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Self-Care Sunday: Eating Mindfully

I think eating mindfully is a beautiful way to take care of ourselves and to savor our lives. Eating mindfully simply means paying full attention to eating (or cooking or even washing the dishes).

Eating mindfully is a way for us to honor our bodies, to honor the process of nourishing ourselves. It's a way to honor the rich, long process that goes into food arriving at our tables -- from seeds sprouting in the earth to trucks bringing it to the store.

Here are some valuable insights, tips and reminders for eating mindfully from the book How to Eat by Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Self-Care Sunday: Create A Nourishing List

In Thursday's post I mentioned that there are many ways we can nourish ourselves -- in addition to food.

Today, make a list of all the things that nourish you. I see nourishment as anything that's fulfilling, meaningful, fun, playful, soothing, refreshing, invigorating, puts-a-smile-on-your-face, and meets a need.

Creating this list gives you the opportunity to reflect on what really helps you. Plus, when you're stressed or overwhelmed, you have a list of nourishing activities and actions you can turn to, without having to think about it.

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Eating on Thanksgiving And During The Holiday Season

You will see plenty of articles about the average number of calories in a Thanksgiving meal and how horrifying this is supposed to be. You'll see plenty of articles on which foods you can eat and which foods you should never ever ever consume.

You'll see articles portraying food as the enemy or Thanksgiving and the holidays in general as a battle you must defeat. (Or articles that create multiple enemies -- one article said "food isn't always the enemy" and then named something else that is.)

You'll see articles that demonize food and you for "indulging." They might be filled with judgement, scare tactics and guilt. They might be filled with ridiculous tips to manipulate yourself to eat less.

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Self-Care Sunday 10.5.14

In addition to sharing links to others' posts on self-care (along with a few of my own) in these "Self-Care Sunday" posts, I'll also occasionally share a small tip or idea for taking kinder care of ourselves.

Yesterday, I was reading one of my favorite blogs "Eat This Poem." It's written by Nicole Gulotta, who I actually interviewed last year about her creative process. In her latest post, Nicole shares this beautiful quote from Laurie Colwin's book of essays Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen:

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Playful And Powerful Quotes on Food, Cooking & Eating

When we're trying to eat intuitively and ditch our dieting mentality, it can feel like we're a party of one.

Everywhere we look, we see ads for weight-loss programs, diet foods and diet pills.

We're shamed and blamed about our food choices (you better not eat that if you want to be "healthy." you know it's bikini season, right?).

Our friends and family might be "watching" what they eat (e.g., counting calories), and we assume we have to watch, too. (Or maybe some people even suggest it.)

When we're trying to find foods that truly nourish us, when we're trying to rebuild our relationship with food, it can help to have some good reminders.

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When You Feel Guilty After Eating

For Memorial Day weekend, Brian and I visited friends in Miami. We ate lots of my favorite foods: shrimp, french fries, gelato, whole wheat waffles.

While I enjoyed every bite, afterward, I felt the subtle, gnawing nudge of guilt. And some negative thoughts had slithered in:

What if you gain weight from all of this? You've already gained weight since last summer. What if it all goes straight to your expanding hips and thighs? What's wrong with you? Did you really need to eat the whole plate? You know, you look pregnant, right?

While I can't control these automatic thoughts, I can remind myself that they're definitely mistaken. I can remind myself of the truth.

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