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Duck Meditation

Several times a week, I go for a walk and I end up at a lake/swamp, Lake Beenyup in Woodvale, where I feed the ducks.  It’s one of the many lake walks I do around the Perth metropolitan area. It’s a form of self-soothing, quality me-time and meditation rather than old-age, senility and Alzheimer’s disease onset as suggested by my three teenagers.  I have plans on conquering as many lakes as possible, taking lots of photos and uplifting them to facebook.  But this is my favourite lake, my special lake.  It turns me on in a way I never thought possible.
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The Raging Controversy of Butter and Lettuce

I am writing a review on a book about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for Psych Central and I came across a most curious incident.  Someone with BPD had an extremely strong adverse reaction and went into emotional anaphylactic shock when a family member asked her at the dinner table to “pass the butter, please.” Now when most people say, “pass the butter, please,” it means they want to use the butter in their meal and eat it.  But a person with BPD will have many different interpretations of this statement, two being, “you think I’m fat,” or “you think I’ve eaten too much butter and want to control me.”
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