Partners, Plagues, Passover (Part 2)

By Joan Winifred • 3 min read

shutterstock_134651360(1)We covered a lot of ancient history in: Partners, Plagues, Passover (Part 1)  THANKS for reading Part 2.

Ra.cham’ is a Hebrew verb rendered “show mercy” or “have pity.” According to a reference work: “expresses a deep and tender feeling of compassion, such as is aroused by the sight of weakness or suffering in those that are dear to us or need our help.”

Wouldn’t partnerships work well IF we all expressed deep, tender compassion?! All of us regardless of nationality, background, age, gender NEED tenderness, mercy and compassion for one another!:)

Imagine living under a government where the ruler(s) actually expressed ra.cham’ in all thinking, decision-making and personally cared about You (individually) and Your family! What a beautiful world that would be, eh? “Good” (aka compassionate) leadership/government and education teaches and expresses ra.cham’.

For related context please read: Hooray, It’s MAY!

Ra.cham’ is 1 reason why the Passover is of interest to me and should be of interest to You, whether You are Jewish or not, (even so-called Christians) benefit much from the history of Passover. The Passover marks the liberation of the Israelites from slavery.

(Many millions and counting...breathing-fragile-life have been enslaved and oppressed and even now suffer for many reasons including corrupt government.) Perhaps You, Dear Reader, are sadly suffering or oppressed by something or someone (i.e. lousy boss, difficult circumstances, chronic illness, cruel treatment, financial woes, etc.:(

Don’t we need a deliverer, a liberator, too?! (We all do!) But who??

 “By the end of the 16th century B.C.E., millions of Israelites were enslaved in ancient Egypt, where they were severely oppressed. The Egyptians “kept making their life bitter with hard slavery at clay mortar and bricks.” (Exodus 11:1,14) In their distress, the Israelites cried out to the Almighty God Yahweh for help.”

“Unquestionably I have seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and I have heard their outcry as a result of those who drive them to work; because I well know the pains they suffer.” (Exocdus 3:7)

God [Yahweh] said that on the tenth day of that month, the Israelites were to start getting ready to follow certain steps on Nisan 14. That day began at sunset because the Hebrew days ran from sunset to sunset. On Nisan 14, each household was to slaughter a male sheep (or goat) and splash some of its blood on the doorposts and lintel of the house. (Exodus 12:3-7, 22, 23) The family was to have a meal of roasted lamb along with unleavened bread and some herbs. God’s angel would pass over the land and slay Egypt’s firstborn, but the obedient Israelites would be protected, and then they could go free.—Exodus 12:8-13, 29-32. ~excerpted This is to Be a Memorial For You

Today, April 14, 2014 aka Nisan 14th…FYI: A new day began in the evening, at sunset, and ended the next day at sunset. Each day ran from evening to evening and not morning to morning in bible times. See Leviticus 23:32.

“The Jews counted their months from new moon to new moon. They celebrated the Passover on the 14th day of the first month of their calendar, Nisan. (Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 28:16) That day, Nisan 14, was the same date that the Romans impaled Jesus Christ. He died 1,545 years after the first Passover meal was celebrated. But what date corresponds to Nisan 14 on our calendar today? A simple calculation helps us arrive at the proper date. Nisan 1 starts when the new moon nearest the spring equinox (the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere) becomes visible at sunset in Jerusalem. If we count 14 days from that event, we arrive at Nisan 14. This date is usually the day of the full moon.”

There will be a blood moon–don’t miss seeing this & other celestial phenomena:

Lunar eclipses — penumbral, partial or umbral — occur in random order, NASA says. Getting four umbral eclipses in a row is like drawing a rare lunar poker hand of four of a kind.

The moon takes on this color during the eclipse as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, which is the color of a desert sunset.

The four blood moons will occur in roughly six-month intervals on the following dates: April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015. ~ excerpted ‘Blood moon’ will be a sight to behold during total lunar eclipse

What’s interesting to note that after the special meal of the Passover, a small group of Jews including the Teacher Jesus:  “As Jews under the Mosaic Law, Jesus and his apostles shared in the annual Passover. (Matthew 26:17-19) The last time they did so, Jesus instituted a new event that his followers thereafter were to keep annually—the Lord’s Evening Meal.” (For further context please see: Easter, Eggs and Chocolate)

Since he [Jesus] instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal on Nisan 14, the evening of the Passover, which the Israelites celebrated annually, it is evident that Jesus intended the Memorial to be commemorated in the same way. Whereas the Israelites annually celebrated their deliverance from bondage in Egypt, Christians annually commemorate their deliverance from bondage to sin and death. ~excerpted The Last Supper Has Great Meaning For You

THANKS for reading part 2! Part 3: will discuss the intersections and connections of the Passover meal and the Lord’s evening meal and how they relate and why this is of interest. :)

Tonight, some will choose to commemorate the Lord’s Evening Meal and some, Breathing-Fragile-Life, will celebrate Passover!

What will You:) choose to do or not?!


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Partners, Plagues, Passover (Part 1)

By Joan Winifred • 6 min read

Partners can be loving. Partners can be cruel. Partners can be healthy. Partners can be sick.

Some partnerships are warm. Some partnerships are cold. Some partnerships are balanced. Some partnerships are off balance. Some partnerships flourish. Some flounder. Some partnerships are loving and friendly with a working atmosphere of love and respect. And other partnerships are like master and slave of domination and submission.

(How do You differentiate and how do you know: let it go?! or make your exodus?! Many partnerships are plagued or troubled by something. Sovereignty? Who reigns? Who concedes?)

Which reminds me of the “timely” ancient history of the Egyptians and the Israelites. (There is much for us to learn as modern partners from ancient partnerships.)

I’ve highlighted the following points read:

  “As Professor J. A. Wilson states: “A warning should be issued about the precise historical value of Egyptian inscriptions. That was a world of . . . divine myths and miracles.” Then after suggesting that the scribes were not above juggling the chronology of events to add praise to the particular monarch in power, he says: “The historian will accept his data at face value, unless there is a clear reason for distrust; but he must be ready to modify his acceptance as soon as new materials put the previous interpretation in a new light.”The World History of the Jewish People, 1964, Vol. 1, pp. 280, 281.

Please read on! This “quick” (in-depth) ancient history lesson has modern-day application for Partners and Others.

I will “try” to sum up as concisely as I am able. (THANKS for bearing with me and my abilities; though painfully limited.) You will takeaway points of value for application/practice for wellness. (Please read the forthcoming Part 2 as well!)

When Egypt Ruled the East says that to the Egyptians, he [Pharaoh] was greater than any other earthly creature “in wisdom and power.”

The pharaoh ruling at the time of the Exodus is not named in the Bible; hence, efforts to identify him are based on conjecture. This partly explains why modern historians’ calculations of the date of the Exodus vary from 1441 to 1225 B.C.E., a difference of over 200 years. ~Insight on Scriptures, 1988, Chronology, Vol. 1, pp. 451.

History Trustworthy?? Sure. Depends on the objectivity, honesty level of who’s recording/documenting it:

Regarding the Genesis narrative about Joseph, a son of the patriarch Jacob, as well as the Bible book of Exodus, J. Garrow Duncan says in his book New Light on Hebrew Origins: “[The Bible writer] was thoroughly well acquainted with the Egyptian language, customs, beliefs, court life, and etiquette and officialdom.” He adds: “[The writer] employs the correct title in use and exactly as it was used at the period referred to. . . . In fact, nothing more convincingly proves the intimate knowledge of things Egyptian in the Old Testament, and the reliability of the writers, than the use of the word Pharaoh at different periods.” Duncan also states: “When [the writer] brings his characters into the presence of Pharaoh, he makes them observe the correct court etiquette and use the correct language.” ~A Book You Can Trust–Part 1

Encyclopædia Britannica (1959, Vol. 8, p. 56) comments: “When [the Egyptian] confessed he did not say ‘I am guilty’; he said ‘I am not guilty.’ His confession was negative, and the onus probandi [the burden of proof] lay on his judges, who, according to the funerary papyri, always gave the verdict in his favour—or at any rate it was hoped and expected that they would do so.” Ancient Egypt’s religion appears to have been mainly a matter of ceremonies and spells, designed to achieve certain desired results through the providence of one or more of their numerous gods.

Modern-day and ancient-day religions interconnecting?!…hmmm:

J. Garnier writes: “Not merely Egyptians, Chaldeans, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, but also the Hindus, the Buddhists of China and of Thibet, the Goths, Anglo-Saxons, Druids, Mexicans and Peruvians, the Aborigines of Australia, […], must have all derived their religious ideas from a common source and a common centre. Everywhere we find the most startling coincidences in rites, ceremonies, customs, traditions, and in the names and relations of their respective gods and goddesses.”—The Worship of the Dead, London, 1904, p. 3.

So, with me?..Pharaoh considers himself a “God” and so do the Egyptians. They worship him along with multiple gods. The Israelites do not feel this way about oppressive Pharaoh, he is a man. A powerful ruler, yet still helpless dust in comparison to their god. They worship 1 God, the Almighty Creator, the True God: Hebrew name: “Yahweh.”

For many years, the sons of Israel lived in Egypt, prospering and multiplying. However, a new Pharaoh rose up. This ruler did not know Joseph. A vicious tyrant who feared the Israelites’ growing numbers, he turned them into slaves and ordered that all their newborn males be drowned in the Nile River. But one brave mother protected her infant son, hiding him in a basket among the reeds. Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the baby, named him Moses, and raised him among Egyptian royalty. ~excerpted God Delivers the Sons of Israel

So, the issue between the Egyptians and the Israelites is basically 1 thing: sovereignty. Who do they follow?? Pharaoh or Yahweh?? Who is the “true” god or who is truly divine? Who is the “false” god? Who enslaves and who liberates? Who loves and who hates? Who is compassionate? Who isn’t? Who deserves worship/obedience/respect/reverence and who doesn’t? Who is the ultimate sovereign?

Moses via burning bush is assigned a job of leading Israelites out of bondage…for some context see post: Nurturing Seedlings 3

A quick summary:

Moses and Aaron appear before Pharaoh, asking that the Israelites be permitted to celebrate a festival to [Yahweh] in the wilderness. The Egyptian ruler defiantly refuses. Yahweh uses Moses to bring about one telling blow after another. Only after the tenth plague does Pharaoh let the Israelites go. Soon, however, he and his military forces are in hot pursuit. But Yahweh opens an escape corridor through the Red Sea and delivers his people. The pursuing Egyptians drown as the sea closes in on them. ~excerpted from article: Highlights from the Book of Exodus


“Quick” account of the 10 plagues” or “troubles” and their significant meanings:

(Reference material: Insight on Scriptures, Gods and Goddess, 1988, Vol. 1, p. 976; The 10 Plagues p. 32; Exodus chapters 7-12)

1. Nile river into blood: (Exodus 7:19-21) “The first plague, the turning of the Nile and all the waters of Egypt into blood, brought disgrace to the Nile-god Hapi. The death of the fish in the Nile was also a blow to Egypt’s religion, for certain kinds of fish were actually venerated and even mummified.”

2. Frogs come up out of the Nile. The frogs are everywhere in everything. When they die and piled up in huge heaps, the land stinks. “The frog, regarded as a symbol of fertility and the Egyptian concept of resurrection, was considered sacred to the frog-goddess Heqt. Hence, the plague of frogs brought disgrace to this goddess.” (Exodus 8:5-14)

3. Gnats. Swarms of small, flying, biting bugs biting everyone. “Then Aaron hit the ground with his stick, and the dust turned into gnats.” ~ The 10 Plagues (BTW: Aaron is Moses brother.) “The third plague saw the magic-practicing priests acknowledging defeat when they proved to be unable by means of their secret arts to turn dust into gnats. (Exodus 8:16-19) The god Thoth was credited with the invention of magic or secret arts, but even this god could not help the magic-practicing priests to duplicate the third plague.

4. Big Flies….gadflies. “While swarms of gadflies invaded the homes of the Egyptians, the Israelites in the land of Goshen were not affected.” (Exodus 8:23, 24) This plague and subsequent plagues served as the line of demarcation between Egyptians and Israelites.

5. Cattle, Sheep, etc. of the Egyptians die…”the pestilence upon the livestock, humiliated such deities as the cow-goddess Hathor, Apis, and the sky-goddess Nut, who was conceived of as a cow having the stars affixed to her belly.” (Exodus 9:1-6)

6. Boils/Sores…”Moses and Aaron took some ashes and threw them into the air. They caused bad sores on the people and the animals.””The plague of boils brought disgrace to the gods and goddesses regarded as possessing healing abilities, such as Thoth, Isis, and Ptah.” (Exodus 9:8-11)

7. Hailstorm. Worse ever experienced by Egyptians. ” The severe hailstorm put to shame the gods who were considered to have control of the natural elements; for example, Reshpu, who, it appears, was believed to control lightning, and Thoth, who was said to have power over the rain and thunder.” (Exodus 9:22-26)

8. Locusts. What the hailstorm did not destroy the locusts ate. “The locust plague spelled defeat for the gods thought to ensure a bountiful harvest, one of these being the fertility god Min, who was viewed as a protector of the crops.” (Exodus 10:12-15)

9. Darkness for 3 days for the Egyptians. The Israelites had light. “Among the deities disgraced by the plague of darkness were sun-gods, such as Ra and Horus, and also Thoth the god of the moon and believed to be the systematizer of sun, moon, and stars.” (Exodus 10:21-23).

10. Death of Firstborn. This was a big blow/biggest humiliation to Pharaoh and all the Egyptian gods. “The rulers of Egypt actually styled themselves as gods, the sons of Ra, or Amon-Ra. It was claimed that Ra, or Amon-Ra, had intercourse with the queen. The son born was, therefore, viewed as a god incarnate and was dedicated to Ra, or Amon-Ra, at his temple. Hence, the death of Pharaoh’s firstborn, in effect, actually meant the death of a god. (Exodus 12:29) This in itself would have been a severe blow to Egypt’s religion, and the complete impotence of all the deities was manifested in their being unable to save the firstborn of the Egyptians from death.


“Finally, the tenth plague brought death to all the firstborn in the land—except in families who obeyed [Yahweh] by marking their doorposts with the blood of a sacrificed lamb. God’s angel of destruction passed over those households. The Israelites thereafter commemorated this marvelous rescue by means of an annual celebration called the Passover.” ~excerpted Bible’s Message: God Delivers the Sons of Israel, section 7, p. 10

Please join me for: Partners, Plagues, Passover (Part 2) THANKS!:)

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A Life

By Joan Winifred • 1 min read

Sometimes…IF you’re fortunate, (won’t say lucky cause I don’t believe in luck!).. should say BLESSED

You meet somebody,

meet or get to know or become alert to or aware of…

a life that affects You or teaches You in ways unimaginable. A life that helps make Your life a better life.

A Life with meaning! A life with purpose! A life with direction……………………………………………………………………………. A life with HOPE!

A conduit..

“a natural or artificial channel through which something (as a fluid) is conveyed”…”water flowed along the conduit to the fountain”

 “Just like the coldness of snow on the day of harvest
Is a faithful messenger to those who sent him,
For he refreshes his master.” Proverbs 25 :13


(For all of us, who at times toil for nothing, we are in need of refreshment.)

“I search for God, I search within myself for myself. God is all-seeing, all-knowing, all powerful a future perfection of intuition as the oeumenical world of supra-reason. I search for God, I search for my face, I have already drawn its outline and I strive to incarnate myself. And my reason serves me as a path to that which is drawn by intuition.” The Artist, Infinity, Suprematism.

Looking for a (your) black square, eh?..(it’s totally tubular and/or  cubicle: for some context see: Shedding Thick Skin)

“Malevich saw the square as being that work that would necessarily maintain a spiraling triad into the fourth dimension by being a painting, by negating painting, by bringing painting into a new context, painting beyond painting. Malevich hung a black square in the centre of the world of meaning.”

Is this it???


3 minutes…what IF 3 minutes was the only amount of time you had?! What would you say? Who would you seek? Who would you want to see? What would you want to see? What would you do? How will you use your 3 minutes???











(FYI: the above-blank space is aka white on white : too pure to read.

And p.s. THANK YOU! to the Great Time Keeper for my minutes and yours.)

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a day with-OUT

By Joan Winifred • 1 min read

shutterstock_143105233A day with-OUT


a day with-out


a day with-out


my last chance,

my last straw

2 draw


NOPE!!!…actually, gnaw.

and Y

i want to cry..have shed all the tears?!…you wouldn’t hear them;                             any                                                                       way

do you even ask…no care?

you won’t give them to me!!

how cruel (it feels to a sensitive/loving heart) with a capital CRUEL..

too unfair

to the fair










a soothing

harp; tight


when i am gone (forever out of sight and no translation for my wordless words)

and gone

for good…(this body dead) and the song is sung (don’t they say: the good die young?) and it’s paid….(and paid WELL)

don’t try then

it’s understood: remember

(the stomping will be


i want NOTHING

no flowers from u then

it will be



“GREAT!”…it will be over.

the pain, the suffering of with and with-OUT and of what is and what is not


my conscience clear

here…NO FEAR.




running dry? sigh, sigh, sigh



it’s heavenly!

tell me

what’s life with-OUT any

flowers at all?

no consolation, no comfort

no empathy (for me: a little pity?)


in my hand

the power




how come



OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………….healing heart(s)…

“You have examined my heart, you have inspected me by night; You have refined me, You will find that I have not schemed anything bad, And my mouth has not transgressed.” (Psalm 17:3)





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Taking Your Q

By Joan Winifred • Less than a min read

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


To take Your Q (quiet) IS giving Your Cue. Or IGNORING A (answer)…


whY (?) Yes. (A)





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Partners Practicing Peace: Learning War No More

By Joan Winifred • 5 min read

shutterstock_123406648All of us would be SAFE and feel safer IF we could all learn to get along. Simple to say, difficult to practice, eh?!;)

As Partners (in a broader sense) aka caretakers of our beautiful planet earth and all the breathing-fragile-life upon it, can we learn war no more?!

THANKS for reading this blog. Your choice of reading tells me: You probably value wellness and/or partnerships. Or You have nothing better to read -lol:) Please read on: You will find something of value to takeaway.

A timely and thought-provoking Psych Central post by Dr. John Grohol: Military, Media Quick to Report Fort Hood Shooter’s Mental Health Status  helps us all acknowledge that sadly the suffering aka the Mentally Ill are still being stigmatized…and considered as possibly ? the sole perpetrators of mass shootings.

What is this educational platform aka “the media” teaching the general public about those who are sick and in need of help?!

Are we being taught to discriminate? Are we being taught to hate? Are we being taught to wage war against the so-called “enemy” …is the media defining the enemy as the mentally ill?!

How can all of us: the so-called healthy and the so-called ill think “well” of each other IF we are being taught to think negatively of one another? Are we being taught to pursue peace by focusing on positives?

How can we practice peace? How can we think “positively” of one another? What are the wellness benefits of practicing peace and/or finding peace?

For 1: We will all live longer.

For 2: We will elevate our quality of life, relationships and partnerships.

For 3: We will be better/feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and yes, spiritually!

We are multi-dimensional beings and wellness is multi-dimensional being-ness!

Questions for Consideration:

How have I been conditioned to think?

How have I been conditioned to act?



Has my personal “education” taught me compassion and self-control?

Have I learned self-discipline (e.g., exercising self-restraint over emotions both positive/negative before harming myself or fellow-breathing-fragile-life)?

Do I act in ways that endanger or hurt myself or others?

What has my religion taught me?

What has my government taught me?

What has  military taught me?

What has  media taught me?

What has my choice of entertainment taught me?

What has my family and background taught me?

What does the military teach?

For what are soldiers trained?

Are they taught love their enemy or hate the enemy?

Doesn’t the military teach shoot and kill “enemy”?

Who defines the term “enemy” ?

Who or what do you consider “enemy”?

How is the term “enemy” defined by the military? The government? The media? Educational Institutions? Or the individual soldier? Or the individual civilian?

Is the fundamental lessons taught by military, government, religion and media: forgive your enemy or love/help your enemy or hate, kill, hurt your so-called enemy?

What will stop a trained/a taught soldier (or civilian) to hate their/”the enemy” and who feels fearful, threatened, etc. from killing their own personal definition of “enemy”?! Is that what we have been educated to do??

So many “fight” for some cause: their own or one they feel is greater than themselves…

How many of us get upset/angry/raged over seemingly trivial offenses say being cut off while driving, having to wait in line too long or over an ego bruise? Some take minor non-issues as major issues or enemy affronts and want to take their own viewpoint of “justice” into their own hands. If civilians, who have not been trained to use weapons and kill, are feeling justifiably angry and are seeking revenge/justice, what will prevent an educated person in the field of war from seeking their own vengeance… concerning their own personal “battle” in any matter in any manner they choose including killing their so-called offender/enemy??

May be for some: on a difficult day: the definition of enemy becomes:

“mom” “pop” “partner” “sister” “brother” “dog” “cat” “bird” “cow” “co-worker” “cop” “mentally ill” “teacher” or “fellow-soldier”…

“On March 1, the same day he purchased the .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol he used in the attack, Specialist Lopez wrote an especially angry and vaguely threatening post. “My spiritual peace has all gone away, I am full of hate, I believe now the devil is taking me. I was robbed last night and I’m sure it was two flacos. Green light and thumbs down. It’s just that easy …” ~excerpted NY Times

At the age of 14, Alhaji became a decommissioned soldier. He was only ten years old when rebel troops captured him and trained him to fight with an AK-47 assault rifle. As a forced recruit, he went on food raids and burned down houses. He also killed and mutilated people. Today, Alhaji finds it difficult to forget war and to adjust to civilian life. Abraham, another child soldier, also learned to kill and was reluctant to turn over his weapon. He said: “If they tell me to go away without my gun, I don’t know what I will do, how I will eat.”

In developed countries, the appalling situation of the child soldier may seem a world away. Even so, many Western children are learning to wage war in the comfort of their homes. In what way?

Commenting on the effects of violent entertainment, author and military officer Dave Grossman noted: “We are reaching that stage of desensitization at which the inflicting of pain and suffering has become a source of entertainment: vicarious pleasure rather than revulsion. We are learning to kill, and we are learning to like it.” ~excerpted: No More War

We can turn a tough day (life) into a better day (life)!
(With a positive attitude, humor:) and wisdom.)
Here is an amazing transformation experience I read that highlights the need for compassion education and the positive-life-saving results from learning to choose love and peace over violence and hate:

Consider the example of Hortêncio. He was a young man when he against his will was recruited to become a soldier.

Military training was designed to “inculcate in us the desire to kill other people and not to have any fear of killing,” he explains. He fought in a drawn-out civil war in Africa. “The war affected my personality,” he admits. “Even today I still remember everything I did. I feel very bad about what I was forced to do.”

When a fellow soldier spoke to Hortêncio about the Bible, it touched his heart. God’s promise (at Psalm 46:9- “He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire.”) to bring an end to all forms of war impressed him. The more he studied the Bible, the less he wanted to fight. […] “Bible truth helped me to have love for my enemy,” Hortêncio explains. “[…] for God says that we should not kill our neighbor. To show this love, I had to change my way of thinking and not view people as my enemies.”

How do You define “Neighbor” or “Partner”? How would you want Your “Neighbor”  or “Partner” to define “Neighbor” and “Partner” as enemy to hate and hurt or Friend to love and help?!…:)

How would You want to be treated when you’re sick, hungry or thirsty?! Please notice this kind counsel from…

 Love your enemies.  “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.” Proverbs 25:21

By applying that counsel, some people who once hated one another might become good friends. […] showing love for our enemies may change the way they feel about  us.

Do any of us truly want/need enemies that could possibly harm or kill us?

We want True Friends/Neighbors/Partners who will love us and help us even when it is difficult to do so!

PEACE to YOU: ALL My FRIENDS on the PLANETMy-Fellow-Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-LifeMay You Live Long in Peace, Happiness and Wellness!!  Joan Winifred :)



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By Joan Winifred • 1 min read

shutterstock_84038164Greetings! BBFL: Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life!

Today is April 4, 2014 aka 4.4.14…time passes quickly…before it was:




So, How is Your Time passing now: evaluation is illumination!

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~

ee cummings

LOL… lol :)




“How about: the most wasted of all days is one without compassion and understanding???!!!”~jw

Have You observed this: Some of us think we are something when we really are nothing. And… some of us think we are nothing when we really are something? Idiots thinking we are wise and wise thinking we are idiots.

To choose or decide, You have to make a judgment call. Buy or not buy. Believe or not believe.

Think, act or refrain…

(May be confusion and bewilderment are born from presumptuousness??)

It’s beyond me…to judge anyone’s true value/worth/intelligence, etc. For example, any given product, vehicle, jewelry, art work…wouldn’t only the designer, manufacturer, artist be qualified to know with any accuracy the true value?! That’s why You have rare works of art selling at yard sales for .10 cents. The previous owner lacked appreciation or “accurate” knowledge of the “true” value of that particular work of art. (So many lose their sense over making cents! and/or their cents making sense! Sense and cents cost.)

We are all works of art in progress!…unfinished until we die. The following is a profound Biblical thought on value and estimation of ourselves: “For through the undeserved kindness given to me; I tell everyone there among you not to think more of himself than it is necessary to think, but to think so as to have a sound mind, each one as God has given to him a measure […].” Romans 12:3

A realistic assessment of ourselves (not too high and not too low) can help all of us avoid the dangers of immodesty as partners in wellness. Thinking we can handle a difficult situation or chronic illness such as Bipolar Disorder, etc. all on our own. Feelings of superiority could cause us not to seek out much needed help with any given challenge nor offer any help or aid to someone in dire need of assistance.

“When presumptuousness comes, dishonor will follow. But wisdom is with the modest ones.” ~Proverbs 11:2

Modest persons have a reasonable awareness of their limitations and act/speak accordingly.

You got it?;)…You share it? (understand?)

love/compassion/friendship/partnership/modesty/laughter…having it and sharing it…not a wasted day; that’s a NICE day!:)


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Multi-Level-Learning Smart(s) Broad & Granular (aka Partners Rocky & Sandy)

By Joan Winifred • 8 min read

shutterstock_158985110“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.”Joseph Addison, 1711.

Partners, Parents, Children, Neighbors, Communities, Ecosystems, Globe/Universe = multi-purpose and multi-level multi-dimensional learning interdependence.

For further context please read: Parenting in Wellness (Part 1) International Literacy Day: What are You Reading Today?

I’m doing some reading/researching on African Tribe(s) (among other things) including their secret societies, etc…not finished… hopefully: I will make (aka put forth effort/create) an opportunity to write up an essay, perhaps. A friendly reminder: “Perhaps” is not “precisely” nor an “exactly” please, don’t hold me to the essay. (However, as noted in a previous post, Don’t Judge this Blog by its Title! I have many drafts already on various topics requiring finesse aka finishing first.)

Where will I find the time?!? Maybe, it’s all in “how” I package it?


One way, personally, I feel maximizes learning is: multi-level learning through multi-level example, demonstration and natural interaction/conversation/association/organization. Let me try to explain what I mean: Please: Check out this point I bolded:

In intelligence research, the Kpelle people perform differently from Westerners on sorting tasks. While Westerners tend to take a taxonomic approach, the Kpelle take a more functional approach. For example, instead of grouping food and tools into separate categories, a Kpelle participant stated, “The knife goes with the orange because it cuts it.” (Glick 1975)

Some of us out there organizing our kitchen drawers (aka life) put all knives together, spoons, forks, etc. together in the same place. Common sense/logic/experience tells you: with important things, the taxonomic approach to organization and learning can be flawed. Some of us see things in a broader vs. granular sense or granular vs. broader sense. Or a mix of both. Thus, our differing organizational skills and/or learning or educational skills manifest as such.

According to material scientist Patrick Richard, “Granular materials are ubiquitous in nature and are the second-most manipulated material in industry (the first one is water), encountered, for instance, in technological applications ranging from pharmaceutical, food, powders, mechanosynthesis and semiconductor industries up to geological granular flows, such as debris or pyroclastic flows and rock avalanches. Granular media, such as powders or sand, are very simple, made of discrete particles of size larger than 100μ m often interacting with each other only through dissipative contact forces. Without an external drive their kinetic energy is rapidly lost and they are thus referred to as non-thermal systems. Despite this deceptive simplicity, granular matter exhibits many complex behaviours, such as size segregation, formation of arches, convection rolls, pattern formation and dynamical instabilities. Thus, although individual grains are solid, it is inappropriate to classify their collective properties as entirely solid-like or liquid-like.”[4]


The above-excerpt reminds me of this clever illustration on time management (aka packaging ) or organizing (aka packaging) stuff, life, more important things, etc.

Despite your best intentions, does it seem that you just never have enough time to do what you want and need to do? If so, you should examine your priorities. To illustrate: Take a plastic bucket and place several large rocks inside it. Then fill the bucket with sand. You have a bucket full of rocks and sand. Empty the bucket but keep the same sand and rocks. This time, fill the bucket with the sand first, and then try to place the rocks inside the bucket. No room? That is because you put the sand in the bucket first. ~excerpted Young Ones: What will You do with Your Life?

{Pont: IF you fill up your bucket with mostly recreation, etc (sand), You have no time/room for the rocks (the big things/more important things.}

Packaging the Classroom

Do illiterate people need to learn/be around/associate extensively with other illiterate people? An illiterate person needs to learn to read. Put an illiterate person in a classroom with readers/the literate and see what happens?! Logic tells me: chances are better for learning literacy in a classroom of literacy vs. a classroom of illiteracy.

What about someone who may be compassion illiterate?!

Do angry/violent people need to learn/be around/associate extensively with other angry people? An angry/violent person needs to learn to manage anger non-violently. Put an angry/violent person in a classroom with peaceful/non-violent people and see what happens?! Logic tells me: chances are better for learning self-control/non-violence in a classroom of peace vs. a classroom of anger/violence.

Do thieves need to learn/be around/associate extensively with other thieves? Not if a thief wants to learn to share and not take. Again, logic/experience teaches: chances are better for a taker to learn to share in a classroom of sharers vs. a classroom of takers/thieves. If as a global family we all learned to compassionately SHARE… maybe? there would be less stealing.

Do murderers need to learn/be around/associate extensively with other murderers? Murderers need to learn to value/respect life including their own. Murderers, thieves, rapists could be described by one simple word: takers. Takers will not learn love and giving in the classroom of hate and take.

Check this news report out: gov-rick-scott-signs-tougher-sexual-predator-measures-into-law

 The wide-ranging package creates a mandatory 50-year-sentence for people who rape children under 12, developmentally disabled and senior citizens. […] It also makes changes to the Jimmy Ryce Act, which allows the psychiatric review of sexually violent offenders after they finish their prison sentences. Those considered too dangerous are then committed to a high-security treatment center.

[…]The newspaper (South Florida Sun Sentinel) researched offenders who were reviewed for civil commitment but ended up being set free at some stage in the process. They found offenders who committed new crimes, some the day they were released, including 14 killings. The released prisoners also were later caught molesting 460 children and raping 121 women, the newspaper found.

Haters teach hating. Takers teach taking. Sharers teach sharing. Givers teach giving. Lovers teach loving.

What am I teaching? Who are my teachers? Am I safe in my classroom?

Yes, there are consequences to both giving and taking. Pleasant and unpleasant, happy and unhappy consequences. Hey, If one chooses to take what does not belong to them, then chances are higher for incarceration and/or fines, unpleasant things, unhappiness, etc. Hey, If one chooses to give, chances are higher for finding happiness in giving and helping someone out.

Compassion literacy education starts in the womb and should continue through infancy onward

Education is a Journey that Lasts a Lifetime!”

Living means functioning. Living Well means Functioning Well. Functioning Well is NOT hurting Yourself or someone else!

Mexican proverb “Education is breast-fed.”

Dysfunctional is not multi-flexi-functional. We all need on-going education/reeducation/rehabilitation, etc. (Myself very much included.)We all need to learn and unlearn a lot of things as Partners, Parents, Fragile-life. In order to function well and unitedly as a Family or Global Brotherhood of Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life… putting all the oranges together and separated from all the apples and/or all the bananas…makes for a boring fruit bowl. I think all of us enjoy the beauty and appeal and taste of multiple fruits and nuts in a fruit bowl. A diet devoid of variety is unhealthy, eh? So is an education!

Doesn’t public education serve the governmental/national purposes of any given country/nation? Don’t all nations/governments want educated, functioning citizens serving/contributing to their country/nation’s best interests/welfare?

Ideally, depending on the student, teachers, school, etc…effort of all parties, one can succeed in learning much other than just nationalistic brainwashing/grooming! Hey, I survived public education, respected and loved my teachers and I’m not trying to knock it. Just observing, some traditional institutions…need MUCH reform!

So, joanie, this all begs the question: How is education going in the States?! Hmmm… check it out:

This AP article: /studys-low-marks-youth-well-being-stir-states-

A new report on child well-being, measured by state and race has turned an unflattering spotlight on some places[… ] The report, released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, detailed nationwide racial disparities […] The essence of the Casey Report is a newly devised index based on 12 indicators measuring a child’s success from birth to adulthood. The indicators include reading and math proficiency, high school graduation data, teen birthrates, employment prospects, family income and education levels and neighborhood poverty levels.

Check out these timely thoughts:) excerpted from I Have Too Much to Do:

 In her book Doing School, Denise Clark Pope wrote the following about several students she had met: “Their school days started early, a full hour or two before most adults began their work days, and often ended late at night, after soccer practice, dance rehearsals, student council meetings, paid job responsibilities, and homework time.”

The Price of Privilege, psychologist Madeline Levine wrote of “the fact that money, education, power, prestige, and material goods offer no protection against unhappiness or emotional illness.” Pope, cited earlier, made this observation: “I see so many kids and parents striving for perfection—according to a flawed definition of success.” And she added: “We should be striving to be healthy—mentally and physically and spiritually.”

▪ Great wealth often brings far more problems than it solves. “The plenty belonging to the rich one is not permitting him to sleep.” Ecclesiastes 5:12; 1Timothy 6:9, 10.

▪ With good planning, a person does not need wealth to be happy. “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage.” Proverbs 21:5; Luke 14:28.

▪ A moderate income that covers one’s needs leads to contentment. “Give me neither poverty nor riches.” Proverbs 30:8

“The goal (of education) should not be merely to learn how to acquire wealth.” ~excerpted How to Succeed at School

Personally, I’m not sure IF I’m in total agreement of traditional lumping/packaging of students together/categorizing of each age bracket in the same grade/same classroom. I think it limits learning. Students learn from each other and not just from the teacher. A mixed classroom of age and skill-level (within reason and ability) optimizes learning potential. For example, some beginners, some moderates, some experts…helping/working/learning/sharing/discussing together on a given topic of study. This is 1 way to accelerate and diversify learning… even the so-called experts will learn something new from the so-called beginners.(Also, some of us do rather well with more one-on-one time with a mentor or tutor with personalized attention.)


Learning bowls and/or classrooms (in my belief) can optimize healthy multi-vitamin-enzyme learning potential by mixing up the fruit a bit. (Yeah, make sure the fruit is safe.) Yeah, some nuts (topics) are hard to crack (aka learn)…but do we put all hard nuts together?

  “Everyone who has a thorough knowledge of the Bible may truly be called educated,” wrote the early 20th-century scholar William Lyon Phelps. “No other learning or culture, no matter how extensive or elegant, can . . . form a proper substitute.”

The Bible is a collection of books written over a period of some 1,600 years. Of this important library of books, Phelps added: “Our ideas, our wisdom, our philosophy, our literature, our art, our ideals, come more from the Bible than from all other books put together. . . . I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without the Bible.”

“Teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life.” Proverbs 22:6 Today’s English Version

Dr. Mel Levine, in his book A Mind at a time, states: “To treat all children the same way is to treat them unequally. Different kids have different learning needs; they have a right to have their needs met.”
“The best way to remember something is to change it, to transform the information in some manner, says Levine. “If it’s visual, make it verbal, if it’s verbal create a diagram or picture of it.”

“What the brain can do depends on whether or not it is used,” says Inside the Brain. “It is the ultimate use-it-or-lose-it machine, and it is eager to learn new skills.”

As a Life-Long-Lover-of-Learning, oh! so are YOU: WOO-HOO!!:)…loved these practical points I read & know YOU will too:)

Motivated Minds—Raising Children to Love Learning makes the following observation: “Researchers have shown decisively that when children study because they enjoy it, their learning is deeper, richer, and longer lasting. They are also more persistent, more creative, and more eager to do challenging work.”

“When there is a direct connection between classroom learning and your practical experience, there is an electrical spark that turns on the light bulb of understanding.” ~Richard L. Weaver II, educator and author

“Concentration is at the very heart of learning,” explains the book Teaching Your Child Concentration.
“[It] is so important that it has been called a fundamental prerequisite of intelligence and has even been equated with intelligence  itself.”

“The most competent students are the ones who are the most proficient paraphrasers,” says Dr. Mel Levine in his book A Mind at a Time.

As Partners, Caregivers, Friends, Family: Wellness, Happiness and Success means life-long compassion learning!:)

Striving to be healthy” Takeaway: Transform broad to granular or granular to broad or a varied mix of both…whatever the need or case may be to optimize multi-level learning benefits/successes.

An on-going Compassion education means sculpting wellness…broad/granular packaging (Rocky & Sandy organization) on many levels! :)


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A Quiet Down

By Joan Winifred • Less than a min read

is a quell.  A quenched thirst?






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45 Things I learned in 45 Years of Living

By Joan Winifred • 4 min read

shutterstock_154213475How old are You?

Loaded question, huh??

Some do not feel comfortable divulging this kind of information.

Personally, I don’t mine. I turned 45 on the 25th. (That’s my calendar age/chronological age.)

What’s my biological age?

What age is my life experience?

Emotional, mental, spiritual or intellectual age/experience: how do you put an age to any of that?!?

Age is tough to measure like inner person growth. One can “approximately” measure (aka guess) with some accuracy my height: 5’7.5-8″ or estimate my weight:110-112 lbs or less/more. Actually, these sorts of measurements mean little to me…

I find it both sad and comical that some put extremely high value on size and shape, height and weight. Yeah, it’s important to be well, but inner/spiritual/mental and emotional health is very important to overall wellness!

Of course, at one time in my younger life experience, I very much hated to be judged (valued/devalued) by outward appearances/height/weight/age/looks, etc. I still don’t like it, but I’ve accepted that this outer skinny frame does not measure entirely what I am or what I value: (i.e. the inner person of any frame)…aka The “secret person of the heart.”

Nor do my freckles and/or any wrinkles tell the whole story of me. I’ve earned these laugh lines and it’s a gift to have lived long enough to laugh as much or be considered older or aging. (Maybe ? at 45, I should now discover wrinkle remover?! -lol)

To age is privilege of life and longevity! It’s sad that some cultures do not value older ones and their wisdom. We can learn lots from the older life…

“Let age speak, and let a multitude of years declare wisdom.” (Job 32:7)

Sadly, many have not lived long enough to complain about aging. Personally, I feel every breath…I’ve ever taken is a privilege and an undeserved gift/blessing…so, I’m HAPPY to say: I’m now 45!

Would it be nice to look like I’m still 25…may be? may be not?

We live in a pop culture that idolizes youthful skin/beauty and muscle. Guess, it would be cool to look like I did at 25, (Hubby might like that ? maybe ?) yet have the knowledge, education and experience I now possess at 45…I’m not the same person. Imagine, what I will know/learn IF I live another 45 years. One of my grandmothers lived to be 91…a non-smoker. The other, a smoker, died of cancer, etc. in her 60’s.

I’ll take the wisdom and life experience of age and aging, but I don’t care much for the breakdown of the body in terms of aches and pains and/or vision loss, etc. I’m sure you have your own aches and pains, eh?

Have I learned anything of value these past 45 years?!? Let’s see: (For context please read: 44 Things I Learned)

Random stuff this human labeled “joanie” has learned thus far:

45. Each new Morning is a new beginning/gift.

44. Interdependence is harmony and independence is not. Interdependence is green-ecologically friendly and independence is not.

43. Making wise choices in Youth leads to longevity of life (aka old age).

42. I’m an over-achiever…who hopes for immortality!:)

41. Really caring is for the tough. (I truly CARE aka I’m tougher than most people think a sensitive/skinny girl could be...really!)

40. Compassion is true religion and true government. (Everything/anything else is fake/counterfeit not worth my time/life/breath!)

39. Self-control is more than and less than go and stop, talk or shut up.

38. Being friendly/outgoing can be dangerous, but worth the risk.

37. Risk takers know when to jump and how high (and for whom or not).

36. Love rules forever and not fear.

35. Choice is power and wellness. (I’ve never smoked and I don’t drink/over-indulge.) Moderation is key.

34. Never abuse or misuse any power…i.e. power of the tongue or hand, etc.

33. Agape Love is a Living Language. Fluently speak it/live it and live long…er.

32. Compassion literacy needs to be taught like reading…from infancy onward.

31. Everybody needs forgiveness including me (very much)!

30. Life and learning is making messes and learning to clean them up yourself.

29. I prefer (aka LOVE) clean, neat and organization.

28. Universal Laws/Organization simply put is a manifestation of Divine Intelligence/Mind.

27. Without patience and humility it is impossible to progressively learn aka grow in “accurate” knowledge.

26. Being a know-it-all is basically being close-minded.

25. Bird song is peaceful, soothing music.

24. Music is a strong manipulator of the mind/heart so choose wisely. Choose positive for positive results.

23. Wellness/Perfection is complete-healthy-functioning: spirituality, mentality, emotionality and physicality: all simultaneously balanced.

22. Moods/emotions come and go…being a slave to whim is stupid and deadly.

21. FAMILY is Precious…appreciate and respect, protect and preserve (immediate and extended). (THANKS CHATO & KIDS! And All My Global Brothers & Sisters Near and Far!:)

20. Prioritize the more important things or life becomes mundane drudgery.

19. Mightily resist propaganda and embrace tightly education!

18. All children need/deserve a compassionate example from both parents that is worthy of imitation.

17.  (I’m only dust making mud pies…and hoping they’re tasty.)

16. Appreciate Friends and keep only compassionate ones close. Choose compassionate friends wisely.

15. Poetry is more than words.

14. Keeping a Positive Attitude means survival.

13. Pain passes just like gas -lol:)…excuse me. (both stink)

12. Cannot control unexpected events can only control my response(s).

11. Prepare, Persevere and Pray…lots!

10. Ancient Wisdom found in the Bible really/truly WORKS well when practiced/applied in one’s life.

9. Be cautious/selective…eat healthy brain/body food! AND exercise brain/body everyday.

8. Children grow-up too fast so, enJOY/cherish every precious moment with them! Parenthood is an AMAZING privilege/responsibility.

7. Climates change fast so, being flexible and adaptable is crucial.

6. Compassion, Wisdom and Peace are Worthwhile Pursuits!

5. Listen more and talk less.

4. All Breathing-Fragile-Life deserves: Agape Love, Respect, Dignity and Compassion!:)

3. True Science and True Spirituality is compatible and complementary and not contradictory, but progressively changing and evidence-based.

2. THANKFUL to GOD the originator/organizer of LIFE for my life!:)

1. i have a lot to learn…still; obviously! ;)


(WILL YOU SHARE the “Helpful” Stuff?)


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