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Last week I was watching Therese’s beautiful videos on coping with depression. As you can imagine (and many of you may know firsthand), depression is not easy on a marriage. One of the ways Therese shows her gratitude to her husband is by penning a love letter to him every single day.

Andrea also talks about creating a kind of love letter. Specifically, she suggests writing a love list with 10 things you love about a person in your life.

I love these ideas. Both are a great way to cultivate gratitude, and to share something truly meaningful with our close ones.

Gratitude gives us perspective. It reminds us of what’s important. And it’s always here for us.

As I wrote in this post, “It’s present in the moments when we hate our thick thighs or bulging belly. It’s present when we’re lamenting that we haven’t lost any weight. It’s present when we feel discomfort in our own skin.

Because in those very moments, we can give thanks without changing a thing.

We can thank our bodies for helping us run races, walk for miles, feel the fresh breeze against our skin, hug our kids, prepare a beautiful meal, learn something new and simply — though it’s far from a simple process — breathe.”

And we can thank our loved ones for the many — big and small — things they’ve done for us.

For instance, while writing a card to my mom, I realized that so many of the happy, fulfilling moments in my life she’s been apart of.

While writing a poem to Brian, I realized the many powerful ways we complement each other. We are an imperfectly perfect pair.

Our loved ones need to hear these things.

I’m a much better writer than I am a face-to-face communicator. That’s why letters and cards are a perfect way to articulate what I really want to say. And they become a beautiful, tangible memory for the other person.

By penning a love letter to someone, we pass on the magic of gratitude. Which has the power to lift a miserable mood or even day.

We also need to hear these things ourselves. That’s why you might consider writing a love note to yourself.

Sure, it might feel silly. Very silly. But it could be a really powerful practice, too.

Think about what others would say about you.

Think about the many ways you’ve helped someone or yourself.

Think about the vehicle that is your body and where it’s taken you.

My body has taken me from Russia to America. From push-up to push-up. From pedal to pedal, with a cooling breeze in between. From whispers in my mind to words on a screen. From hesitant and shaky baby steps to big, full strides.

Take some time this week to write a love letter, to someone else or yourself. It really is a gift, for everyone.



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