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Patient Voices: What It’s Really Like

Every so often, I like to share with my readers resources that I have found elsewhere on the Internet. Today I'd like to introduce you to "Patient Voices," a New York Times online resource that highlights multiple patient stories for myriad illnesses, including ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia. If your partner has one of these illnesses, or perhaps another type of physical illness, these interactive clips may...
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Partner Refusing Treatment? Here’s Why

Jim's drinking was clearly out of control...he had been up for over 24 hours, and the beer bottles lying around numbered over thirty. Yet he refuses to see a counselor, saying that he "doesn't have a problem and doesn't need help!"

Jane's mother, Sally, age 76, can barely make her way through her own house because of the clutter and items she has accumulated. Jane is concerned for her mother's safety, but Sally will not allow Jane to clean the house or throw anything away. The more Jane insists, the stronger Sally's resistance. It's gotten to the point where Sally has told Jane she is not welcome to visit anymore, and Jane cannot figure out how to help.

Josh has not been feeling like himself for a long time now: he lost his job six months ago and his girlfriend of two years broke up with him a few weeks ago. He's finding himself sleeping through the day and staying up all night, gaming online and looking at porn. He knows he should be job hunting, but really, he doesn't care anymore. He's lost 20 pounds, and when he does see his friends, they are shocked at the changes. But when they ask questions, Josh blows them off and says, "I'm fine."

All three of these people are great candidates for therapy, but none of them will go. Why?

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Anxiety and Panic

Men and Women Handle Stress Differently: Stress in America Findings

I find it amusing when research studies "confirm" things that are no-brainers, and this latest Stress in America report from the American Psychological Association does just that with its proclamation that men and women handle stress differently. No kidding, right?

So, why do a blog post on this report finding? Because this knowledge can help explain why your partner makes the choices they do, and how these choices impact their mental health.

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