If ‘Should’ Statements Run Your Life, This Might Help

I should weigh X number of pounds. I should have a super clean home. I should have muscular legs. I should always look "put together." I should say yes whenever people ask me for help, no matter what it is. I should exercise every day. I should be happy. I should know how to do that. I should be able to do it all. I should keep my needs to myself. I should keep my emotions to myself. I should be organized. I should finish everything on my to-do list. I should know what he wants. I should know what she needs.
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Tips for Taking a Step Back to Make Supportive Decisions

When we're in a situation, we're in it. Which means it can be hard to make a decision. Because we're simply too close to it. We also might be telling ourselves all sorts of stories. I don't know what I deserve. Am I even worthy of this? I suck at making good decisions. There's too many options! I'm terrible at this! I've always been so indecisive. I'll probably pick the wrong thing, anyway. It's too complicated. What do I know? 
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