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My Body Image Dream for 2015

Today, in the U.S., we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., who had an incredible dream and helped make it a reality. Inspired by his powerful speech and Therese Borchard’s beautiful piece, every year I republish a piece on my personal dream (which I've updated since last year). It’s a dream that focuses on everything from how we treat each other to how we treat ourselves.
I have a dream that our society will stop judging, shaming and bullying people because of their size, shape and weight.

I have a dream that we’ll focus on cultivating healthy habits instead of remaining chained to the numbers on our scales (or calipers or clothes).

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Binge Eating

Binge Eating Disorder Roundup

Because Binge Eating Disorder Week has ended, today, I'm wrapping up the week with several pieces that address this common (and highly treatable) disorder. I hope you find these helpful!
What does binge eating disorder (BED) look like? A powerful and inspiring post from a woman recovering from the disorder.

An excellent piece from Marsha on the facts about BED, including causes and effective treatment.

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Binge Eating Disorder Week: Q&A With Sunny Sea Gold, Part 2

In honor of Binge Eating Disorder Week, I’m republishing posts that focus on dispelling pervasive myths about binge eating disorder (BED) and tools for overcoming this common disorder.

Remember that BED is a real disorder, and it's highly treatable.

Learn more about the online campaign here. Also, check out these valuable posts from eating disorder experts, including Amy Pershing and Cynthia Bulik.
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Kickstarting Binge Eating Disorder Week: Q&A With Amy Pershing

Today marks the first day of Binge Eating Disorder Week, an online campaign to educate people about what binge eating disorder really is (and what it isn't).

This week I'm republishing Weightless posts that focus on dispelling common (and damaging) myths about BED, along with information on treatment and recovery. (I've edited these pieces and combined the interviews.)

Please learn more about this campaign here.

Also, today, is Memorial Day here in the U.S. It honors the men and women who have fought and sacrificed for our country. I'm incredibly grateful to our military. And I'm incredibly grateful to this country.
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Treating Binge Eating Disorder: Q&A With Bonnie Brennan

Yesterday, in our interview, eating disorder expert Karen Trevithick revealed key facts about binge eating disorder (BED), including common myths and why dieting doesn't help (in fact, it exacerbates the disorder).

Today, Bonnie Brennan, MA, LPC, clinical director at Eating Recovery Center’s Adult Partial Hospitalization Program, delves into what causes BED (dieting is a common trigger) and how to effectively treat it.

Q: What do we know about what causes BED?

A: Although the exact causes for binge eating disorder are unknown, there are some potential triggers that, for individuals genetically predisposed to eating disorders, could cause BED behaviors.

After all, eating disorders, such as BED, are biologically based illnesses and do run in families. Individuals with an immediate family member who has struggled with disordered eating behaviors are more likely to face their own eating disorders struggles.

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Facts About Binge Eating Disorder: Q&A With Karen Trevithick

Binge eating disorder (BED) is finally becoming an official diagnosis in the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental health professionals (DSM 5). So this is a good time to highlight facts about the disorder, because, unfortunately, it's still misunderstood (and not talked about much). 

For starters, you might be surprised to learn that BED is actually the most common eating disorder. It affects 3.5 percent of American women and 2 percent of American men.

Most importantly, BED is highly treatable. Effective treatments are available, and recovery is absolutely possible. You can have a healthy and peaceful relationship with food, weight and yourself.

Below, Karen Trevithick, PsyD, CEDS, clinical director for Eating Recovery Center's Outpatient Services, reveals the biggest myths about BED, why it's so misunderstood, why dieting doesn't work and signs you can watch out for.

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Binge Eating

My Favorite Strategy To Stop Emotional Overeating

Our relationship with food is often complex, so it takes time to develop a healthy relationship with eating. But I'd like to share a strategy that's been really helpful to me throughout the years.

In college I used to turn to food when I was upset, bored, anxious or lonely. Which meant that I turned to food very, very often. (It also didn't help that I thought dieting was the answer to my woes, and I spent some days pretty hungry.)

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