Joan WinifredOur hands may be small. Our voice may be soft…just a whisper. Our imperfect caregiver circumstances limiting…but each of us has an incredible gift and privilege–the ability to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!

Tiny stitches make up a garment. Tiny stitches hold it all together. Tiny hands sew and patch it. Tiny hands take care of it.

In Care-giving, “It’s a Small World!”

Every time our small hands reach out to help, hug, pick-up and fix, we bring help to the helpless. When we fold our hands and pray, speak from the heart, open our mouth and say: “PLEASE God Help!” “I LOVE YOU!” “DON’T Give Up!” “YOU CAN do it!” “It will be OKAY!”…our little voice speaks. (A little voice is better than no voice.) Keep speaking for the voiceless among us! Everyone deserves a voice. Everyone deserves hope.

Hope is being heard and understood. Hope is being helped and loved. Hope is knowing tomorrow will be better than today. Love, hope, help, all start at home. We can make a positive impact each day in our own reality and community. We can bring positive change world-wide. It starts with a whisper…and ends with a scream! Can you hear me? I can hear you. (In care-giving, it’s a small world!)

It takes a Diamond to Cut a Diamond

Loving and living with a family member who is surviving mental illness is not easy, but not impossible! We are not helpless. We have a voice, though little. We have hands, though small. We have LOVE…a powerful force for good!

How will you wield your power today? Some say tragedy happens every day. I say triumph does! Some say adversity is commonplace. I say adversity is a rare opportunity. Opportunity to shine brightly – If one chooses. Will you?! I know you will. (No one can shine quite like you.)

Brilliance…how does one get there??Joan Winifred Diamond It takes a diamond to cut a diamond. Our family members living with mental illnesses are diamonds with many complex facets. Sometimes, they are in the rough. Sometimes, they need polishing. It takes work. Anything worthwhile or valuable takes work; hard work. It also takes courage. Enough courage to care. Enough courage to share experience. Enough courage to be present in the moment and future; to be there for them when they cannot be there for themselves.

Family is a precious treasure I never want to take for granted. Together all of us can shine!

Bask in Brilliance with these Top 5 Shining Stars:

star Joan Winifred Be Present–truly hear & respond accordingly with patience!

star Joan Winifred Encourage–commend freely whenever possible!

star Joan Winifred Forgive yourself & others–let it go!

star Joan Winifred Approval–Give it & Get it!

star Joan Winifred Show Love in all circumstances especially difficult ones!



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