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One of the best ways to boost your body image is to appreciate all the amazing things that our bodies help us do – everything from walking to hugging to engaging in activities we’re passionate about.

But there’s another kind of movement that can help, too: Dance.

Dancing is a way to express ourselves. It creates this surge of freedom running through our bones and muscles.

Dancing is also a physical activity that sends happy endorphins pirouetting inside our bodies. So any stress, anxiety or bad mood (and nit-picky, negative thoughts) can melt away.

Dancing even appears to be helpful for expressing your emotions and reconnecting to your body and mind. If you remember, last fall, I talked with Susan Kleinman, who uses Dance/Movement Therapy to treat eating disorders.

But numbing one’s emotions isn’t just a function of eating disorders; it happens to us when we reach for food to quiet the pain, when we focus on calories and restriction instead of facing our feelings, when we focus on our thighs instead of unpleasant events.

To dance is to let negative emotions pour out of our bodies, and to activate positive ones. Dancing is our body singing and relaxing and releasing.

So this week, make time to turn the music up, let loose and dance your heart out. Feel the music course through your body, and have fun!

Need some inspiration? Sally from the amazing Already Pretty has a feature every Saturday with songs to “groove your body to.”

And many months ago, Joy along with several other fabulous bloggers showed off their moves. You can’t help but smile and want to join them!

If you love group classes, consider Zumba, belly dance or Nia. I’ve never tried these classes, but I know many people who love them, and find them to be exhilarating and invigorating.

(Here’s where to find Zumba and Nia classes near you.)

Do you love to dance? Why? What are your favorite songs to move your body to?

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