbor almost finished his fence. NO! I mean something else figuratively/abstractly…

It’s aboriginal.

It’s a first love. Change is about losing that first love. IF that first love is healthy: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually than you fight to keep it burning. You hold on to it. This first love fences.

Some like visible fences. Some are comfortable with fences that are tangible. Some like invisible fences. Some are comfortable with fences that are intangible. (Each kind of fence serves a kind of purpose.) Some do not like fences whatsoever. Each way of living with fences or without fences is learned.

Fence Rabbit.

Oh, you need more words for clarity of this post. Here’s 1


Unless You have proof…no one abandons a first love aka comfort zone aka place of refuge (and not just talking person you first loved i.e. Mother, Father, God), it could mean any long-cherished belief or practice, habit, ritual, thought, house, tradition, religion, country, state, school, institution, ship, mind-set whether negative or positive.

Some neighbors/fragile-life need fences for protection. Some carry weapons and guns for protection too.

I carry the intangible.  My neighborhood/globe is a mine/mind field. Walking through my mine/mind field carrying my protective gear?! I have never owned a gun and never will. Yet, my intangible gear (wisdom/compassion/spiritual sword) protects me. It’s guiding my path.

 “You are the salt of the earth, …

168 Reasons for Happiness!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

shutterstock_107413697Hi Psych Central & Beyond!:) You know the deal. You know what day this is??

It’s the day you: WAKE UP!

It’s the day You get out of your comfy bed and toss your comfy pillow.

Toss what’s keeping you down.

It’s the day for shedding some sticky skin. (It’s a day to get fresh skin.)

Don’t worry, shedding some tears is good for you.

It’s time to sweat! It’s a day of NO REGRET! It’s a day for Compassion Action!

(Passively sitting on the sidelines gets you nowhere…you must move. Move mind then move body!)

We all need some exercise including me…let’s flex our Agape (Brotherly/Sisterly) Love.

Whether we watch the clock or not…it’s still ticking. Are You a clock stopper?! Sunset will come even for you.

What will you accomplish today?! Your life/time is too precious to waste on the irrelevant, mundane and petty.

So…forgive and

Get out there and do something kind and not just for yourself!:) You know who needs You. You know who needs something only you can give… A smile, a hug, a word, a gift.

Please: GIVE it. You’re a giver: We need more givers like You:) in this desperate world of despair run by takers, takers of time, takers of life, takers of money, takers of homes, takers of family, takers of preciousness!

Whose heart can you help heal?! When you help, you heal your own heart too!:)

It’s the day to venture out of your drowsy, comfort zone that’s keeping you tired and exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually down. Get UP! Get Happy!

It’s time for a diet change aka mind surgery. Cut out the negative. A change from the negative and violent to the positive and peaceful (aka healthy spiritual food) will add to your wellness and the wellness of All-Breathing-Fragile-Life.

Today, you don’t take lies for answers and fake medicine for your real pain. Today, you control yourself. You don’t let yourself be negatively manipulated by junk-food media or …

152 Reasons For Happiness

Monday, December 30th, 2013

shutterstock_102714938Hey! How are YOU?!


My flow of time has been a tizzy…(I’m dizzy)…my brain is recovering; I think! -lol

Life has been super-duper busy and then some (and some more). I’ve been meaning to get to this list all day. Just jumping over obstacles, phone calls, kids and cats, (tears) in my path to the keyboard. It’s that time of the year…end of year round up of (work/projects) loose ends, etc…and unexpected event(s).

Besides being active in our community, and among friends…these past few days…an older gentleman friend of our family passed away. He was 72. Very intelligent, loved music, played guitar and sax….a professional photographer. Most importantly, he was a friend of compassion and an educator. He and his beautiful wife of 50 years set an outstanding example of compassionate living. They both positively helped and touched so many lives including mine!

His memorial/funeral service/talk was different than most…actually positive and uplifting. Though tears were shed…sometimes, these events turn into a family/friend reunion of sorts. We exchanged happy stories about our mutual friend. We ran into so many people we hadn’t seen for quite a while which was encouraging to know they are doing well and happy to see us.

Who wants to go to the house of mourning?! Not me. But, the house of mourning forces You to contemplate deeply and reflect on a life well spent, an example worth imitating…You also reflect on your own life course and choices. This man made a real, lasting “name”…a positive, compassionate one among many. He made wise choices…his time and life was not wasted.

I go to pay my respects and hope to comfort his widow. And she consoles me and encourages me (for feeling badly I’ve haven’t seen them in a while)…with a beautiful poem about friendship recited by heart…about how life keeps us busy (or separated) and we may not always have the time/circumstance we want to physically spend with those we would love to spend actual time with. (I wish I could remember it.) Her poem brings me to many tears, and her inner strength and faith …

Swimming the Ocean of Emotion

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

shutterstock_24687391How do you find contentment in despair?

How do you stay afloat in an ocean of emotion?

How do you find relief when you cannot spell it? or define it?

How do you think clearly when your head is aching-throbbing-with-unbearable-pain?

Letting temporary, fleeting feelings, deceptive emotion(s) rule thought(s) and action(s)/choice(s) is unstable, dangerous living!  Stability is found in logic. Stability is found in self-control.
Emotions: Positive or negative are Contagious!
Some of us are very sick with them, in particular, the negative kind (oxymoron?).  Some are bullied, beaten and overpowered by their emotions to the degree of (seemingly) helplessly throwing all reason, sensibleness and wisdom to the wind.

Chasing after wind…it tosses you here, there and everywhere. It tosses You against rocks….against sharp objects, etc. Don’t lose respect for wind. Gentle breezes quickly whip up into destructive tornadoes. Self-regulation or self-control is VITAL for wellness. Controlling one’s thoughts, emotions and actions is critical. Without any self-control one is ultimately drowning in the ocean of emotion.

(Water is power…The more you drink…The more you know. Salt? or Fresh? Contaminated? or Pure?)

Spirituality and faith: can serve as an anchor.

My faith is:

Freedom from

Affliction caused by lies

Integrity to

Truth based on reasonable, clear, intelligent evidence/ progressive, practical facts

that bring


Faith takes WORK. Not everybody likes work.

Faith is acquired. Faith is trust. Faith is earned.

Nobody makes you faithful or faithless.

Actual faith is not credulity. (That would be stupidity-lol:) Faith is organization of beliefs.

Excerpt from my post Plat-”O”…didn’t know!:

Everybody lives their faith…whether one is religious or not! You have faith, the sun will come up tomorrow. You have faith, at Starbucks–you’ll find coffee. You have faith, the daily news will be shocking and sad. You have faith, you do your job, you’ll be paid. You have faith, if you cross the street at a green light–you’ll get hit by a car…

What kind of faith, IF any, are You building?!

As Partners in Wellness, achieving “wellness” whether that is mental, physical, emotional or spiritual involves a measure of Faith aka “accurate knowledge.”  IF our information/knowledge on any subject is misinformation that is misleading us into poor choices…we …

My Gratitude List 13-24

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

shutterstock_140694610Peace Psychcentral & Beyond!

Partners in Wellness have lots for which to be Grateful!


Today is December 24th and here’s my Gratitude List:13-24: (For related context check out: My Gratitude List 1-12)

Special THANKS to my Son, L-P, for helping me video the evening of the 23rd. THANKS to Hubby, Chato Stewart, Mental Health Humor for his editing today: December 25th!

13. Flowers: fresh and silk

14. Snow

15. The Genuine aka Pure in Heart: The non-deceivers.

16. Minds on Music

17.Tradition Breakers and Truth Seekers aka SURVIVORS…YOU!:)

18. Guitars…air or other

19.FREE Outsiders living (AGAPE aka Real Love) outside popular boxes shaped by conformity and fake ritual (that’s a mouthful)(i.e. box(es) of non-compassion, materialism, fake religion, etc.) notice: it’s just an empty box stripped of its fancy wrapping paper…worthless…a box worth tossing and not worth recycling, eh?!

20. Non-compulsory giving aka Year-round Cheerful givers (and cheerful receivers)!:)

21. Silver rides aka safe family transportation that picks up only compassion (hitch) hickers

22. Long-lasting classic, (Bubblicious) sugarless gum…i pop my own bubbles. Come on, you know you have some bubbles to pop…go for it!

23. Token(s)…of affection(s)

24. Hot Chocolate/Coco…YUM…mmmmy!

Going my way? I’m looking for compassion riders: Let’s leave this violent/dieing/selfish/deceptive town behind, okay?? Choose Narrow (Authentic) LIFE HIGHWAY…now!:)

Ready? to pop some bubbles? say (toxic) soapy ones…Sure, You are: with toxic soap in your eyes, how can you see clearly or clearly choose??

For me, the pursuit of accuracy or honesty IS the pursuit of compassion. It’s the pursuit of shedding (discarding) the false/fake. It’s choosing the REAL life…real/awake living/awake choosing.

(Well, IF you’re not up for any bubble popping right now–PLEASE don’t read on.)

The roots of Christmas are found, not in Scripture, but in ancient pagan festivals, such as the Roman Saturnalia, a celebration dedicated to Saturn, the god of agriculture. Likewise, according to their reckoning, devotees of the god Mithra celebrated December 25 as the “birthday of the invincible sun,” …

144 Reasons For Happiness!

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

shutterstock_151580969144! I’m liking that number: a LOT! Counting and wondering IF I’ll make it to 3 zeros?!

I started this Happiness List as a coping tool in the aftermath of a not-so-happy (August) 7th day.

Thankfully, off the top of my head, I can’t recall “any” specifics which had me sooo upset and why I was shedding sooo many tears that distant day. It is a “forgotten” mystery now…aka the precursor to:

8 Reasons For Happiness published on August 8, 2013.

1 week of time living/learning = 7 days + 1 day/next day number 8…buying out time for stopping, reflecting, meditating, recording, listing, ruminating, appreciating, expressing, rejoicing: another 8…

HAPPINESS FACTORS/CONTRIBUTORS multiply and no matter what the matter??! whatever the unexpected/emergency and/or Special weekly circumstance(s) or weather (fleeting/changing emotional climate or otherwise) that may arise in our lives.

Obviously, this coping tool helped! It has shifted my dwelling on whatever negative(s) of that past, tough day and now, here we are: fast forward to December 22, 2013 and my emotions are tenderized by focusing on the positives in life experienced since: August 7th.

I know You have positives happening in Your life as You read this.  I encourage YOU to focus Your thoughts on these. I also know, You are experiencing something not-so-happy in Your life as You read this. Tough challenges we experience, as fragile life, can serve as a disciplining and refining tool for polishing us into positive change(s).

Periods of growth and change can be painful and pleasurable, annoying and enlightening; adjustments of the necessary in order to continue living.

EnJOY the ride…while You can ride.


Keep Counting/Measuring Happiness:

144. Angels (aka messengers: Greek “Ag’gelos”)

143. Kept Promises

142. MC’s, DJ’s & LP’s (musical & other)

141. Hand held dust buster: making cleaning car interior easier

140. Wild Life & Domestic Life (i.e. Breathing-Fragile-Life Living in Peaceful Harmony (in all circumstances)! :)

139. Quiet and Solitude

138. Talking and Association

137. “I”nsight & “I”ron: “As iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens his …


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