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Self-Care Sunday Links 8.30.15

On some Sundays I share links to pieces from around the web, along with posts I’ve written for Psych Central. This month's links include everything from reframing your thoughts about exercise to reducing mom guilt to what it really means to love yourself. I hope you find these helpful, and I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!
3 strategies to reframe your thinking about exercise.
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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are to wear a bikini when you don't have a "bikini body"?

Who do you think you are to stop dieting when you "should" lose weight?

Who do you think you are to take care of yourself when you haven't finished your work?

Who do you think you are to eat several cookies or savor two slices of cake?

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Digging for Your Deepest Fear

When I was in the midst of dieting, of worrying about my weight, of trying to lose weight, it had very little, of course, to do with losing weight or trying to be "healthy," or trying to look a certain way. It had nothing to do with any of these things.

Instead, what it did have to do with was self-worth. Somehow my biggest fear became that I wasn't inherently worthy of good things. So I had to earn my worth, as though I were an empty bank account. And every time I lost weight or skipped dessert, I deposited some money.

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Self-Care Sunday: Eating Mindfully

I think eating mindfully is a beautiful way to take care of ourselves and to savor our lives. Eating mindfully simply means paying full attention to eating (or cooking or even washing the dishes).

Eating mindfully is a way for us to honor our bodies, to honor the process of nourishing ourselves. It's a way to honor the rich, long process that goes into food arriving at our tables -- from seeds sprouting in the earth to trucks bringing it to the store.

Here are some valuable insights, tips and reminders for eating mindfully from the book How to Eat by Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Eating on Thanksgiving And During The Holiday Season

You will see plenty of articles about the average number of calories in a Thanksgiving meal and how horrifying this is supposed to be. You'll see plenty of articles on which foods you can eat and which foods you should never ever ever consume.

You'll see articles portraying food as the enemy or Thanksgiving and the holidays in general as a battle you must defeat. (Or articles that create multiple enemies -- one article said "food isn't always the enemy" and then named something else that is.)

You'll see articles that demonize food and you for "indulging." They might be filled with judgement, scare tactics and guilt. They might be filled with ridiculous tips to manipulate yourself to eat less.

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The Opportunity in Every Moment

My whole life I've leaned toward all-or-nothing thinking. Black or white. Binge or restrict. Terrible day or terrific.

In my mind I was either the energizer bunny or a sloth. I was either beautiful or blah. And how could I be beautiful if I was only pretty sometimes?

If I ate too much, I'd think F that, my diet is ruined! and pile on the extra helpings. I didn't ask myself if I really wanted more, if I genuinely wanted to enjoy extra bites. No. Instead, I was focused on the fact that tomorrow I'd need to be perfect. 

Tomorrow would be the day. The day I'd follow that diet flawlessly. And then in a week, a few weeks, when I lost some weight, I could finally start taking better care of myself. I could show my face at the gym. I could finally appreciate my body. I could feel better about myself.

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Safety First: On Blossoming, Embracing Our Bodies And Practicing Self-Care

This week I talked about creating a safe space to listen to ourselves, without judgment or criticism. Because it can be scary to explore our needs and wants. Because for many of us we're doing this for the first time.

For the first time, we're shining the spotlight on ourselves. We're asking questions like: What do I need to feel better? What do I want to do today? What makes me happy? 

We're exploring -- territory that might've gone unexplored, abandoned for years. We're putting ourselves third, second or maybe even first. We're actually listening.

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Instead of Being Furious, Get Curious About Your Body And Yourself

I just finished writing an article on strategies for staying curious and why curiosity is so vital to our lives. (I featured tips and insights from Ian Leslie's fascinating new book Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on It. Stay tuned for the piece on Psych Central next month.)

So I have curiosity on the brain. And, naturally, this curiosity pertains to our bodies and ourselves.

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