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A Mini Manifesto for Caring for Yourself and Living Your Life

Don't shut off your sadness. Do cry if you need to. Let it out. It will feel like a balm.

Don't judge your emotions. Let them come as they come.

Don't say yes because you feel pressure to say yes. Say yes because you want to, because it feels good, because it's a truly compassionate act.

Do look at Mother Nature and marvel. See your surroundings as a magical gift. Don't lose that sense of wonder, even on the days it's hard to see.

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Navigating a Culture That Promotes Guilt Around Food

I regularly see posts on social media and pieces elsewhere about food and guilt. Posts that say if you "splurge" occasionally, you have no reason to feel guilty. If you eat dessert once or twice a week, that's OK, too. Usually. If you're exercising and eating healthy, then you have no reason to feel guilty either. Most of the time. I've seen comments that say, "Yes! You're so right."
And I get it: This is what we read and hear all over the place: In magazines. On TV. Maybe at the dinner table. Maybe when we're out and about.
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On Eating, Dieting and Refocusing on Ourselves

This week I came across an article on another website that featured two dietitians sharing what they eat in a day. They mentioned eating certain foods to prevent "over-indulging" at their next meal and having such and such tea to keep them from eating more chocolate.

I've seen similar articles on other websites. And I've seen similar words. Words about not exceeding calorie counts and filling up on certain foods to prevent eating entire meals (of pasta, for instance).

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16 Resolutions I’m Not Setting in 2016

Pausing and thinking through what we want our lives and our days to look like is powerful. After all, it's important to get intentional and deliberate about our time on this earth. And I think knowing what we don't want is just as important as knowing what we do. And it's especially helpful if we have no clue what we want. That's why this year I've created a list of resolutions I won't be setting in 2016.

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Self-Care Sunday: Eating Mindfully

I think eating mindfully is a beautiful way to take care of ourselves and to savor our lives. Eating mindfully simply means paying full attention to eating (or cooking or even washing the dishes).

Eating mindfully is a way for us to honor our bodies, to honor the process of nourishing ourselves. It's a way to honor the rich, long process that goes into food arriving at our tables -- from seeds sprouting in the earth to trucks bringing it to the store.

Here are some valuable insights, tips and reminders for eating mindfully from the book How to Eat by Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

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