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A Mini Manifesto for Caring for Yourself and Living Your Life

Don't shut off your sadness. Do cry if you need to. Let it out. It will feel like a balm.

Don't judge your emotions. Let them come as they come.

Don't say yes because you feel pressure to say yes. Say yes because you want to, because it feels good, because it's a truly compassionate act.

Do look at Mother Nature and marvel. See your surroundings as a magical gift. Don't lose that sense of wonder, even on the days it's hard to see.

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Try to Be Patient with Yourself

When you don't finish everything on your to-do list and more tasks keep piling up, try to be patient with yourself.

When you look tired and your skin feels like sandpaper and you hate the way you look in everything, try to be patient with yourself.

When you get easily distracted or can't make up your mind, try to be patient with yourself.

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An Exercise for Building Value-Based Days

How often do you say, "Where did the time go?" or a similar version, lamenting that there isn't enough time for everything you want and need to do. Part of the problem might be that we don't realize just how we spend our time and, honestly, how sometimes we squander it (me absolutely included!). Of course, some activities take longer than we think. We run into new and tricky challenges. And sometimes we're surprised by illnesses and other things. Sometimes, we simply have a bad day. After all, we aren't robots.
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Making Choices from Love, Not Fear

Do any of these experiences sound familiar, whether past or present: You took on jobs that you hated and held onto every dollar you had out of fear of not having enough money. You punished your body at the gym for fear of gaining weight. You watched what you ate because you hated your body. You surrounded yourself with unhealthy "friends," and endured unhealthy relationships because you feared being rejected. You became a people-pleaser because you feared disappointing others. You partied and trashed your body to numb the deep loneliness you felt.

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