MosquitoDo you like Mosquitoes? I’m not too particularly fond of them, but they really like me! Whenever I’m outdoors, they snack and munch on me repeatedly.

All of us have been bitten by the insect and/or mosquito-like problem or person. What can we do about it?

Learn to appreciate the mosquito. Learn to repel the mosquito. Beware of the infected kind!

Greetings from Florida–the Land of Flowers (and insects)!

Here in FL:

 “there are currently 80 species of mosquitoes known to occur or have been identified from various collections in Florida, more than any other state. Of these, 33 species can cause pest problems for man and/or domestic animals in all or parts of the state. Thirteen species are capable of transmitting pathogens that cause disease in humans and animals.” ~ Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory- one of the world’s largest research institutions devoted to the understanding and control of medically important and biting insects.

Florida – the Land of FlowersCreative Commons License photo credit 1: SimonM.Creative Commons License photo credit 2: adam79

According to the FMEL website:

“There are three very important mosquito-borne diseases that occur in Florida: Eastern equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, and West Nile fever/encephalitis; all of these diseases are caused by viruses that are transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.”

Here’s a link on how to repel the insect

From time to time (depending on the season) as Partners, Caregivers and Others, we may have pesty problems or pesty people that fly into our lives. Who wants pestilence?! Not me. May be, we need a “pest analysis” or a (green) pesticide -lol:)

Learning “Positive”/Green (thus the color:) Pest Management can keep us on the Path of Peace and Wellness! :)

As Partners, Caregivers and Others: How do we handle or treat the people and problems in our lives? How do you manage your pests? the Green approach?!

Can taking a closer “appreciative” examination/look at the pest (in this case, the mosquito) help?! Sure it can!

Please Check out this informative excerpt from an article in NPR:

Imagine how tough life would be if raindrops weighed 3 tons apiece as they fell out of the sky at 20 mph. That’s how raindrops look to a mosquito, yet a raindrop weighing 50 times more than one can hit the insect and the mosquito will survive.

When a raindrop hits a mosquito, the mosquito and drop join together, and the mosquito rides the drop for about a thousandth of a second before its wings, which act like kites, pull it out of the water.

You can read the entire article here:

Application: RIDE the Raindrop–DON’T RESIST IT!

then EXIT in TIME!

RaindropCreative Commons License photo credit: John C Williams

Timing your ride (length of tolerance for a pesty person or problem) and timing your exit; in other words: go fly a kite!:) Knowing when to take your leave before you get hurt takes practice and patience! (I’ve been working on timing for years!)

Don’t fight it–FORGIVE IT!

Leave before the quarrel/irritation/annoyance/bite happens! Remember mosquitoes…”adult females lay their eggs in stagnant water.” Don’t be “stagnant” water. Plus, mosquitoes are a “temporary” nuisance. May be, my attitude toward mosquitoes must change…Their life isn’t easy and it’s short. I am amazed by their strength/ability to ride a raindrop!

This is an interesting Biblical Proverb:

 “For the churning of milk is what brings forth butter, and the squeezing of the nose is what brings forth blood, and the squeezing out of anger is what brings forth quarreling.”

May be, the Mosquitoes in our lives need the sustenance we provide in order to ride their raindrops! Getting bitten by an “infected” mosquito could make us sick or cause us to speak/act in “unhealthy” (negative) ways that take us off the path of peace and wellness!

Wear Protective Clothing!

Do you own a suit of armor? With a suit of armor, mosquitoes pose no problem! When we choose to clothe ourselves with unselfish Agape Love–we choose to speak and act in ways that demonstrate empathy and compassion for the mosquito, instead of immediately squishing it…

What I learned from a Mosquito? Patience and Timing.

MosquitoCreative Commons License photo credit: Andrew_ww

Better take my cue: exit this post now! before I splatter.



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