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Partners Practicing Peace: Learning War No More

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

shutterstock_123406648All of us would be SAFE and feel safer IF we could all learn to get along. Simple to say, difficult to practice, eh?!;)

As Partners (in a broader sense) aka caretakers of our beautiful planet earth and all the breathing-fragile-life upon it, can we learn war no more?!

THANKS for reading this blog. Your choice of reading tells me: You probably value wellness and/or partnerships. Or You have nothing better to read -lol:) Please read on: You will find something of value to takeaway.

A timely and thought-provoking Psych Central post by Dr. John Grohol: Military, Media Quick to Report Fort Hood Shooter’s Mental Health Status  helps us all acknowledge that sadly the suffering aka the Mentally Ill are still being stigmatized…and considered as possibly ? the sole perpetrators of mass shootings.

What is this educational platform aka “the media” teaching the general public about those who are sick and in need of help?!

Are we being taught to discriminate? Are we being taught to hate? Are we being taught to wage war against the so-called “enemy” …is the media defining the enemy as the mentally ill?!

How can all of us: the so-called healthy and the so-called ill think “well” of each other IF we are being taught to think negatively of one another? Are we being taught to pursue peace by focusing on positives?

How can we practice peace? How can we think “positively” of one another? What are the wellness benefits of practicing peace and/or finding peace?

For 1: We will all live longer.

For 2: We will elevate our quality of life, relationships and partnerships.

For 3: We will be better/feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and yes, spiritually!

We are multi-dimensional beings and wellness is multi-dimensional being-ness!
Questions for Consideration:
How have I been conditioned to think?

How have I been conditioned to act?



Has my personal “education” taught me compassion and self-control?

Have I learned self-discipline (e.g., exercising self-restraint over emotions both positive/negative before harming myself or fellow-breathing-fragile-life)?

Do I act in ways that endanger or hurt myself or others?

What has …

Partners Communicating: Tactfully

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

shutterstock_14972281“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.” Johannes Kepler

Kepler’s got a point, eh?!  He had a few. “Galileo, Kepler, and Newton proved that matter is governed by rational laws.”

Scientifically speaking, we use incorrect terms when we refer to “sunrise” and “sunset.” But in everyday speech, these words are both acceptable and accurate, when we keep in mind our terrestrial perspective. ~excerpted Science and The Bible–Do They Really Contradict Each Other?

What is Your Terrestrial perspective as Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life, Friend, Partner, 1 of many Caretakers of this Beautiful Planet Earth??

Humbly, we must admit our perspective on anything or anyone is limited. As Partners in Wellness, as BFL inhabiting our own individualized ecosystem(s), our particular life experience(s) and our particular learning experience(s)…etc. all come together in amazing ways to give us our own unique perspective or our own take on reality. Even people living under the same roof, experiencing together or sharing together similar spaces of time and experience/life will see things/reality differently (even if only slightly)!

To see things differently doesn’t necessarily mean contradiction. It could mean complementary points of view. Accepting that we will see things differently is a good thing! As Partners, let’s not get into a huff just because we don’t see eye to eye on everything. All eyes see differently.

Can’t we let our differences be conciliatory and not inflammatory?!

As Breathing-Fragile-Life, we all have our own set of sensitivities and insecurities.  However, we can choose to be inspired instead of insulted by differing points of view. We can choose kindness and a silent: ‘I forgive You’ by freely giving others the benefit of the doubt instead of making issues out of non-issues. (Being reasonable in our expectations of ourselves and/or others helps promote peace.)

Everyday we promote something. We advertise. Our attitude, our speech, our conduct and our dress choices advertise much. Advertising is communication. Would You describe Yourself as …

Partners Communicating: Commendation and Counsel Compassionately

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

shutterstock_150058466Communication is essential for life.

Our eyes communicate information, our ears, our nose, our mouth. All senses communicate simultaneously.

Communication is a learning process aka giving and receiving process.

A smile :) or a frown :(  can communicate much to the world/fragile-life around us. When we frown, do we get a frown back? When we smile, do we get a smile back?
Positive Communication Giving is Positive Communication Receiving!
Our brain is in a constant state of communication whether we are conscious/unconscious or fully awake/fully asleep or anywhere (stages) in-between fully awake and/or fully asleep. Yeah, of course, for whatever reason: accident or other or illness or other (brain) communication can be strongly impaired/damaged….it can misfire/misinform.

“When we study human language,” wrote professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky, “we are approaching what some might call the ‘human essence,’ the distinctive qualities of mind that are, so far as we know, unique to man.”

Barbara Lust, professor of linguistics and human development, stated: “Children as young as 3 years of age already possess a remarkable knowledge of language structure and syntax which is so complex and precise that it must challenge any known learning theory to account for its acquisition.”

To me: Intelligence is simply good communication. Perhaps, higher intelligence can simply be viewed as higher communication. Perhaps? Superlative (beyond genius) intelligence is simply (well/not impaired in any manner by fault or filter) fully functioning superlative (beyond genius) communication.

Good, effective communication skills could be called wellness survival skills aka life prolonging/longevity skills.








However you want to record/recode and/or break the chain… to me: life, in simple terms, is all about communication: perpetuating life means perpetuating communication!

Assertive or aggressive, passive or compassionate… seems to me: the way we interact is the way we communicate is the way we live!:)

If we learn to communicate peacefully, will we learn to …

Trapped by Trajectory

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Trapped by time, trajectory and limited math…No numbers is a triangular prison (or protection)!

(yeah, you do need protection: be positive)

Trapped by time, tidal (wave) directory and limiting words. No letters is ? a triangular prison…(to some? or sum? Unsolvable by me!)

A prison with no equal sides and no equal angles and no easy escape…(waiting for a 180 that will “probably” NEVER appear: a waste of time? Sure.)

(Remember, you don’t care about appearances joanie) That’s a good thing.


yet not boiled hard.


The rash is raw. (awww, too bad)

OUCH times 3

For free??


Is gangrene? (ever)

Amputating my mind…

By brain fryin’

and tryin’ to forget

Aka trusting forgiveness…(and the infinite wisdom!)
EVAPORATE already!!
just an oops



p.s…cript that cannot be written nor understood with no beginning (yet the ending already exists)

it’s dark baby

it’s dark

don’t worry, don’t cry

it’s nighttime during daytime…(nighttime: a daily occurrence, right?)

at least stars twinkle…hope!

but You,


don’t see

any stars

do ya???

And WHY is that?!…your eyes? (blind)

Your ears (deaf)??


Oh, you only like jazz?!

For healthy mind/body image: read below:

The eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need you,” or again, the head cannot say to the feet, “I do not need you.” On the contrary, the members of the body that seem to be weaker are necessary, and the parts of the body that we think to be less honorable we surround with greater honor, so our unseemly parts are treated with greater modesty, whereas our attractive parts do not need anything. Nevertheless, God has so composed the body, giving greater honor to the part that had a lack, so that there should be no division in the body, but its members should have mutual concern for one another. If one member suffers, all the other members suffer with it; of if a member is glorified all the other members rejoice with it.

For healthy mutual concern for bfl: breathing-fragile-life/partners/friends/family: rejoice together and suffer together = compassion/empathy/fellow-feeling!:)

Opening Up Options

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

shutterstock_161086148Exploring options is comforting (to me). Sometimes we are faced with seemingly either/or choices.

When we take the time to fully think things through and explore options, we may learn we are not as limited as we may initially think.

Our minds must dilate like our eyes. Depending on light and darkness… based on accurate knowledge or misinformation, we act accordingly or we think accordingly. We can be trapped in one way of doing things or one way of thinking or one way of seeing. We get comfortable working in our comfort zone. Learning to work outside our comfort zone may enable us to explore various options and choices we didn’t know existed!

1 description I read of:

The opening in the colored Iris of the eye. It appears black because behind the pupil is the dark interior of the eye. The pupil changes in size as the iris adjusts to existing light conditions. Light enters the clear cornea, passes through the pupil and into the eye’s lens.

Of course, I’m not encouraging anyone to endanger his/her/it life in any manner. I’m just encouraging learning to be flexible and adjustable. Explore and discover. Learn and live. (You have a pupil, but are you a pupil?!)

I was reading/highlighted/bolded this “insight” on ancient Biblical Wisdom: ‘I.shin’ when used with ‘a’ yin (eye) in Hebrew, literally means “little man of the eye” (Deuteronomy 32:10; Proverbs 7:2), similarly, bath used at Lamentations 2:18 with the idea “daughter of the eye,” both expressions referring to the pupil. The two are combined for emphasis at Psalm 17:8 (‘I.shin’ bath-‘a’yin), literally, “little man, daughter of the eye” (“pupil of the eyeball,” NW). The reference is evidently to the tiny image of oneself that can be seen reflected in that part of another’s eye.

Open Eyes/Open Minds…Learn!:)

Pursuing compassion fully forces me to constantly face things I wouldn’t otherwise. For example, here in Florida there are countless, millions of bugs. Through exposure and education, I’ve come to appreciate bugs even spiders. There are various methods of ridding or removing them from your field of vision or from your house.  …

Soaking or Sulking: Your Choice!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

shutterstock_99831935The Sun is shining where You are or it’s not.

What will you do?

What will I do?

As Partners and BFL: breathing-fragile-life inhabiting our particular ecosystems and/or emotional climates in which we dwell and/or are imprisoned…how do we find contentment? How do we find satisfaction? Especially if/when things don’t seem to being going our way or working out as we anticipated or desired? Will we become positive? Or will we be negative? Will we become bitter? Or will we be better?

Will we sulk or will we soak?

1 description: Sulk

1. to be silent and resentful because of a wrong done to one, esp in order to gain sympathy; brood sullenly

2. (often plural) a state or mood of feeling resentful or sullen: he’s in a sulk because he lost the game; he’s got the sulks.

3. Also: sulker a person who sulks

Soak: On-line Thesaurus:

soak – the process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water (or other liquid); “a good soak put life back in the wagon”

2. washing something by allowing it to soak

3. to place or keep in liquid in order to saturate.

Soaking or sulking…similar yet not the same: what will You do?? What will you choose? (I’m soaking…my skin is turning prunish. Yet I’m getting clean, refreshed, eh?)

Learning contentment is the difference of being satisfied or dissatisfied with life or relationships/circumstances. Reality changes. Accepting the spot (hard or other) we may find ourselves in and making the best/most of it takes contentment skills. It also takes self-discipline and harnessing desire(s).

Metaphorically, it’s sorta like being a diabetic and having your favorite cake offered to you time and time again. Can you resist? (BTW: I love cake!:) and good thing, I’m not diabetic, huh? Though, I have to curb my sweet tooth and/or other desire(s) that may not be good for me and my personal compassion compass. We all have desires. Which ones are worth cultivating? Which ones are worth abandoning? Which desires are ultimately good for our wellness: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually? (Cake ain’t easy to …

Yeah! Whatever Man

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


Whatever man…

Yeah…you know

what you mean

talking it up in circles

or is it squares? (like I care? thought you did)

(apathetic? or is it pathetic? you’re dancin’ around the issue(s))

you don’t play fair?


pants on fire

that’s you’re motive, eh???

I got nothin’ to say

that ain’t

TRUE..(blue like my sky passing by…)

pure hearts<3

know how to

speak it

and live it.


(not dealing, just feeling)

Always gotta check source

and force (aka motive)

investigating it all


actions DO

speak louder than

any words

black and/or white



is 20/20


Love in action




Talking it UP? The clean version…


already brushed my teeth.

Did YOU?

this clown (me) is smiling…:)


Class (life) ain’t over……………………………………………………… yet (Thank God!)

Tennis anyone?

(Keeping score?)




Where are My Reasons for Happiness?

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

shutterstock_81215629Greetings Beautiful-Breathing-Fagile-Life reading my blog at this moment in time!

Hoping All is Well with You and Yours!

It’s Sunday, March 2, 2014 and where are my Reasons for Happiness??

Where have they gone?? Far, far away??

NO! WAY!;)

For those who follow my blog series: Reasons for Happiness e.g., 200 Reasons For Happiness which began back on August 8, 2013 until my last(est) installment February 16, 2014…you realized, I forgot to record. I sorta got busy and remembered a day late: which broke my c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t-p-a-t-t-e–r-n of an 8 day cycle. I guess, that’s pretty good consistency: August-February. Plus, I didn’t want this “fun” coping tool turning into a crutch or drudgery.

I wish to write because I want to write and not because I feel forced to write or obligated to record my reasons for happiness. So, I’m at a crossroad. I made it consistently to #200.

What do you, my readers, think? Should I pick up where I left off and continue recording/counting from this point onward? Forget about the 8 day cycle or just write/record my reasons for happiness when inspiration and overwhelming happiness motivates me?! If you wish, please leave me a comment.

(The jury is still out.) May be ? that blog series served its purpose and is now finished. THANKS for reading!

Everyday, we have many reasons for Happiness and #1 Reason is WE ARE ALIVE!!:)

As Partners in Wellness, Friends & Fragile-Life: we are privileged to breathe, be alive and be loved! Share the Peace and appreciate your many personal reasons for happiness. When we dwell on the positives, we thrive and survive!:)

Yes, life is challenging and yes, we have things on our plate, we don’t want to eat…but hey, what’s a little indigestion?! Could be worse, eh?!…could be dead or have no food, etc. There is always a bright side to every coin. And all trials are temporary. It’s all …

A Fun Friday?

Friday, February 28th, 2014

shutterstock_150383150Fun, Fun, FUN…girls just wanna have it. Okay! boys, too. Yeah, my kinda fun and your kinda fun…may need some defining, eh??

Usually fun is something very challenging and being pushed to my ultimate………………………………………………………………..

l-I-m-I-t-…say, for example, to finish a project and/or having a last second deadline…what a rush…epinephrine to be exact! Or fun IS hours of deep study, meditation–when I’m wrapping my brain around some topic of intrigue/puzzle/enigma.

May be, I’m reframing stress as FUN: May be ? that’s a good thing, huh?

The American Psychological Association has noted: “Stress is to the human condition what tension is to the violin string: too little and the music is dull and raspy; too much and the music is shrill or the string snaps. Stress can be the kiss of death or the spice of life. The issue, really, is how to manage it.”

Then, there also is dancing or goofing around/laughing with my kids is always FUN. Anyway…no need to discuss different forms of fun in depth. You know your fun! I know mine.

Oh, this weirdo blogger is not just totally work…okay, may be I am: most days, but I usually LOVE work. It’s been another exhausting/busy week for me. How about You?! GLAD the week-end IS here…YIPPEEE!! Hubby is out on a Daddy Adventure with the Kids…so, I have a:

moment to think uninterrupted thoughts–WOO HOO!! in between phone calls that is.;) I have a moment with my music of my choice.

BTW: off subject a tad…here in FL we have been so enjoying all the variety of birds…tons of birds! that have escaped the bitterly cold and have flown further south to our backyard. The bird song has been great!! Sorry to Everybody who has been slammed by Winter up North. I’m sorta spoiled now not having to shovel, etc. I miss playing in snow. Living in snow…different story.

UGH!…life of the “raw and the cooked” or the fried and the frozen…extreme living: bitterly cold or excruciatingly hot and learning to adapt and be flexible; takes patience and cultivating many positive traits (i.e. forgiveness/endurance).

Especially as Partners living with a loved one who suffers the …

What are You Engineering?

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Happy Saturday Readers!

Swirling subjects are twirling in my mind like a baton. What topic will stick and adhere…here on this post?

Or hit me off the head and hopefully knock some sense into me.

What do You think? Wellness sense: should it be SIMPLE to understand, common and easily accessible and facilitated?

Personally, I like simple organization/solution. Things often get overcomplicated unnecessarily. I “try” to live: simplify, simplify, simplify.

2013-11-22-115641I’m trying to simplify, organize, consolidate and collate my drafts. Perhaps, they will be published or deleted. Time to take out the trash and/or recycle. I’d rather recycle when/if possible/reasonable.

THANK YOU for recycling when possible…i.e. stuff and relationships, etc.!

What can you recycle? What can I recycle?

Recycle happy, positive thoughts! Throw the negative, toxic thoughts AWAY!!

I’m all smiles (in this recycled/old photo) taken, not too long ago, by my son on the day I received a useful tool from my local town…a BIG recycling bin!!…the size of a trash bin.

(FYI: Actually, my clothes and accessories pictured here are all recycled items.)

For the longest time, I had been complaining (mostly muttering to myself)… Yeah, this talker talks to herself too! Better I mutter to myself, eh?! ;)… about how ridiculously illogical our city provided HUGE trash bins and tiny recycle bins…which sorta encouraged more trash throwing than recycling. I sorta have the same problem with the way food is packaged, labeled, etc.
What are We Engineering?! What are We Encouraging?!
Am I a food engineer?! Are You a food engineer?!

As stated by Fung et al. in the revision to the classic engineering text, Foundations of Solid Mechanics:

“Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention. To embody an invention the engineer must put his idea in concrete terms, and design something that people can use. That something can be a device, a gadget, a material, a method, a computing program, an innovative experiment, a new solution to a problem, or an improvement on what is existing. Since a design has to be concrete, it must have its …


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