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Searching the Innermost Recesses of Your Soul

I just penned a post for my creativity blog about exploring our nighttime dreams to inspire new projects---and to gain a deeper, richer understanding of ourselves. Because exploring our dreams uncovers our inner world. According to Susan M. Tiberghien in her book One Year to a Writing Life: Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer’s Art and Craft, "C.G. Jung defines the dream as the little hidden door in the innermost recesses of the soul."
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Binge Eating

Filling Ourselves with the Right Things

We fill ourselves with food. Food that we don't savor. Food that we barely even taste. We fill ourselves with alcohol. Too much alcohol. Parties. Endless gatherings and events. People who are critical, maybe even cruel. We fill ourselves with new clothes, new shoes, new trinkets, meaningless objects we don't need or even enjoy. And yet we still feel empty. Hollow. Depleted. Under-nourished. Maybe even starving or gasping for air.
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The Power of Moving Our Bodies

Working out has become synonymous with weight loss or maintenance. That is, we assume that people only work out --- that we should work out --- to lose weight or to maintain our weight. This is often why exercise is thought of as a chore. As a necessary evil. As a punishment for eating dessert or consuming too many carbs or fat grams. As a way to burn calories. And nothing else.
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Body Image

A Reminder on Jealousy and Comparing Ourselves

We may be going about our business, and we come across a coworker, parent, writer, blogger, maybe even a stranger who seems to have it all. Maybe we get sucked into their social media feed (for an hour or hours). Maybe we see them at the park or at a party. This someone who has the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect sense of humor, the perfect skills. This someone always knows what to say. They always know what to do. They rarely make mistakes.
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