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A Partner In Pain: How To Help Two

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

shutterstock_135280343Greetings Psych Central and Beyond! I wish You PEACE.

Peace of Mind and Peace of Heart; that’s a wellness start!:)

On the 18th of this month, I said “goodbye” to the 17th tooth in my mouth. A wisdom tooth that has been bothering me for a while.  (What’s been bothering You?? and for a while??) Hope You get relief.

For context IF You wish, You can check out: A Partner in Pain: How to Help!

Though what’s a wisdom tooth problem, when so many are suffering needlessly with bigger bothers/problems in other places like: US, Syria or Kenya, etc!:( All are in my thoughts and prayers!

Everyone needs peace, compassion and healing of one kind or another. We all need Doctors, Dentists, Leaders that truly care and are willing to help us: All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life. It’s sad that in many places people are not getting the medical care, mental care or pain management they desperately need.

Truly hope YOU get what You need. Need a laugh?!:)

At least, I was able to find (with help/empathy from: Hubby Chato Stewart and Friends) a reputable oral surgeon (close by) who cares more about my well-being than my money.  She extracted my tooth for 1/4th of what another surgeon wanted. Her and her Staff were Kind. I thanked her for her work of compassion and she hugged me as I left her office.

Naively, I was hoping that goodbye would mean “Hello!” to No more immediate bothers/concerns/pains associated with #17 and that I would be feeling pretty good right away! Guess, I still have LOTS to learn -lol especially about recovery

Time has been a topic of intrigue for me for years…always learning timing and patience. (That’s probably 1 reason why I value the written word/poetry/books…because they transcend time. This blog …

Easter, Eggs and Chocolate

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Are You a lover or a fighter? Both?!…I am–a Lover of Truth and a fighter for it!:)  (FYI: not talking physical combat.)

Who enjoys being scammed, fooled or tricked, lied to, exploited or taken advantage of?! Not You. Not me.

When it comes to power also known as choice…everyone should be well-informed. Being well-informed is crucial to wellness on many levels of compassionate living. Investigating and researching our belief system to ascertain if it is based on truth or lies is important to better decision-making. Better decision-making leads to wellness. Wellness leads to Life!:)

THANK YOU for Wielding your power–your choice in ways that heal and don’t hurt You or Other Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-life!! When Your choice is based on truth, You find inner peace. Isn’t that what we all want regardless of circumstance…PEACE?!:)

shutterstock_51412783Blind believing and blind following is blind living. Why?? walk around blindfolded and possibly injure yourself or others-when You can (with a little effort, with a little time, with a little help) choose to take the blindfold off or turn on a light and actually see where you are going.

History is filled with many habits, patterns and traditions inherited through the centuries…behaviors blindly followed and passed along from one generation to the next. Not all centuries-old habits are healthy. i entreat You to honestly examine your traditions, your patterns of living, your habits…are they truly healthy? Are they leading You to wellness and longevity? If NOT…remember, you have the power…You can choose to follow or stop….or start…

Are Your beliefs based on substance, evidence and Truth? Do you trace the origins of some rituals you may practice? Do certain rituals bring You wellness or detract from your overall health/well-being? Something to deeply consider before rituals and/or celebrations: Not all patterns should be followed. Do you blindly follow just any traditions? Or do you break tradition? Would you break tradition IF it meant wellness, peace and longevity of living? Of course you would!:) Personally, my choice is NOT to be a slave …

Love, Flowers & Chocolates

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

veggieheartcrpdFebruary 14th. What does that date mean to you? A day of love, flowers, chocolates and cupid??

“Cupid (Lat[in] cupido, desire, love). The Roman god of love, identified with the Greek Eros. He is usually represented as a beautiful winged boy, blindfolded, and carrying a bow and arrows.” ~Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

The World Book Encyclopedia: “Valentine’s Day comes on the feast day of two different Christian martyrs named Valentine. But the customs connected with the day . . . probably come from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which took place every February 15. The festival honored Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, the god of nature.”—(1973), Vol. 20, p. 204.

Don’t get yourself in a “panic” IF you don’t get any flowers, chocolates or arrows today

“The roots of what is now called Valentine Day can be traced back to ancient Greece, where worship of Pan flourished. This mythical half-man-half-goat fertility god had a wild, unpredictable nature that struck terror into humans. Aptly the English word “panic” literally means “of Pan.”

“Pan was supposed to watch the flocks while playing his pipes. However, he was easily distracted. Pan had many love affairs with nymphs and goddesses. One sculpture shows Pan making advances to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Eros, the god of love, hovers above them flapping his wings—much like the Cupid found on valentines today.”

“In Rome many worshiped a similar god named Faunus. He too was depicted as half man and half goat. Worship of Faunus was prominent at Lupercalia, an orgiastic festival that was observed each year on February 15. During this festival scantily clad men raced around a hill, brandishing goatskin whips. Women who wanted to bear children stood near the path of these runners. Striking a woman with a whip, the Romans believed, would ensure her fertility.

No thanks, I don’t worship Faunus…and i’d rather NOT be struck by any whip -lol:) As a married mother of 4, i can honestly attest to the fact that Juno, Pan (and/or a goatskin whip) had nothing whatsoever to do with my fertility! …


Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Spinning in the BreezeIn art theory: 12 basic hues belong to the color wheel: 3 primary, 3 secondary, 6 tertiary…the whole wheel is beautiful, eh?! THANKS to my Readers & fellow Bloggers here @ Psych Central!:)

Partners in Wellness w/jw: 12 Posts in Review for 2012:

12 hues that flew into my field of vision! (Did they fly into yours?:)

2 Keys to Happier Relationships & Partnerships

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Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit

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Women deserve DIGNITY not discrimination!

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Corruption Perception Index: How do You Rank?

Chocolate Genius

Stop? Don’t Stop? (self-control essential!) Your choice! Should walls be white? Should walls be colored? How about both? Do you color on walls? Do you let your kids color on walls?? Please consider the consequences of Stop! or Don’t Stop!:)

May be, you only color in predetermined lines and spaces? May be, you color outside the lines? Are you color-blind? or wall-blind? or line-blind? or boundary-blind? Actually, boundaries do serve as protections!:)

Compassion adapts to all those variables…blind to lines, blind to …

Mourning or Morning?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Dock at SunriseGood Morning!:) A new day, a fresh start, another beginning! What will you do today? Who will you love? Who will you help?

What will you learn? What will you discern? What will you choose? What will you refuse? (THANKS for choosing to read my blog–Thank You for letting me be a teeny/weeny part of your morning!:) Can you hear the birds singing a happy song? What heart song are you singing?

Is it Morning or Mourning?…the choice is yours! Despite sadness or uncertainty, we can enjoy a Good Morning when one starts the day with a healthy meal. Have you eaten yet? Here’s some Brain Breakfast–Bon Appetite!:)

The familiar piano arrangement on Stevens’ recording was performed by Rick Wakeman, a classically trained keyboardist best known for his tenures in the English progressive rock band Yes. On a documentary aired on British television Wakeman stated that he felt Stevens’ version of “Morning Has Broken” was a very beautiful piece of music that had brought people closer to religious truth. He expressed satisfaction in having contributed to this.[6] ~Wikipedia

“Closer to religious truth”…how about “spiritual” truth?! or “scientific” truth? Seriously, does anyone like being “lied” to?! Not me! Not You, too! (That’s no way to start a morning!)

The sting is especially hurtful/damaging when coming from a place of trust/concealment (i.e. your parents, your priest, your doctor!)

One in 7 UK based scientists or doctors has witnessed colleagues intentionally altering or fabricating data during their research or for the purposes of publication.” ~British Medical Journal, Britain.

Just before the 2011 Christmas celebrations, fighting broke out among some 100 priests and monks of rival denominations in the Church of Nativity, Bethlehem. “It was a trivial problem that…occurs every year,” said a police lieutenant-colonel. “No one was arrested because all those involved were men of God.” Reuters News Service, USA

Would “God” want his men …

Chocolate Genius

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

YUMMY! Do you like chocolate? Belgian, Swiss, Milk, Dark, White?! Go!…Diva!…that’s how one feels–like a Diva on the Go…after some!:)

Sorry Readers, you never know when I may try to insert a goofy joke! Yes, your definition of “joke” is better than mine. Though, we may share the same “goofy” definition!:)

Are You a genius?! A “Sweet Genius”? Ever see that Food Network show with Master Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel?! (I have a sweet tooth, but I don’t like to bake.) Do you like to bake? Do you have a sweet tooth? Oh, you don’t have a sweet tooth, but you like to bake?!

What interests me, this baking competition consists of various “tests” designed to challenge 4 Premier Pastry Chef’s’ imagination, ingenuity and creativity.They are given “out of the box” (as in they bake from scratch with non-traditional dessert, mystery, mandatory ingredients i.e. Peking Duck). To aid their invention and imagination included is inspiration in its various forms: ballerinas, live baby chicks, stained glass, a python, electricity (not for appliances) but as theme. With finite time ticking away and interrupted by last-minute surprise ingredients, chefs must be flexible and act quickly to create candy, cake, chocolate genius!
“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
How’s your day going? Working up a sweat in the kitchen or elsewhere?! :)

Genius. Chocolate. Do the two relate?? According to a tongue-in-cheek report by Franz Messerli (a cardiologist at New York’s St. Luke’s­-Roosevelt Hospital) in the New England Journal of Medicine, they indeed do! My response: Woo-Hoo!

Notice what this article The Secret To Genius? It Might Be More Chocolate from NPR had to say about Messerli:

After being asked to peer review an article on flavanols, the substances found in tea, wine and chocolate, among other things, that seem to help slow down or even reverse the mental slowdowns of aging, he began to toy around with a silly idea: If chocolate consumption could boost a septuagenarian’s brain power, might it also boost an entire country’s?

Messerli, who is Swiss, knew that his homeland had the highest per-capita number …


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